Last night on the Fox News opinion show “The Five” – which is basically a rip-off of the popular network show “The View” only for stupid people – co-host Greg Gutfeld, while insulting President Biden over his Climate Change policies, took a detour and also insulted 20 year olds Climate Activist Greta Thunberg by calling her a “bug-eyed brat”.

Huffington Post on MSN

“Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld on Wednesday again resorted to personally insulting climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Gutfeld, appearing on “The Five,” called the Swedish campaigner a “bug-eyed brat.” Last year, Gutfeld likened Thunberg to a “shrieking psycho brat.”

He’s the latest in a long line of men ― which has included former President Donald Trump ― to make mean, bullying comments about the activist, whose relentless campaigning for the environment has drawn ire from multiple high-profile figures on the right.

Gutfeld’s dig came as he suggested President Joe Biden “doesn’t understand priorities” with his warning that climate change is a bigger threat than nuclear war.

“It also kind of shows what an empty vessel he is. The handlers just insert their USB drive into his brain and he pumps out these shallow and insipid platitudes,” he said.”

No, Greg, I’ll tell you who is an “empty vessel” pumping out “insipid platitudes”, that would be you, hurling school-yard taunts at Thunberg.

Here’s hoping it works out as well for you as it did for toxic masculinity influencer Andrew Tate.

Here’s the video (best I could find this morning)

And a post from “TuckFrump” where they discuss the remark.




We can hope.

Must be screened for it.






Let me conclude by saying fuck off, Gutfeld… fuck all the way off.

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  1. As someone who may share Ms. Thunberg’s condition (not sold on it being a “superpower” the way she is but still…), let me assure this is par the course from the bullies. Only difference between the ones who swarm the Twitter feeds with this kind of venomous tripe and this Fox News baka saru (love that Japanese insult) is a few extra decades of life on the former.

    “We grow older. We don’t necessarily grow up.” –Archie Goodwin

  2. I’m guessing Gutfeld doesn’t have any mirrors in his home or around him at work. Not because his lack of a soul prevents his having any reflection but because they’d all crack from exposure to that fugly mug.

  3. A “grown” “man”, sorry but I really cannot concede either title to this idiot, is resorting to name-calling unsuitable for an elementary school playground. He’s certainly living up to the current standards of conservatives and that would be doing anything disgraceful and embarrassing enough to get a little spot-light on fux nuz. I’d call him a joke but those should be at least mildly amusing.

  4. Angry white men with little to recommend them are gonna insult, attack verbally and physically, screech, whine and throw tantrums.
    If I had had a,child and she turned out like Greta,,I would be proud. If a son was a whiny, jerk like Gutfield, he would not be spending the holidays at our house.


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