I suppose if one is a malignant obsessive narcissist you gotta to what you gotta do to get yourself through those rough patches when reality bites you in the a** so hard that even your most delusional inner child can’t ignore that feeling that what is about to happen to you is really going to suck eggs. Even if the remedy to your blues involves suckering your friend, supporter and professional Republican toadie Jack Nicklaus into awarding you a fake golfing trophy for a fake championship of a fake tournament you faked your scorecard for…



That about sums up President Joe Biden’s reaction to former President Donald Trump taking a break from raging on his social media site about his civil and criminal woes to boast about claiming to win two golf trophies at his West Palm Beach club.

“It is my great honor to be at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach tonight, AWARDS NIGHT, to receive THE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY & THE SENIOR CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY. I WON BOTH! A large and golfing talented membership, a GREAT and difficult course, made the play very exciting. The qualifying and match play was amazing. A large and distinguished group will be there tonight. Very exciting, thank you!!!” Trump posted to Truth Social.

Biden took the bait.”

Right you are, Betty.

And, if it’s not bad enough that you Chief political opponent calls you out on your fake BS, as might be expected, when other club “pros” on Twitter join into laughing at your pathetic lies it can really get embarrassing:


Guess we missed it 😂😂😂







What I said.


Whatever gets you through the night, dotard, whatever gets you through the night.

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  1. His life is a perpetual mulligan–how incredibly on target.

    I figure he played the tournament entirely by himself. After all, every golfer knows he cheats so why on earth bother? I’ve yet to hear/read ANYONE say he plays golf and doesn’t cheat. Never. It isn’t as if there will be any footage of the “event” because the last thing mango man wants is for the world to see just how much he doesn’t deserve even the self-awarded trophies.

    Magats: try this at home with your families and see how far you get with it.

  2. What’s next? Having his tailor make him a replica of an Augusta National member’s green jacket and claiming he won a “Senior Member’s Masters Tournament?” (Winners of the Masters are by traditional awarded a Green Jacket which is more coveted by players than the actual Masters trophy) Of course, one has to be an actual member of Augusta National to take part in any member’s events. They don’t hold an invitational like the Masters for seniors in which elite non-members are allowed to compete – but in the actual Masters the winner is allowed to take their green jacket off club grounds and wear it in public (subject to the club’s approval each time) at appearances. After which time like anyone else it’s left at the club and worn ONLY at the club.

    Then again, these ARE very rich and quite powerful people and they are famously protective of their club, its reputation and traditions. They wouldn’t allow an ass-wipe like Trump to so much as eat a meal there or buy anything from the pro shop as a guest of a member, much less play a round. And any member who brought him onto the grounds would find their own membership summarily revoked!

    Not that Trump would ever dare to play a round there. It’s a long course with brutal topography. The ups and downs of those hills are much greater than they appear on TV for one thing. Also, even during regular times instead of the annual tournament (by now the grounds staff has them up to what they call “championship speed” – a stimpmeter number is never given but it’s widely known to be even faster than at U.S. Opens) those greens are terrifyingly fast and difficult to putt. And NO cheating. President or former President or not.

    The famous Eisenhower Pine on the 17th hole is a good example of how the club operates and doesn’t care who someone is. (Tragically the tree was killed by a lightening strike but cuttings were taken in an attempt to one day replace it using part of the actual original tree) For pros it ceased being a factor long, long ago unless they badly mis-hit their tee shot. However, President Eisenhower who played regularly at Augusta suffered a knee injury as a young man that cause him to have an uncureable slice. Not a controlled fade, but a big slice (for most golfers since they are right-handed that means an extreme left to right flight path of a shot) and often a dreaded “banana slice.” On some courses/holes there’s room to allow for it but for Eisenhower there was a pine tree on the left side of the fairway just far enough from the tee his ball was always hitting it. If he aimed to the right of it his ball would wind up in trees over on the right and on, or worse in (never to be found) pine straw.

    He kept suggesting the tree get cut down to the Chairman and other board members and they’d politely change the subject. Finally, fed up with he being a President and being ignored he crashed an actual board meeting! He demanded they hear him out and he insisted a vote be held – that would result in the offending tree being cut down so he could play the 17th the way HE wanted. Cliff Roberts did call for a vote but it was to adjourn the meeting and unofficially table the motion. That was the end of that. Augusta National wasn’t going to allow even a President, and a popular one who was admired throughout the country for his leadership in WWII to dictate to them how to run their club!

    But that’s how the tree became the famous “Eisenhower Pine” and why so many in the golf world were so saddened when it became clear that even with the best arborists in the world trying the tree couldn’t be saved after that devastating lightening strike split it. It was a symbol of something special – that not even a President could run roughshod over tradition to suit a personal desire or whim.

    No, the members of Augusta wouldn’t tolerate a literally smelly Trump stinking up their perfectly manicured piece of golfing real estate. And if he tried putting up a picture of himself wearing a green member’s jacket in a room that looked like one at Augusta, or photoshopped him wearing it in front of the clubhouse or on the grounds and hung it up somewhere he’d get a letter from their lawyers. And THEY would take Trump to court and win because they own the rights to those jackets and the use of their image! Trump would be on the receiving end of a quite public and expensive legal action that he’d lose. He’d be up against actual rich people who wouldn’t think twice about blowing millions and millions on lawyers that would eat the kind he could get, even back when his dad was alive for breakfast.

    Wouldn’t it be fun though for Trump to try such a stunt? Apparently his mind still has enough properly functioning parts to know NOT to do such a thing.

  3. All the caddies, club pros, greenskeepers, all their wives, and all,(none), of the spectators came up to me with tears in their eyes and begged me to join the senior tour. I told them I’ll accept the trophies I paid for…er…won, but I’m too busy saving the world. They went away sad and mad, but were glad that God had sent me to save the world. All I asked them to do was open their heart and give me their life savings to help me save…er…the world of trump! I promised them signed hats and shoes to be delivered sometime somewhere somehow!

  4. how pathetic is it that everyone at the club goes along with this (time after time). do they not realize that the election is not going to be decided this way?


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