So, today, President Joe Biden got a gift from the gods when Mike Pence announced that he had found classified records at his home. From The Hill:

Documents with classified markings were found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home last week, officials confirmed Tuesday.

Pence’s team notified the National Archives last Wednesday that a small number of documents were “inadvertently boxed and transported” to the former vice president’s home at the end of the last administration. Pence was “unaware of the existence of sensitive or classified documents at his personal residence,” his lawyer wrote to the Archives.

I used the word “gift” due to the fact that it is no longer Trump versus Biden, and Biden loses because he cannot “declassify” documents (That was the MAGA line, without any legitimacy). Now MAGAs have the last two Vice presidents having the same problem. That makes a triangle of issues, and the only difference between the three is that one of them refused to give them back. One of them fought the National Archives. One of them held documents classified at the highest levels, multiple documents that were TOP Secret SCI. And only one that signed off on having turned over all of them and yet still had one hundred files belonging to the National Archives.

In other words, the “proper way to do it” is now bipartisan, and no one can go after Biden without sweeping up Pence in the process. It left MAGA sens stunned silent today:

First there is this:

From The Hill:

“I don’t know what the hell is going on around here. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen,” Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, told The Hill. “I have no reason to believe it’s nefarious in any way, but clearly at the executive branch they’re just packing boxes.”

“I don’t get it,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) told reporters. “Anybody that deals with classified materials knows that they have to be maintained in a secure place and not available to our adversaries by putting them in a place that’s easy to penetrate. So — that’s not good.”

Some senators, however, couldn’t help but be bemused by the situation. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) told reporters that his attorney went through his files and “found Jimmy Hoffa’s remains.”

Well, that is a funny take. It is also a way to avoid answering the question. One wonders exactly how the MAGAs will handle this. One also believes we may be even further away from justice. Fanni Willis is the only one with the cajones actually to prosecute Trump. Garland is worthless. Appointing all the special prosecutors, so he avoids having to make a tough call… worthless. It is almost February. We were talking about a Christmas present.

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  1. Actually I think you might be confusing the law governing Special Counsels with the Independent Counsel Law that was (thanks to Ken Starr’s abuse of it) allowed to expire. A Special Counsel submits a report with recommendations for charging, or not (or is supposed to – the situation with Trump was unique) to the AG. Even if a Special Counsel is chomping at the bit to file charges in federal court the AG ultimately has to sign off. So in the end it will come down to Garland making the final call.

  2. They don’t even know what’s in these documents, that makes them “classified” FFS🙄 For all we know, they could be recipes an shyt, dafuq!!

  3. Garland is a politician. That’s his core problem. Not one of the suits behind the violent attempt TO OVERTHROW OUR FUCKING DEMOCRACY has been charged. Not one. Two fucking years. Instead they now rule the house!!!!! And trump is still loose ginning up his next run at autocracy. We need a real goddamn revolt in this country before the timidity of beauracrats known as lawyers sell us all down the goddamn river. Problem is 99% of our citizens have never bothered to serve and put their ass on the line. I’m not optimistic we have the spine for a fight with a death cult. Arrest all the little people you want. Until you put the powerful in jail you’re just killing time. They will find more soliders. Time is running out to stop the rich from pushing us past the climate tipping point. We already know REALITY has no foothold in their plans. God our children deserve better. Until enough of us hassle Garland and the others to act…they will play politics. And politics will be our undoing.

    • You DO like to go the authoritarian route, don’t you?

      I’ve told you repeatedly: If YOU personally have the EVIDENCE that would allow for ANY of “the suits behind the violent attempt,” then YOU need to get it to the proper authorities. Otherwise, you’re just as much a part of the problem that you’re so quick to deride.

      And, funny thing, but COMPETENT attorneys and legal authorities are NOT out there trying to “please” the malcontents by showing their cards too early. They DON’T want to tip off the people they hope to put on trial what they’re doing so as to keep those people in the dark. But, to keep those people in the dark, they can’t be broadcasting what they’re doing just to make the loudmouths and agitators happy.

  4. Geez Joe I’ve read ur stuff where you claim they’ll be indicted. I believe the Jan 6 committee members have uncovered plenty. Oh and 11,000 documents cry out for charges. Any average citizen would get two years of ‘investigation’ right? Before being picked up? Sure. How is it equal justice when Garland bends over backward for Trump yet immediately assigns a special counsel when Biden didn’t meet the criteria for a crime? You believe what you want. You clearly have never been the recipient of legal injustice. I have. I know it’s a system of Inequal Justice. Yeah I guess they’re taking their time as Jack runs a bunch of new subpoenas. Why didn’t Garland do that much much earlier? Do you honestly think he’ll now appoint a Democrat as special counsel as quickly for pence, who has done the same thing as Biden? Sure. And santy Claus is coming to town. You are way too comfortable with the hypocrisy of the law.

    • Garland appointed a special counsel just so the gqp nuthouse couldn’t investigate President Biden. Not disputing anything else you are saying. He only did that so that the gqp couldn’t get any information about President Biden. Period. That’s what I believe.

      • Understand that Carol. However that just reiterates the law doesn’t treat everyone equally. It’s all fucking politics and Garland is a politician just like every prosecutor in the country. I just get weary about the hypocrisy including Garland saying that no one is above the law. Prove it. I watch what they DO. He’s trying to clean up the catastrophe of the DOJ under Barr, play to both sides, etc. Plus I think he’s scared as the armed cult members have all those bureaucrats scared. I grew up as a child facing guns, knives, beatings by a man my mom shot when I was thirty. I don’t like liars especially when they hold the power as Garland does. I also know letting bullies intimidate you is a lost cause. In this case a lost democracy. I also give no quarter to excuses, which I’ve heard for over two years now. Funny Joe calls me authoritarian when those governments HIDE and give excuses as to why the law allows the rich and powerful to walk. Speaking truth to power and staying on their ass is one of OUR FREEDOMS. I’ve hassled everyone from the DOJ, the senators in my state and others, the congress, the secret service, etc. I’ve gotten a call from the capital police. Interviewed long ago by the FBI, and had angry staffers on the phone trying to defend their boss’s fascism, racism, and hypocrisy. Others here I would bet haven’t risked shit talking to people in power. It’s a hobby in front of a keyboard. I’ve seen the inside of jails. I’m not going to be intimidated or cowered or just type my opinions. That’s all. And I will keep hassling those with the power to stop this fascist takeover.

  5. Republicans are silent about Pence only because they haven’t lined up their talking points yet. Remember, they came up with over a dozen excuses for Trump’s possession of documents at Mar-a-Lago. Expect a similar pattern over the next few days…well, except for those who hate Pence because he had a few milligrams of integrity on January 6.

  6. Well it only matters whether you have a D or a R after your name. With a R. Everything you do is ok because you were in a hurry. If you have a D everything you do is a crime because there ain’t no dam way you did anything that wasn’t a crime. That’s just the way it is. Well, in case you haven’t noticed, some of that theory is falling apart. That’s the people with the R that’s having trouble convincing people that people with a D are dumb enough to do all the stupid ignorant crap that the Rs are trying to say they have.


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