The Furkids love playtime so this week they decided to invite you to play with them. They’ve organised some photo clues for you with 20 quotes (counting the feature image up top) – that may or may not be strictly accurate – with the final clue being visual only. Come back Tuesday for the answers and tell us in the comments how you did!

You can follow the Furkids at (and buy them a frothy milk if you’d like to). Michelle is on Twitter as @Mopshell, on Post and Mastodon as @michelle_elle and Spoutible as @MichelleElle.


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  1. {{{Michelle}}} Well, I recognized Casablanca and Snow White. LOL. You and the Furkids did a lovely job with the quotes, even if I *can’t* remember where most of them came from. Of course part of that’s because I did see any of them except Snow White. more LOL. Healing Energy & skritches & moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • In the police mugshot, did you recognise Cloud and …actually I’m not sure who the black one is! I took them from your photo of them at the window. You’ll like the name of this movie when I post it on Tuesday!

      Loving hugs 🤗💐💟🎍🤗Barbara🤗🎍💟💐🤗

      and scritches for 🤗Charlie💟Cloud💟Freddie💟Bobbie💟Rennie🤗

  2. Mr. Tibbs is from “In the Heat of the Night” Sidney Poitier. Bigger Boat, I think, might be from “JAWS”. I have NO idea what the “chart” is? Happy week ahead.

  3. The obvious ones:
    Apocalypse Now
    The Terminator
    Love Story
    Apollo 13
    Bonnie and Clyde (I think)
    Sudden Impact
    The Sixth Sense
    Top Gun
    In the Heat of the Night
    Snow White
    Taxi Driver
    Sherlock Holmes ?

    I’ll punt on the rest 🙂

    • You did really well! The Furkids are impressed!

      Answers will be attached to this post on Tuesday morning. We wanted to give everyone a few days to see the quiz beforehand.

  4. A priest, a minister and a rabbit walk into a blood bank to donate blood. The nurse asked the rabbit what blood type he was. The rabbit said “I’m a typo.”

  5. A good friend lost her little dog baby today. Always makes me sad to hear that. He will go to be with his human dad. She lost him to cancer few years ago. Dog and dad will get to roam the fields to their heart’s content.


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