“They cover it so good,” Donald Trump said of local news during another on-air therapy session disguised as an interview on Fox News, wherein the press, characterized as abusive parents, was the centerpiece of the session. Make no mistake, Trump is very concerned about quality in journalism. In fact, he mused just last week, about Bob Woodward, “I wonder if he can write good.” We don’t wonder that you wonder, Donny, since your own level of literary expression fixated at See Spot Run.

In any event, Trump has praise for local news and the key to that is that Sinclair Broadcasting owns a lot of those stations.

“The Washington Post is a disaster,” Trump began. “You can’t get a good story. It’s disgusting. And then you go to ABC. NBC is probably the worst of all. Concast. I call it Concast. Not Comcast. It’s a con-job because they always try and protect their name like how legitimate they are. NBC is horrible. CBS is a disaster. Then you go into the real beauties MSDNC as we call it. And, of course, CNN. But at least CNN you know where they’re coming from. You know they’re stone-cold dishonest. At least you know that. So, it’s a sad thing. It’s a very sad thing. Fortunately, local press is extremely good. I get great local.”

“Fox is not what it was, I’ll be very honest with you,” Trump continued. “They’ve become politically correct, you know. They have more Democrats on than they have, practically, any Republicans. I’m complaining about it all the time.”

This was one spiffy interview. Host Mark Levin made reference to “the Harris Biden administration.” Sounds good to me, but in what dimension is this a reality? Because in this Hell, Trump is still in office.

Now you’ve had a sneak preview of what you’ll be hearing from now until the election and beyond. Bottom line: the idea of a black man in the White House was bad enough and the idea that a black woman vice-president is on the ticket and in line for the big job, is more than the MAGAts can bear. Get used to it. And remember, these are people who would like to see Tom Cotton on the supreme court. This is how they think.

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  1. I’m sure Trump threw down his reader at “See Spot run.” His tutor had to hire someone to make it so Trump would actually read the pages. Phrases he’d laugh at with drawings to match. Like “See Spot dry-hump loser’s leg.” Stuff like that.

    As for the “great local” comment in your article for some reason I flashed back four decades or so to a controversy of sorts that broke out in local news back where I’m from. In the next town over, the one with the university I graduated from there was a certain establishment tucked away in a plain enough storefront next to the main rock station for the region. This was on the main east-west route through town. It didn’t hide the fact of what it was, but the story mentioned that those who went there for a massage had the option of getting a “local” at the end. Well THAT prompted an uproar! A local “decency” group was formed and all of a sudden people paid close attention when driving by to see if anyone they knew was going in or coming out. Never having been to such a place, I don’t know if the use of the term “local” for a handjob was common in such places but if it is I think it’s hillarious that Trump would use that term. Especially since his buddy Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots liked using places down in FL who’s owner spent time at Mar A Lago! Thanks to TMI we know that even though he managed to skate on the criminal charges Kraft got that particular sexual service multiple times.

    Kind of makes “I get great local” take on a whole new meaning doesn’t it? Sorry if I’ve loaded anyone up with an image in their mind that has them reaching for their jug of brain bleach.

  2. “I call it Concast. Not Comcast. It’s a con-job because they always try and protect their name like how legitimate they are.”

    Hmm. You’d think Trump would LOVE the company then. I mean, when has Trump NOT “always tried and protected his name” to claim some “legitimacy” for himself?


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