The Fulton County Grand Jury Foreman tasked with determining whether criminal charges should be meted out in drumpf’s alleged election interference in Georgia in 2020, Emily Kohrs, must not follow the Orangeutan too closely on social media.

When Tamar Hallerman of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution prompted her to respond to drumpf’s statement about the Grand Jury completely exonerating him on Truth Social, she burst into laughter…

Atlanta Journal Constitution

“A Fulton County special grand jury recommended that multiple people be indicted following a nearly eight-month investigation where it examined potential criminal interference in Georgia’s 2020 elections, according to the jury forewoman…

…Kohrs declined to disclose whom the special grand jury suggested that District Attorney Fani Willis charge, but she said, “You’re not going to be shocked.”…

… After portions of the report were released last week, Trump posted on his social media platform Truth Social.

”Thank you to the Special Grand Jury in the Great State of Georgia for your Patriotism & Courage,” the former president posted. “Total exoneration.”

When AJC reporters on Tuesday told Kohrs about that reaction she rolled her eyes and then burst out laughing..

”Did he really say that?” she asked. “Oh, that’s fantastic. That’s phenomenal. I love it.”

Ms. Kohl’s also intimated that their are other recordings, not yet made public, of drumpf’s phone calls to Georgia election officials:

“But there are recordings of other calls Trump made that the special grand jury heard and which have yet to be made public, Kohrs said.

“We heard a lot of recordings of President Trump on the phone,” she said, declining to give specifics. “It is amazing how many hours of footage you can find of that man on the phone. … Some of these that were privately recorded by people or recorded by a staffer.”

Those should be interesting.

Meanwhile, over at Truth Social The Diapered Don is quickly filling his Depends:


🤣🤣🤣 So much for total exoneration.




If you clicked over to the AJC link you will see that Ms. Kohls can hardly be charged with “ reverse racism” being a very ginger Caucasian person.

Guess drumpf will have to switch over to reverse sexism now…

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  1. I think the “reverse racism” comment is directed at Fani Willis.
    Trump fears strong women and a strong woman of color tweaks his fear and racist reactions.
    And WTF is “reverse” racism? Racism is racism in either direction.

  2. The reason there are hours,of Donnie Donuts on the phone is that shortly after he was elected, smart politicians learned to go.into.CYA. mode because they finally realized #45 will.throw anyone under the bus, including Ivanka, to.protect himself. In Trumpistan loyalty only flows uphill.

  3. I’m still truing to work out just what in thje nmame of the wee man is a ‘perfect phone call’

    Is it one where there was no noise on the line or one where the guy on the other end told you what to do with yourself or just slammed the phone down? Or is it one where they didn’t gat a chance to actually SAY amything when they were on the receiving end of a diatribe or a whinging plea to cook the books?

    If the call goes through and the guy on the other end answers, it’s perfect – even if it’s just ordering a pizza. It just means the phone actually WORKED


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