Most of us remember the thrilling climax of the original Star Wars movie, when the intrepid young Luke Skywalker straps into his X-Wing fighter and, against all odds, piloted it into the bowels of the evil empire’s daunting dreadnought, the planet destroying Death Star, bringing it down in flames as the audience cheered.

Yesterday’s “May the Fourth” featured no interplanetary warfare, but when absolutely fabulist serial liar Republican Rep. George Santos tried to burnish his rapidly descending public image by Tweeting what he must have thought as an innocuous, friendly “May the Fourth” greeting, aspiring Skywalker types on Twitter buckled up and sought the destruction of this missive from one our real life bad guys, the GOP, – to varying degrees of success:

Huffington Post

Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) jumped on board the so-called “Star Wars Day” bandwagon on Thursday, May 4 when he tweeted: “May the fourth be with you.”

The serial fabulist’s take on the movie franchise’s “may the Force be with you” catchphrase ― which many, many people share online each year ― drew instant ridicule from commenters, who mockingly thanked the lying lawmaker for writing, directing and starring in the hit franchise.

“May the truth be with you,” responded one Twitter user.“

Happy thought that but Santos is likely incapable of it.

Let’s see what others had to say:

That would be a fitting climax of his tawdry saga.


I suppose he can be a Jedi if he wants, it’s his delusion.

This user response probably hits closer to the mark with a spectacular and suitable GIF:

While this one speaks for all of us…

Short, sweet and to the point.



Nice try, George, but if I were you I’d keep it shut for The Fourth of July.

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  1. Greatest country on earth? Debatable, given clowns like this have actual power over the law. Come on…let’s be real.

  2. if Georgie Porgie actually understood Star Wars, he would understand that the GOP would side wiith empire,,and evangelical types would be the First Order.
    What a moron.

    • Reading your comment caused me to flash to a scene from Star Wars where Palpatine declares himself Emperor of the new Galactic Empire:


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