We have some tremendous Democratic politicians in the south. Doug Jones was a wonderful senator from Alabama and perhaps the cards will fall in such a way that he’ll get back in the Senate, let’s cross our fingers. Jaime Harrison was a fine candidate and ran a fine race in South Carolina. We have another terrific candidate who has thrown his hat in the ring for governor of Arkansas, Chris Jones.

I found this introduction to the candidate inspirational. This is the American dream in action. Jones’ family overcame tremendous odds and bettered themselves and as a result Jones has a worldview of America that is nothing like the trust fund baby idiots in Congress like Marjorie Taylor Greene or Matt Gaetz. Jones knows what real work is and he isn’t riding on anybody’s coattails. The likes of Gaetz or Greene don’t know about the real world or real Americans and they don’t care. They are in it for money and showbiz. Jones is in politics for the right reasons.

As to Jones’ opponent, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, I hope Arkansans are not crazy enough to trust their state to a consummate liar and the defender of the worst liar and grifter ever to disgrace the Oval Office. I suppose they might be. They voted for Mike Huckabee after all. And they voted for Trump both times. So Sanders has a strong chance. Her opponents in the GOP primary scurried like mice and dropped out, so it’s pretty clear that both the Huckabee name and the Trump connection are working their dark magic.

At least Arkansans have a choice. I certainly hope they make the right one. 2022 is going to be some election year. That was true in 2016, in 2018, in 2020 and maybe that will be the case from here on out, or at least until Trumpism is wiped from the slate and the GOP reacquires some kind of a moral gyroscope and straightens itself out. Or, maybe Trumpism is the slate and this is how the GOP intends to stay. Who knows? All that can be said for certain is that we’re in the process of finding that out.

We know enough now to know that Trump was not an anomaly, he represents the id of the Republican party and the underbelly of American culture. The big question is, how big is the underbelly? This is something that the entire world wants to know. Joe Biden brought diplomacy back, but whether America is fully back on the world stage may only be determined in a few more election cycles. This gubernatorial race in Arkansas may be a kind of litmus test for where America is, not just Arkansas.


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  1. Jeezuz H. Himself couldn’t get elected as a Dem in a statewide election in Arkansas right now.

    At least the good people at The Red Hen, the restaurant in Lynchburg, Va. who refused to serve Hucky Boo Boo and her pals can say they kicked out the Governor of Arkansas after the election.

      • From where I lived in Mid-Town Memphis the Walmart in West Memphis, AR was the closest so I went to AR all the time. It was just a couple of miles for me to the I40 bridge that is now shut down because it is cracked. When I crossed the bridge heading west you saw a big sign that said “You are now entering the home of President….” and then heading east it was “you are now entering the home of Vice President…” That always gave me a thrill.

        I hope Mr. Jones takes the Governor’s mansion.

  2. Who are we kidding here? The slogan should be “Anyone But Her”
    For the opposite camp it’s “If We Can’t Get Trump, She’ll Do”


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