The Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation may have been legitimate organs of the conservative movement at one time but the news coming out of them right now is nothing short of terrifying. The GOP is embracing authoritarianism. There is no other way to explain it. You know of the 2025 Project, to gut the existing Civil Service and fill the government with Trump loyalists. This is related to the proposed D.C. Gulag and the D.C. Gulag is related to the deportation of immigrants that trump has promised on day one of his next reign.

Mike Davis is a Federalist Society choice and he would be Donald Trump’s choice for attorney general, we are given to know. And then the games would begin.

Ain’t it grand? NCRM reports that

At the Federalist Society, Mike Davis’ bio says he “has served in all three branches of the federal government, including for President George W. Bush, the Justice Department, House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and current Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.”

Indeed, Davis on Monday afternoon doubled down on his vow to send Hasan to the “DC Gulag.”

(For those wondering, “gulag” is a Russian term referring to forced labor camps under Lenin and Stalin. In America, we don’t have gulags.)

Monday afternoon, Davis wrote on Elon Musk’s social media platform X, that Hasan “is now on my Lists 2 (indict), 4 (detain), 6 (denaturalize), and 3 (deport).”

This is pure authoritarianism. And don’t think for one moment that Trump isn’t elated about the election of Javier Milei, in Argentina, because he’s bonkers about it. He totally loves the guy. A populist asshole from the TV set that has conned the public that he has all the answers. Milei wants to get rid of the Argentinian peso and bring in the American dollar. Let’s see how he manages that. And he intends to get rid of the Central Bank, which is the equivalent of the FDIC. This is going to get wild. The guy is nuts. If you thought the Brits made a horrific error with Boris Johnson, this is closer to when the Italians let Benito Mussolini take the reins. This is an unqualified disaster, what’s happening in Argentina right now.

And his followers have hats that say Make Argentina Great Again. Hitler’s slogan was Make Germany Great Again and Hitler’s spiritual progeny have utilized that basic slogan to great effect.

Let’s see if Trump gets back in office again. And don’t believe all the polls you’re seeing of how Trump shapes up in “hypothetical matchups.” Even right-wing media is nervous. The National Pulse ran an article today about how thrilled they were that a poll showed Trump only ten points behind Biden in New York. (I’m not going to link to it and increase their traffic, but you can Google it. It’s there.) Why oh why crow about being only ten points down in New York if Trumpty Dumpty is totally cruising to a blow out landslide, as he always says?

We are in dark and treacherous waters. But we’ve been here before. I fear right-wing media poisoning the minds of the gullible, I fear a dumbed down electorate, I fear the electoral college. But if we unify and get out the vote and never stop fighting like we’re thirty points down, I feel that we will prevail in November, 2024.

Literally, our way of life depends upon it. There are too many batshit MAGA Republicans now who want to forgo democracy and institute fascism. That’s the simple but sad truth of the matter. It is America v. Trump on the ballot. The simplicity of Democrats v. Republicans is a thing of the past. It is America v. Trump.

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  1. Your “… Let’s see if Trump gets back in office again. And don’t believe all the polls you’re seeing of how Trump shapes up in “hypothetical matchups.” … We are in dark and treacherous waters…” are salient points. One wonders if that delusional prick is channeling the magic of Merlin, for some distorted and perverse simply to both get, and impose, his way. Shittler and his Fartzie enablers and followers look like they tried to do this, and we all know what resulted. Even if this Merlin idea is an esoteric or odd point of view, go to the the 37.40 time point in the following YT presentation titled ‘Was There A Real Merlin?”

  2. Maybe they’re doing what they always do: believing their own projection and hype.

    As always it’s the “They’re telling us what they are going to do, believe them” story.

    In this case, please remember their lack of a platform during the last Presidential election. There won’t be one this time, either. They’ll whine and complain that they don’t need one. “Everyone knows what we stand for.” Yeah that’s the problem. You should write a platform – nah, you do it for me, I ran outta crayons…dog ate my homework…

    Just remember,they are pure evil. Think Donal Trump (Sr or Jr, doesn’t matter) and widdle Stevie Miller. Compare to Mike (Mr. Humility) Johnson. Essay due Thursday morning before football starts. 🙂


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