Row row row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream. — Nursery Rhyme

Sometimes the river of life can carry you down an interesting tributary, and what your situation is one day can alter dramatically the next. I learned this lesson at an early age, four to be exact, when I found myself giving my first interview to the press. Yes, you read that correctly. What happened was I won a supermarket drawing for the Perl-Mac playhouse, which was a white clapboard house, about 72 square feet and it had electricity and running water and sat on cinder blocks in the backyard.

This was, believe it or not, enough to constitute a media event in Westminster, Colorado in 1957. What seemed to me to be a hoard of reporters and photographers interviewed me and photographed me standing in the doorway of my little mansion. The flashbulbs went off and I was getting all this attention and it was really something. I had my own playhouse and I was a star. The day before I was just a kid, dragging my teddy bears in my wagon, and the next, due to a simple twist of fate, I’m making headlines in the Denver Post, “It’s Christmas In August For Little Ursula Faw, Age 4.” For a brief moment, I was the local Shirley Temple.

Fast forward over the decades. Now I’m just a blogger, my wagon is my website and teddy bears have been replaced by readers, and through a simple twist of fate, the triggering of conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell, to be precise, I find myself illuminated once again in the spotlight of sudden and unexpected attention — perhaps notoriety would be a better word.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel mentioned PolitiZoom in his monologue and he played a mashup clip of the six and a half minute meandering meltdown that Mike Lindell went through in his Frank-a-Thon, calling me out as a “terrible reporter” — with a terrible name, apparently, one he can’t pronounce in any event.

It starts at 4:30, runs until 6:00 and it’s even funnier when edited.

So that’s where we stand, friends, the Little Political Blog That Could keeps chugging away, with a little help from our enemies. What was that line? Hold your friends close but your enemies closer? A statement of wisdom.




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  1. Well, if it gets more people checking us out on a regular basis and taking part in the action here I say welcome aboard to the new folks. Even conservatives who offer contrary opinions – at least as long as they don’t go into the bat-shit-wing-nuttery conspiracy crap that Lindell, Trump, Lin Wood, Rudy G., Sydney Powell, and of course Congress Critters like “Matt got-to-Gaetz-me-some-new-young-strange” and Gym Jordan keep promoting despite their rants having been proven to be bullshit. There’s a difference between contrary views and wack-job conspiracy bullshit. The latter isn’t welcome here so don’t bother if instead of constructive criticism and actual viable different policy proposals all you have to offer is CT and bullshit. In any case, I for one will take great delight if because of his little meltdown Mikey Lindell wound up making a progressive blog grow!

  2. Good of Jimmy to give you some love, Ursula! Still want to put Lindell through a plate glass window just to prove a point but Harlan Ellison was right: living IS the best revenge.

      • You’re a rare person to have so much attention at such high altitude … this has been so bizarre and outrageous, so much fun …

        Here’s a little kicker, the Internet NEVER FORGETS … now that you and your wonderful BS squashing site have been entered into digital fame, all the upcoming young people, looking for info about that old pillow guy and his frantic display of idiocy, will dip into the millions of data points of, “My Pillow Guy”, you see one of his commercials, you have a pretty good idea about his business … BUT, on further history digging, poor Little Bear Ursula will jump up to a hilarious Nationally known writer force to be dealt with very carefully …

        Boom, your name, your site, more digging and HELLO THERE, another to partake here on PolitiZoom … the young crowds have had enough of those good ole boys crap … I like to think AOC and her sisters in Congress are a front for the coming-of-age reality needed to organize and throw the old bums out …

        • From your lips to God’s ears. Isn’t this truly surreal? I think I’ll wake up tomorrow and it’s all been a dream. BTW Darrel, I sent you an email and you apparently didn’t get it. I need you to build me a monolith. It can be balsa wood covered with duvateen, that’s fine. Will you contact me and we can talk? Fank yew.

  3. Oh my! I saw that show before reading this, and couldn’t believe it. What a hoot! If that bit didn’t show anyone with half a brain what an idiot that man is, there’s no hope. Proud to be among those who can pronounce your name, Yersoola.

  4. Great publicity. Not from the dozen or so Frank subscribers who saw it, but from nationwide shows that made fun of him. Way to go!
    I still think he missed his chance to name his site “MySpace”.
    Probably could have gotten the domain pretty cheap and doubled his subscriber base by sucking up the other dozen MySpace users.


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