OFF with their heads!   The Queen of Hearts   Alice in Wonderland

I don’t know what else His Lowness watched when he was a kid, but his favorite movie must have been Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Because for four long years, we had Traitor Tot stomping all over the White House, screaming OFF with their heads! every time anything went wrong.

Jeff Sessions does the only legally ethical thing and recuses himself from the Trump-Russia investigation, leading to Robert Mueller. OFF with his head! Steve Bannon commits the ultimate sin of garnering more face time than the King of Camera. OFF with his head! William Barr literally flushes away a lifelong reputation of conservative principles to become Hair Twitler’s legal slut puppy, but when he refuses to say there was widespread voter fraud in 2020, OFF with his head! Fortunately, the Cheeto Prophet was constrained by a constitution and rules of law, so banishment was the best he could manage.

By now, we well know that Putin and his useful idiot share two common traits. First, they’re both extreme narcissists who are batshit crazy, and second, neither one takes well to defeat or humiliation. But here’s where they differ. Vlad the Imp is not constrained by either a constitution or the rule of law. If Putin starts screaming OFF with their heads!, that is exactly what is going to happen. Who knows, maybe on live Russian television as traitors.

I have already reported that this invasion is Putin’s baby. Like Napoleon and Hitler before him, Putin made the mistake of thinking that because he had ceremonial control of the military, it meant that he actually controlled the military. Putin himself drew up the battle plans, routes of advance, and staging and launch dates. The generals are simply carrying out orders.

And they’re doing it pathetically. But here’s the rub, it isn’t all their fault, it’s Putin’s. Based on his success in Crimea, and what he heard from the ground in the two breakaway republics, Putin conned himself into believing that if he went in, the Russian troops would be hailed as national saviors. Which was total bullshit. If one Russian general had put on civilian clothes, and spent two weeks in Ukraine talking to the population, and gauging the government’s resolve, he could have reported back to Putin that the Ukrainians would fight like rabid civet cats. But going against Da Boss is not a good career move for a general, so they just nodded their heads like those stupid dogs in the back windows of cars.

And it’s only going to get worse. If the US and NATO are able to figure out a way to get those Polish, Romanian and possibly Hungarian MIG’s to Ukraine, then that Russian convoy is going to turn into a 40 mile long Monster Joe’s auto salvage yard. And Russian industry doesn’t have a high gear to kick into to speedily provide replacements. Inefficiency is their middle name, by Soviet design.

Putin has to do something, and quickly. Because all of the global attention, as well as domestic attention is on him. And it’s all negative attention since everything is turning to shit, and they’re now actively investigating for Russian war crimes against the civilian population. Putin needs to find a sacrificial lamb to blame, or more than one, and quickly.

A quick historical aside. In January of 1944, as the Nazi’s were retreating in tatters from the steppes of Russia, they blew up bridges they crossed to keep the Russian armor from following. The Russians chopped a 15′ channel from bank to bank, rolled in thick logs, and waited 2 days for the river to freeze back over. This provided them with a natural bridge for their armor. The tanks were all chained together, single file. The first dozen tanks rolled across the log bridge. As the second dozen rolled across, the ice started to crack from the weight. As the third dozen rolled across, the ice broke, the logs scattered, and the tanks sank. The tanks on shore simply moved forward, and pulled them up the rest of the way. Once the water poured out, they were ready to go. A journalist asked a Russian general, But didn’t the tank crews freeze to death or drown in the water? To which the general blithely replied, My friend, there are always more crews.

And guess what? That goes for Russian generals too. If I’m a high ranking Russian general involved in the Ukraine operation right now, I’m doing two things. I’m making sure that my will is all filled out, and I’m setting up a drop bag and a set of false identity papers to get out of Russia and into another country. Any other country. Because somebody has to take the fall for this, and There are always more generals.

Somehow or other, I’m having a hard time scraping up much sympathy for these guys. Much like Trump’s cabinet, these ass clowns sold themselves to the Devil for power and authority. One thing they should have known. When the Devil calls in the loan, he collects souls for interest.


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  1. Come u masters of War
    U that build the big guns
    U that build the death planes
    U that build all the bombs
    U that hide behind walls
    U that hide behind desks
    I just want you to know
    I can see through ur masks

    U that never done nothin
    But build to destroy
    U play with my world
    Like it’s ur little toy
    U put a gun in my hand
    And u hide from my eyes
    And u turn & run farther
    When the fast bullets fly

    Like judas of old
    U lie and deceive
    A world war can be won
    U want me to believe
    But I see through ur eyes
    And I see through ur brain
    Like I see through the water
    That runs down my drain

    U fasten all the triggers
    For the others to fire
    Then u sit back and watch
    As the death count gets higher
    U hide in ur mansion
    While the young people’s blood
    Flows out of their bodies
    And is buried in the mud

    U’ve thrown the worst fear
    That can ever be hurled
    Fear to bring children
    Into the world
    For threatening my baby
    Unborn and unnamed
    U ain’t worth the blood
    That runs in ur veins

    How much do I know
    To talk out of turn
    U might say that I’m young
    U might say I’m unlearned
    But there’s one thing I know
    Though I’m younger than you
    That even Jesus would never
    Forgive what u do

    Let me ask u one question
    Is your money that good?
    Will it buy you forgiveness
    Do u think that it could?
    I think you will find
    When ur death takes it’s toll
    All the money u made
    Will never buy back ur soul

    And I hope that you die
    And ur death will come soon
    I’ll follow ur casket
    By the pale afternoon
    And I’ll watch while ur lowered
    Down to ur deathbed
    And I’ll stand over ur grave
    Til I’m sure that ur dead

    Masters of War by Bob Dylan

    • Ur powers of comprehension & compassion are astounding. That’s ur focus? Read it again or better yet listen to the song so u won’t get tripped up by bullshit.

  2. All of you are obviously democrats and haters of Trump but you forget to mention not one war while he was in office and those that tried to start one were dealt with quickly. Then we had the the best economy ever lower taxes and respected by all nations. Now we have a dementia old man who is laughed at and when he is laughed at we are laughed at. We were energy independent now we are begging Russia and opec nations for more oil paying an exshoribant amount for it versus when Trump was in office we were making money off our oil and gas production. So he made some tweets u didn’t like but he spoke the truth as proven by the democrats wasted money trying to impeach him on made up and payed for lies by Dems and Clinton’s.

    • I have two questions. One must be correct to explain ur mountain of ignorance. When do u get out of middle school? What’s the weather in Moscow? Of course u could be a product of home ‘schooling’. Guess u never figured out what ‘lies’ mean since frump PROVABLY lied tens of thousands of times. Idiot wind.

    • I don’t recommend communism, because in order to function, it requires all people to be perfect, and they aren’t/ Even the Apostles couldn’t make it work, because they has Ananias. However, if you can distinguish any difference between classical communism and cooperative Christianity as decribed in the book of Acts (chapter 4), you are hallucinating.

  3. David, I agreed with you 100 percent. Dems all have a glitch in their brains, probably due to their illogical and irrational hatred of our free, Constitutional Republic. In other words: they’re all nuckin’ futs!! They think socialism is cool. No, it most definitely is not. It’s a half step away from communism, and communism always takes over. It’s easy to see! All the moron Libtards have to do is look at Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, Haiti, to name a few. They think everything will be free under socialism. No, it’s not free! They must think money grows on trees! Dumb, dumb, dumb. What’s a gallon of gas cost today???

    • Spoken by a true moron. 3.4 trillion in tax cuts to the top 1% by Bush & Trump & that’s not socialism. Duh. Oh & be sure to rip up grandma’s social security check. That bitch is a socialist. Oh, & I bet the money Biden sent out to keep average people afloat, You kept. Right? U fucking hypocritical socialist you. Two things I can count on, gravity & the absolute shallow stupidity of frumpy’s supporters. I suppose u also are in favor of the violent attempt to overthrow our democracy on January 6th. Sure u do.

      • Biden sucks and all Democrats that believe he don’t are just as stupid as him. Here are just some of the reasons. Gas prices are sky high, no food on the shelves, pay people more to sit at home than work, can’t remember how to walk on a sidewalk, can’t even remember Ukrainians calling them Iranians, shit himself when visiting the Pope, Can’t remember world leaders names, highest inflation rate in years, highest crime rates of all time, guilty of being the worst president of all time, has dementia and can’t answer a question without a teleprompter to read the answer from, can’t even talk without forgetting what he was saying, stares into space when speaking then you can’t understand why maybe he sees a squirrel running that isn’t there and then says something stupid, picks his nose at a meeting then eats it…The list goes on and on. We are the laughing stock of the world because of him. Democrats want to cry because Trump (The real president) hurt their feelings, well boo hoo out your adult clothes on and suck it up! President Trump told it like it was and little baby democrats just couldn’t handle it!!!

  4. If I was a military officer in putie’s military right now, I would be looking for the nearest exit. They have to be able to see the reality of the situation on the ground in Ukraine and also be aware of what will be waiting for them back in Moscow when this goes tits up.

  5. Jesus…this “article”, if it can even be called such, is an incoherent piece of trash.
    No facts, just leftist political propaganda spewed from a mind who clearly has Trump Derangement Syndrome, caused by gorging themselves with the lies from CNN, MSNBC, etc.
    Also, go back to school and learn proper English; this sounds like it was written by a 3rd grader.

  6. Typical democrat, they/them (let’s be politically correct, don’t want to hurt any feelings) can spew total ignorance, with no actual documentation, or sources to back up the psycho babble. When presented with facts, resorts to name calling, and ignorance. Most aren’t even capable of thinking for themselves, nor logical reason. They need the government to make decisions for them, tell them how to raise their children, expect everything to be handed to them, and expect everyone to cater to their feelings because they get hurt easily.

  7. ” Putin himself drew up the battle plans, routes of advance, and staging and launch dates. The generals are simply carrying out orders.”
    You really believe that? You have any idea how complicated war plans are? How many people it takes to plan? Putin may have directed plans to be drawn up by professionals but leaders of nations don’t draw up plans personally except Hitler who was the proof that these things are best left in the hands of pros.
    Hard to believe anybody still believes the story Hillary made up about Russ interfering in the election, especially when there’s still no proof and it’s been debunked by many credible news outlets. One of her aides was arrested for lying to the FBI about the Steele Dossier:
    So Trump is a reprehensible fool and Hillary is a blood thirsty war criminal for profit.
    A wise man knows that sometimes what your enemy says is true.


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