Of all the stupid, outlandish and indecipherable lies Trump has offered up to his gullible hoards of slavering orcs to date, of which there have been a fetid multitude as innumerable as all the stars and their planets and moons, the one he shoveled out for their consumption in Nevada yesterday has to rank with the most insensible and credibility challenging of them all.

He accused former President of the United States and world class spook George H.W. Bush of being so clueless of how to dispose of shamelessly stolen government documents that he resorted to stashing them in a “Bowling Alley slash Chinese Restaurant” to confound the DOJ.

Despite my lamentation in the title of this piece, surely there cannot be that many of those strangely incongruent Trumpian confabulations in the U.S. – and I propose we search all zero of them.

And pick me up some Chicken Chow Mein while you are at it…


Now that I can believe.

Chris Wray is on it. Anything rather than frog marching Trump.

They don’t but the rubes do.

Office rentals had to be scarce that year.


As long as all the fridges are set to stun, I’m ok with that.




Oh well, if Eric Bolling said it…🙄



Well, that explains it.

That’s some catch.



Just another day in dystopia…

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  1. Next thing you know he’ll be saying “Obama was from Hawaii. I’ll bet he’s got documents stashed where that Gilligan guy was!”

  2. Damn. They claim a blind pig finds an acorn occasionally. The pig has a better batting average than this nazi swine. The truth is not in him…EVER!

  3. Is Guantanamo Bay Area still open to incarcerate terrorists? DOJ, throw the orange cretin in there until he starts the revelations of all documents. The US has shown a complete willingness to do this in the past.

  4. Tell me there will come a point when a person’s brain finally shuts down because there is a level of stupidity beyond which a brain has no more room in any part of it for any other function and the host drops dead due to said brain no longer providing the functions necessary for life. I know I am more likely to see a cow actually born neon effing purple but humor me because this level of stupidity in so much of the populace is depressing as shit.

  5. Did Xi own the restaurant. Ah, so… Me so funny.

    Anyway, Trump keeps coming out with beyond outlandish crapola like this because his fans eat it up (after a few frames, get it). Of course they’re hungry an hour later.

    Never mind that the buildings were acquired by NARA and completely repurposed to top standards for storage and security. True facts don’t fly here.

  6. Did Xi own the joint? Ah, so.. Me so funny!

    But seriously folks , the main reason Trum keeps coming out with ludicrous bullshit like this is because his base eats it up (of course in an hour they’re hungry again, get it?).

    I don’t know what’s worse- Trump’s lying or his base believing it.

    NARA repurposed these buildings to proper standards for storage and security but facts don’t matter to these people. Oh, man…

  7. Each of his accusations against former presidents is based on where NARA set up their SECURE facilities in preparation for that president’s library being built. Yes, they repurposed old buildings. And made them secure, and guarded them. And those were the UNCLASSIFIED presidential documents. The classified stuff stays in DC. And no president had any control of those documents, NARA had and still has control of all of them. Presidential libraries are under NARA oversight.


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