Saturday night was quite the watershed in Trumpian politics. It provided a signpost to where MAGA is going and that is straight down the QAnon rabbit hole. You could call it “the marriage of true minds” if either faction had a mind. Think of it more as the marriage of one wit, MAGA and QAnon being the half wits that they are.

Per usual, Trump faked the size of the crowd, which was a modest sized one, which he bragged into grandiosity. But there were a few new touches, which should not be ignored. The fascist salute is first and foremost something to look at, coupled with the grim, funeral tone of the proceedings, and a new theme song.

A lot of comparisons are being made between Nazi Germany and Saturday night in Youngstown.

That is fact. And that is where we are. Lincoln Project sees it for what it is. I have no doubt that we will see more commentary from them on this topic, but this is what their initial take was.

The extended finger also is reminiscent of QAnon, not to mention Hitler’s brown shirts, and now we find out ISIS as well.

The extended finger is the “1” as in “where we go one, we go all.”

Interesting commentary, when the front runner for the GOP adopts a symbol of an organization which the FBI has characterized as a domestic-terror threat in an internal memo.

Maddow Blog:

The New York Times reported on Trump’s Saturday night rally in Ohio, where the former president “appeared to more fully embrace QAnon.”

While speaking in Youngstown … Mr. Trump delivered a dark address about the decline of America over music that was all but identical to a song called “Wwg1wga” — an abbreviation for the QAnon slogan, “Where we go one, we go all.” As Mr. Trump spoke, scores of people in the crowd raised fingers in the air in an apparent reference to the “1” in what they thought was the song’s title. It was the first time in the memory of some Trump aides that such a display had occurred at one of his rallies.

For its part, Trump’s political operation denied that it was making any direct outreach to adherents of the mass delusion, telling the Times that aides simply used “a royalty-free song from a popular audio library platform.”

Maybe so. But there is a larger context to consider.

Trump generally tried to strike a balance with QAnon devotees — the Times referenced “a winking relationship” — in which he would neither denounce nor explicitly embrace the lunacy. It was about two years ago when the then-president, speaking from behind a White House podium, said he didn’t know much about the deranged theory or its followers, “other than I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate.”

Two years later, he’s dispensed with the subtleties. The Associated Press reported late last week:

After winking at QAnon for years, Donald Trump is overtly embracing the baseless conspiracy theory, even as the number of frightening real-world events linked to it grows. On Tuesday, using his Truth Social platform, the Republican former president reposted an image of himself wearing a Q lapel pin overlaid with the words “The Storm is Coming.” In QAnon lore, the “storm” refers to Trump’s final victory, when supposedly he will regain power and his opponents will be tried, and potentially executed, on live television.


Two weeks earlier, NBC News ran a related report, highlighting instances of the Republican “explicitly promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory” by way of his social media platform.

The wink wink nudge nudge phase is over. Trump is openly embracing this nutso theory, which includes ideas that he is secretly at war with Hollywood celebrities, cannibals, Satanists who torture children for adrenachrome cocktails, and my favorite, that he’s still in the White House and Joe Biden is broadcasting from a movie studio. It is pure madness.

It is also fascism on American soil.


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  1. Hey I agree with them…where he goes may they ALL go straight to hell. I wonder how many my uncles shot in WW2? The nazis got more mercy than they gave. Fact. Where’s that nazi loving red??? Hiding? Waiting for the cockroach to make an appearance.

  2. You paid per post lying Propagandist.
    “The extended finger also is reminiscent of QAnon, not to mention Hitler’s brown shirts, and now we find out ISIS as well.”
    Wikipedia: The salute is performed by extending the right arm from the shoulder into the air with a “straightened hand.” That took me about 3 minutes to research you worth piece of $hit. Do you’re work and quit lying for a living.

  3. I saw reporting the venue could seat 5,600 people. (At least they learned not to try and fill much larger places! Or maybe Trump was too fucking cheap to rent a bigger one – folks have learned to ask for their money UPFRONT) Seeing the short video from the blogger who panned the venue it was roughly 1/5 filled. Maybe a thousand people. In another article you noted Ohio State was playing that night and while it ain’t the south Ohio takes it’s flagship university’s football team seriously. Dumbass scheduling from Team Trump. Or maybe HE insisted on it, believing his followers would throng to hear him and he could boast that he was bigger than OH State football. THAT sounds like Trump, doesn’t it? And that might be the reason for the small venue – surely he’d attract (he thought) 8-10k people and have em packed in with an overflow crowd outside for the tee vee people to film and talk to. Didn’t work out that way of course. Not even close. To quote the flaming orange human shaped rectum himself “Sad” – although funny as in laugh at his fat ass ego getting poked and deflated like a balloon.

    Regarding that “salute”, I saw a comment from one of the conservatives to an article you posted already trying to spin it as simply the crowd doing the “we’re Number ONE!” routing at sporting events. WTF? I’ve been one of the competitors out there in the middle of all that, often with my own hand high in the air, looking around at the crowd chanting. Fingers of players usually reach straight up, as high as they can go. Often with fans too. And they move some, usually up and down a bit or alternating at the players and then back straight up “in tune” with the “we’re number one” chanting. What does NOT happen at sporting events is people holding that finger silently, ramrod straight an angled above the shoulder but nowhere near straight up. And holding it that way. So for that person who might want to come back and try that same spin of acting like sports fans I’m calling bullshit you you right fucking now! What we saw was CULT shit. Plain and simple. If you don’t recognize it as such you’re a member. Or maybe, as with most cults you’re one of the top handful, the (mostly trusted) the leader knows doesn’t believe all the bullshit but pretends to do so to the faithful, and who’s real job is to play enforcer within the ranks and spin bullshit to outsiders be it the media, or member’s family and friends trying to rescue them. Is that you job? Why you keep coming here and commenting? I’ve got bad news for you. With the exception of some of your fellow conservative nutjobs we aren’t the least bit interested in you or your cult leaders schtick. This site is NOT fertile ground for you.

    • “What we saw was CULT shit.”
      What I see is a gullible lazy kid that’s brainwashed. WWII (I was born in 51 so they told me in person) they were gullible but dumb. In your case you’re gullible and too lazy to find out who’s lying. Remember, there’s always more than one side to everything.

      • Well dipshit as it happens I’m in my mid sixties, having also been born in the same decade as you albeit later on. I’m from a small midwestern town (now dying) that was roughly 10k people during the first 26 years of my life – before I headed off to the Marines. I knew a LOT of men who’d fought in WWII. To a man they spoke very little about what they’d seen and done. One, who served in the Pacific was captured at the beginning and one of the lucky ones to survive the Bataan Death March and subsequent years of brutal captivity. He was a member of my church in fact. A quiet man who showed up just before services would start, sat alone (not even with his kids/family) and left right after. Although if we made eye contact there or when I’d see him in town and I’d smile & he’d smile back I never heard him say a word. Granted, he was on the extreme end but for the most part those who actually saw action (and from my town most saw it in Europe) they didn’t say much, except maybe to each other at the VFW.

        My own father was one such man. I never, ever not once saw him without a t-shirt on. Such were the scars from the wounds on his torso and the multiple surgeries it took to fix him, physically at least. He ALWAYS kept them hidden, including wearing his t-shirt in the bathtub in case someone had to make an emergency head call while he was bathing. Mom confirmed to me she’d never seen him take off his t-shirt either. He got those wounds on a bombing mission (he was Army Air Corps) over the continent. I could tell more about him and piecing together clues about the latter part of his service after he was healthy and back in the states but that’s another matter. My point is there were few comments, much less discussions that would last a few minutes of his experiences. Those don’t even require the fingers of one hand to count. Most of what I learned was from others. Just as with friends of mine who’s dads had fought who learned most of what they’d learn from others instead of their own fathers! THAT was the WWII generation. People who saw the worst of humanity did their best to forget, and if they were sparing about their own experiences they warned against our own and future generations being like our country (and others) were in the aftermath of WWI, and allowing something like Hitler’s spreading of fascism to ever happen again. My father was what politically would be classified as “southern Democrat.” I think you understand enough to know what that means. He was no liberal for damned sure. But he worried Reagan would get the GOP nomination and what it would lead to. He didn’t like the turn he saw the GOP making into that sunny Reaganesque promise of “something for nothing”, “getting govt. out of the way and letting business loose free of regulation” and he pretty much feared exactly where we are. One night that still makes my blood run cold (Carter seemed doomed and Reagan was ascendant) that I’d live out my life under a different form of government. He didn’t mean that in a good way. He was heartbroken over what he foresaw and NOW we have dipshits like you fighting for the chance to lick the shit from Trump’s asshole rationalizing his fat, FASCIST ass!

        I’ve met quite a few bona fide heroes in my life, and often had to learn from others later on just how heroic they’d been or that they’d been highly decorated at all! That was particularly true of the WWII generation. Dad kept his dog-tags and nothing else. None of the medals. (more than just a Purple Heart) It’s been my experience in life that most who demonstrated a particular level of valor in battle tend to downplay having done so and are embarrassed by others calling attention to it. Even in ceremonies where people are receiving the highest of honors they will note the real heros are the ones who didn’t make it. (the ones who died, or suffered grievous wounds) If anything, those who talk up what big shots they were are the ones I tend to be wary of.

        So take your condescending attitude & assumptions I’m some youngster who never heard from those who lived through WWII much less served myself and shove it up your ass! And then, shove YOURSELF up Trump’s ass and eat his burnt steak and “hamberder” shit so he doesn’t have to have you or anyone else lick his nasty ass!

  4. With psychlogy and indoctrination, Trump welcomes the Q gang into his fold. The use of threats, the music and the salute, the establishment of fear and paranoia… There are so many parallels to Nazi Germany in the 1930’s you have to be truly uneducated to avoid seeing the comparisons. This is a perfect example of why the Republicans love the uneducated. So gullible, so easy to manipulate. So devoid of critical thinking skills.

    This stuff is getting out of hand. Wait until the summer of 2024.

  5. Ken Burn’s documentary on Hitler’s rise to power and the USA politics & cultural milieu, at the rise of the Nazis , is arresting, given what’s happening here. The poison of racism, antisemitism, and the cultural ignorance, repentence, and acceptance of our own history, has been with us all along the way. Hitler pointed to our genocide of the American Indians, in our policy of God ordained manifest destiny. He pointed to our enslavement and treatment of African Americans.
    Jesus was reported as saying, ” first remove the log in your own eye”…


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