As we’ve posted here, the jurors in the Trump hush money trial have asked Justice Juan Merchan for two things: 1. To review the transcript of Michael Cohen’s testimony and now a new detail has come up, David Pecker’s testimony was requested as well; and 2. The jurors requested that the judge re-read them the jury instructions. Let’s take both questions one at a time.

I have looked for follow up commentary on why the jurors asked for the judge to reread the jury instructions to them. That request was shot down immediately, and the judge offered to address particular portions of the jury instructions. That took place right before the judge sent the jury home for the day, so there may not be any further information available on that. If anybody here catches wind of commentary on the jury instructions being re-read, let me know what you find so I can follow up on this.

As you heard, Lachlan Cartwright sees significance in the jury going back to look at that  meeting in August of 2015 which is “establishing the conspiracy” and looking at David Pecker’s testimony in particular, and comparing it to Michael Cohen’s. And as to the request for the judge to reread the jury instructions, as I said before, that may be an indicator that the jury is actually ready to make a finding and they just want to make sure that they’re doing it the way they’re supposed to.

All of this is reading tea leaves. Do not lose sight of that fact. The only thing I would find alarming is if these deliberations go on past Friday. And we’re not even into Thursday morning yet, so not to worry at this time.

Meanwhile, here’s what Trump is doing on his social media site (while it’s still on the internet, for however long that lasts.)

I saw Trump’s post and clicked on it and saw the cartoon down thread. So I assume he’s reacting to the cartoon. I don’t know what he’s talking about. And I didn’t know what he was talking about in his last post that “ratings aren’t the only thing.” Frankly, I wonder if he’s medicated because he’s not making a hell of a lot of sense.

I will monitor Truth Social to see if Trump starts going off on an all-caps rage spree but for now all’s quiet on the western front.

Meanwhile, here’s another tape where commentators talk about jurors focusing on the conspiracy and its beginnings. This does not look at all to be a jury which is ready to acquit. And we knew that. So now it’s conviction or hung jury as far as choices go.


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