I like where this is going. To close her show tonight, the incredible Rachel Maddow left a warm glow in everybody’s heart. At least everybody who wants to see George Santos get what’s coming to him.

She quoted new reporting that said that the United States DOJ had sent a letter to the Federal Elections Commission, asking them to stand down on any investigation or possible administrative action regarding any possible campaign violations committed by George Santos, in order to not muck up an ongoing criminal investigation.

This is music to my ears, for two reasons. First of all, at last check the FEC was basically a toothless tiger. It has an equal number of Democratic and GOP members, making it basically impossible to get a majority to take any kind meaningful action. Second, just the same as with the J6 committee, the DOJ has tools and legal maneuvers that the J6 committee and the FEC can only dream of, even if it was functional.

At this moment, the DOJ criminal investigation into Santos is the wind beneath my wings. For a simple reason. Like so many of his other lower level GOP political brethren, George Santos is a fucking moron. He sees everything in simplistic political views, basically that bullshit is the coin of the realm in politics, and if you get elected, you’re home and dry. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Mainstream media organizations, working from publicly available records, largely from the FEC have been digging. And what they’re finding isn’t good news for Santos, and they don’t even have the DOJ’s tools. For the large Santos donors who are identified in the filing statements, the just can’t seem to match up the names and addresses. And lying on an FEC form is a federal crime. But I bet that the FBI can get to the bottom of this child’s play.

But I’ve got my eyes on the gold ring,and I hope the DOJ does too. I have written previously that Santos’s filing that he loaned his own campaign $700,000 was a complete and transparent fabrication. In his last filing, Santos listed his annual income as $55,000 a year. That would mean that Santos would have to bank his entire yearly salary for 17 years in order to cover that loan. Gee, maybe that’s the reason he can’t seem to make his rent payments.

I wrote at the tie that the most likely explanation for this was good old fashioned money laundering. Especially when it was reported that Santos had a relationship with the cousin of a sanctioned Russian oligarch. That can work when you’re Traitor Tot, with an entire real estate company behind you. But when you’re so stupid that you’re so stupid that your own shell companies don’t even provide cover, you’re in the wrong business, moron.

Here’s my best advice to whomever George Santos really is. Go home to Brazil! Whatever the jail time down there you’re likely to pile up for kiting a check, it’s chicken scratch for the kind of tie you’ll be looking at in federal court. For once in your useless lying life, take the easy way out.

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  1. I don’t know anything about the Brazilian legal system – like whether they have the ability to try someone in absentia. But, I think, the charges he could face here would have longer sentences than kiting a check in Brazil. So let’s take care of this here and send him to prison here.

      • A better solution would be to make him do his time in the US – and then let Brazil extradite him so it all starts again.
        Who said you can’t have two bites?

    • Having lived here for nearly 12 years, I can say that Brasil will NOT be lenient with Santos. Not only kiting a check, but making purchases through fraud, and the very fact that the judge was so willing to suspend the statute of limitations because Santos could not be located. No one would bother to reopen a case so old unless it was rooted in he determination to extract justice. Brasil has separate prisons for the well-connected and the common people, and I do believe that Santos will not be welcomed as a VIP. HOWEVER . . . I agree. Send him back and Brasil will take care of him, believe me. After Jan 8, 2023,a lot of folks are in a punishing mood for anyone of the right wing persuasion.

    • Well, in the end even if they wanted to take someone to task in effect the most the FEC can do to someone is issue a strongly worded “You shouldn’t have done that! So we’re warning you not to do it again!” letter. Of course they have the option to then send any info on criminal or possible criminal wrongdoing to the appropriate folks including DOJ but they virtually never do. So Murfster is right to be happy, even giddy that DOJ is telling the FEC to stand the hell down because THEY are going to handle this one! Since being gutless and unwilling to offend anyone is a prerequisite for being on the FEC, even a hint that them proceeding might mean DOJ taking a look at any of THEM for obstruction will be more than enough to leave the field clear for DOJ to do its thing.

      • And then the rethugs on the fec would just go running to jungle jim and mccarthy to tell them what the evidence is so they can muck up any possible investigation.

  2. I’m beginning to think, that like all the other high level politicians who have been and are being investigated for the last couple years, he’ll remain in his seat for the next few years while these investigations drag out. He’ll walk because our justice system never (at least these days) follows through when the perp is a politician. Not everyone is equal under the law.


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