It started out great. Biden gives an inspirational inauguration speech, sits down, passes a $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, gets off to a rock-em-sock-em-robot start on vaccinations, and pulls off the impossible and gets an actual bipartisan infrastructure bill through congress. The poll numbers looked good, and it was full speed ahead.

But then the wheels fell off of the wagon. Let’s be honest, for the last 6 months, Democratic governance has felt like an extended ride on the bumper cars at a county fair. Sure it’s fun whacking into strangers, but when you broadside your mother, the ride home can be a little frosty. But what if I told you there was an out from the last 6 months?

Here it is. A week is a lifetime in politics. And if that’s true, then the Democrats are feeling right now like they took an all expense paid trip back to the Olduvai Gorge. But that’s OK. If the Democrats play their cards right, 3 months from now, nobody will even remember the summer and winter of our discontent.

Because in the next 45-90 days, the freak show is coming to town. And I mean that literally, we haven’t seen a freak show like this since a Clive Barker movie. The GOP primaries are about to start, and Traitor Tot has already made it clear that he plans to be a dominant feature of both the primaries, as well as the general election, hitting the road to stump for his preferred fluffers.

It has already started. Look, there is no sane reason for the rally that His Lowness held in Phoenix last Saturday night. The primaries are months away, but The Trumpster Fire is going batshit crazy locked up in Mar-A-Lago, and this was a way for him to get out and blow off steam. And as the news continues to get darker and more threatening from the J6 committee, the NY AG, the Manhattan DA, and the Fulton county DA, Trump is going to need that steam valve more and more often.

Cast your mind back to the halcyon days following the calling of the 2020 election for Biden. As the results began to be finalized, political analysts started going into voting pattern breakdowns. And they found something really interesting, which I reported on at the time.

First of all, they found that Trump Fatigue was a real issue in the election. And nowhere was it jore of an issue than in what I like to call Trump Lite voters. These were mostly disgruntled Democratic and Independent voters, along with low turnout GOP turnout voters who took a chance on Trump to shake things up. And ended up being the ones who got shaken up. The Trump experience was such a third rate reality shit show that they either stayed home in 2020, or voted for Biden just to bring a return of normalcy to the White House. And it cost Trump dearly.

As Richard Dawson said in The running Man, This is television Ben! We give the people what they want! And that’s exactly what the Democrats need to start doing right now, most riki-tik. They voted the Democrats in for a healthy dose of normalcy, not Trumptopia with a different cse. So give it to them.

For starters, no more pissing all over each other in public. The ability to get things done going into a general election cycle is going to be muted anyway. Just do the best you can, and keep it unified. There are rumbles on the Hill that there are some GOP Senators who might be willing to work out a bipartisan voting bill that won’t give the Democrats everything, but would fix the electoral college procedures to stop a repeat of 1/6. Take it if you can get it. The GOP Senate especially are desperate for positives to take home and campaign on in 2022, they’ll trade to have something to brag about. And there are large chunks of the BBB Bill that were Manchin proffed in reconciliation. Manchin is signalling willingness to carve up the bill, and pass significant legislation. Just shut publically, talk to each other in private, and surprise everybody when it gets done!

Because the GOP is about to have a whole new nightmare on their hands. In January of 2021, social media cut Trump off at the knees, the national media kicked him to the curb, and even FUX News put him on a screen time allowance. Which was a salvation for all right thinking people, but it also allowed the grosser elements of Trump’s behavior to fade into distant memory.

But Trump is getting feral in his McDump down there in Florida, he showed that Saturday night. And as long as he has sheeple to fleece for gas money for Trump Force !, Trump is about to start living on the road, getting back in front of his mob of drooling retards. Trump desperately needs that ego fulfillment as the walls close in around him.

Which is what the Democrats have been waiting for. To know Trump is to not want to know Trump. To miss Trump is to not miss Trump one iota. And after basically a year of radio silence, Trump is about to force launch himself back into the media, and at least some of his drivel will be picked up. And he’ll immediately remind every one of the Trump Fatigue voters why they either stayed home, or voted for Biden instead.

Make. That. Contrast. Pass what you can pass. Talk an inspirational line. Highlight all of the things you’ve already done, like reducing child poverty, dropping unemployment under 4%, more jobs in a first year than any other President. Talk about how average Americans have 50% more in their checking accounts today than they had in the month before Covid broke. And then talk about what you want to do in the next two years if you get more Democrats.

Let people see calm, competent leadership getting things done, and then just sit back and let them watch the growing army of Trump howler monkeys, throwing shit balls all over the place. And let them remind all of those voters, including white suburban women voters, why they were so desperate to get them out of their lives in the first place. The Democrats actually have accomplishments, and a vision for the future. All the GOP has is Trump. Let’s use him.


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  1. Arizona is looking really good after that rally. The national media didn’t pay it much attention, but the local media did, since the rethug candidates for gov and SOS were right there with him.
    I also think the 1/6 committee hearings may have some bearing. Watergate hearings resulted in a sweep of rethugs.


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