No wonder Donald Trump took the stage almost one hour late on Saturday night in Youngstown, Ohio. He hates to go on unless the place is “packed” and he had told all of his cult followers on Truth Social that the venue was “sold out.”

If it was sold out, the ticket buyers either came down with the same illness on the same day, en masse, or maybe they just wanted to make Trumpty happy by buying a ticket they never intended to use, while they went to the Ohio State football game the same night.

In any event, this venue holds 5,900 people, we are told. You’ll see how the crowd is all jammed at one end, to make the place look like standing room only. Right, SRO. You could have had another football game Saturday night with all the room that was there from unbought MAGA tickets.

It’s amazing what you can do with crowd size. I recall reading Roger Corman once say that he “did the Trojan wars with two guys and a bush.” Trump could use that same kind of staging and showmanship.

Say, that’s what Trump needs to do. He needs to get the likes of Roger Corman and John Carpenter on board to work their low budget magic with MAGA. Damn, what I wouldn’t give to see that. “They Live” — all wearing MAGA hats, when you put on the glasses and see their true faces.

And here we go, fantasy v. reality.

We are looking at those massive crowds, Donald. That’s exactly what we’re doing.

Here’s another jewel.

Daily Mail:

Vance told the crowd prior to Trump’s speech: ‘We need to get back to the policies of the real Donald Trump, not fake Tim Ryan pretending he’s someone he’s not.’

The Hillbilly Elegy author accused Ryan of lying to voters about his stance on certain issues including defunding the police. Ryan has stated that he does not support efforts to defund law enforcement.

The Democratic candidate has also accused Vance of being being in favor of defund the police efforts.

Vance took aim at Ryan’s stance on gas powered vehicles saying: ‘You should be able to drive whatever the hell car you want because this is America and we believe in freedom.’

He accused Ryan of pretending to be a moderate adding that the congressman ‘votes with Joe Biden 100 percent of the time.’

Vance added: ‘We need to kick DC Tim to the curb, make him go back home and get a real job for once.’

A week ago today there was a statistical tie. Tim Ryan may in fact pull this off.

USA TODAY Network Ohio/Suffolk University poll released [last] Monday showed J.D. Vance and U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan virtually tied in the race to replace retiring GOP Sen. Rob Portman. The Democratic congressman maintained a small lead with 46.6% compared to 45.6% of voters who planned to support Vance.

Roughly 6% of voters were undecided.

It’s anybody’s guess at this point. One rally held the same night as a major sporting event is not the determinant of what will happen. But it is vintage Trump that no matter what the facts are, he paints everything as a dazzling success.



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  1. The only thing “sold out” was all the souls of the attendees for clinging this tightly to this demagogue who keeps excusing and justifying their xenophobic fears and self-loathing.

    It’s worth noting that John Carpenter has always hated these people, as demonstrated by They Live, which makes its appropriation by this crowd ironic and insulting. Corman has always been the same way too, as seen in his prescient but least successful film The Intruder (made in 1963 and sadly still WAY too relevant).

    • Has this crowd appropriated “They Live?” That was my snark, that it would be a scream to redo “They Live” and have the aliens all be MAGAs when you were wearing the glasses.

      I love “They Live.” Carpenter managed to do a 50’s sci fi movie in the 80’s. He had it all, cheesy special effects, bad acting. It was a masterpiece. He got back triple his costs of making the picture opening weekend. Carpenter at his best.

      • Oh, hell yeah they have, Ursula. It’s one of the more popular culture references they rip off from along with V the TV series and The Matrix. An alien overlord class oppressing “real” Americans…it’s what that crowd wants to hear rather than how a lot of where they are is their own fault (another part of Carpenter’s subtext that they missed).

      • Focus Ursula focus. We’re talking about crowd size remember? You know the propaganda photo someone takes 3 hours before Trump even shows up and the one you help propagandize. Why do you lie for a living? Are you not smart enough to see it? Is it that you are greedy for money or just a sever case of TDS.

  2. I hope this is a sign that the Trumpers are getting tired. I’m so sick of Drumpf’s face and hearing voice that I could just scream. He has absolutely nothing to give except lies and bluster. He can’t go quiet soon enough for me….

    • Also, it may just be a sign of bad scheduling. The football game did bleed off a certain number of people who might have been there. It’s hard to tell. This race is in the toss up column. Red Ohio may become competitive for Democrats soon.

      • The Covelli Centre holds 7000 total. There were 29000 ticket issues for the Trump. This photo is a FAKE capacity propaganda hit piece. The Democrats are on the verge of the biggest loss in American Governmental history. Save this Ursula and lets see who’s right and who’s the confirmed liar. Oh heck, I’ll save this.

        • Explain to me, please, how if the venue holds 7,000 it can issue 29,000 in tickets. Is that what you said? How is that possible? Venue limitations are set by the fire department for safety, among other reasons. What would happen if four times the crowd that can fit into a venue would show up at one?

          • A genius idea Ursula, bringing in a comedy troll to lighten the mood and get us laughing. 🙂

            How can anything she says be anything but farce? 🙂

            How could anyone actually believe her lunatic ravings? 🙂 😀

          • They do it so they can let in only the people they want. (It’s not new. My brother and a friend of his went to a Reagan thing, back in the 70s, and weren’t allowed in, even with tickets – they were told it was “full”. But they hung around and watched people being allowed in. The people staging it hand out more tickets than they had seats, just so they could screen the crowd.

    • Been using the DeTrumpifier addon for Firefox the last 2 years, it replaces Trump’s face with evil pumpkins or kittens if you prefer. Also changes his name to a variety of nastiness. It made reading news about America’s #2 bearable.

    • You have to admire his commitment to tradition.

      Crowd size was his first lie on becoming president, and now it’s his latest. If he could, he’d lie about the number of people at his funeral.

      Although, of course, that WILL be the only time he’ll be widely celebrated.

  3. Fact, there are still organized groups laser focused on humiliating Diaper Don when they get a chance and order these free tickets with no intention of attending. More power to them. I can’t stomach using my real email and cell # for this prank.

  4. This might just surprise cons but I, and probably every other democrat/indie, could give a happy rat’s ass about whether former guy has a sad. I know, cray right?


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