Well, that went pretty much exactly as scheduled. The only part I blew was my belief that Bannon couldn’t resist taking the stand. But apparently his lawyer convinced him that flapping his lips at trial would just blow any slim chances he had on appeal.

Bannon went down for two counts of contempt of congress. Each conviction carries a minimum of 30 days, and a maximum of 1 year, along with a $100,000 fine for each count. The judge will announce the sentence for the first charge, and then for the second count. And then he’ll say 1 of 2 magic words, concurrent or consecutive. If he says concurrent, they run together, every day Bannon serves is a day off of both sentences. Consecutive means that Bannon must serve his entire first sentence before he starts knocking time off of his second one.

Bannon was true to form to the last. Outside of court, he blustered about how We lost the battle today, but we’ll still win the day. The prosecutors overreach was too much, and we’ll win on appeal win a heartbeat! This despite most former federal prosecutors advising him to pack a toothbrush on October 15th. But you could see in Bannon’s posture that he was wondering where that truck just came from. After all, Bennon is fresh out of pardons.

But Bannon’s sudden demise should serve as a cautionary tale to one Donald John Trump, aka Traitor Tot. After all, Bannon is a lifelong loud, brash, arrogant, tough talking creampuff who has wriggled his way out of trouble with the art of the con. Any of that sound like a particular New York born and raised seditionist orangutan?

How many times have I said it? A con man’s first and best mark is himself. They’re so much smarter, always looking to push the envelope, and dead certain that they’ll never get caught. That was what you could see in the slump of Bannon’s shoulders while he blustered away today, the sound of a cell door.

Trump is in even worse shape, since he has three different prosecutors looking for him. New York AG Letitia James is in the final stages of determining whether to file civil charges against Trumpenstein, including state RICO charges. Fulton County DA Fani Willis is on Trump’s ass like a pair of fruit-of-the-looms. And her criminal charges could include Georgia state RICO charges. And the US DOJ appears to be ever so slowly crawling their way up the ladder of January 6th miscreants.

Trump has spent 76 years bluffing, threatening, and if necessary buying his way out of legal trouble. And Mary Trump finds it highly unlikely that he’ll have a sudden moment of clarity now. Which means he’ll just keep right on deluding himself up until the moment the indictments are announced, and he has to turn himself in. Trump and Bannon, birds of a feather. 


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  1. Nor is it over for Bannon in terms of charges. He spent all that time on those delays because he wanted to know what else the DOJ had on him in terms of charges. Now he’s likely to find out from the inside of a prison cell, adding more time Inside he can’t stand to do.

  2. The Michael Jordan of evil narcissism has no capacity other than his blind self interest AS HE SEES IT. Everything he does is perfect. I’m sure the Devil will agree when trump resides in a condo next to the lake of fire. Good news? Your family will be with you orangebob shitpants.

  3. I’m thinking accepting that pardon may now come to bite 2shirts in the backside. The SCOTUS ruled back in the day that accepting a pardon is acknowledging one is guilty. If the probation folks treat him as accepting guilt in a felony, he is a repeat offender and thus warrants a higher sentence.


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