According to this report a former U.S. Secret Service Agent with White House detail experience claims the small baggie of cocaine found in that “cubby bin” at the WH was planted.  Deliberately put there.  So that it would be discovered. He also claims the Secret Service knows exactly who the culprit is.

Okey Dokey let’s unpack this.  Admittedly, I’ve believed since a couple days after the news of this broke the Secret Service knew, or had a very, very good idea of who left the drugs there.  And that once some additional investigating was done they’d know for sure who it was.  I also wondered, albeit for difference reasons that  our former Agent that we might never be told who left that little baggie of cocaine sitting there to be found.  However, let’s establish a few things we do in fact know.

All credible reports say the drugs were discovered during a routine security check at about 6pm on Sunday, July 2.  For the record, the Biden family including Hunter Biden was at Camp David and had been all weekend.  (They wouldn’t return until the morning of Tuesday the 4th)  Now, RWNJ media is howling at the moon over Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s exasperated (after a couple of days of incessant badgering about could it maybe, possibly, (please PLEASE let it be so!  Pretty please with sugar on top?) that somehow Hunter Biden made like 007 and snuck back and inadvertently left it there snapped.  And said the Biden’s weren’t there Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday or even Monday.

My oh my!  RWNJ media has screamed at the top of its voice GOTCHA!  The Biden’s didn’t depart for Camp David  until late Friday afternoon!  Liar liar pants on fire and all that.  But you know what?  Hunter was taken over to Ft. McNair late afternoon to meet up with everyone else and they all boarded Marine One there for the flight to Camp David which left around 6pm Friday.  And then, over a freaking holiday weekend with people who had friends with access escorting private tours all day and evening long starting that Friday evening (when the First Family’s away, everyone gets to play!) and during regular, routine checks including of spots like where the cocaine was found no drugs.  Or all day Saturday.  Or most of the day Sunday.

Only at six pm Sunday evening did a routine check reveal there was a “zippered pouch” in one of the bins that apparently no one had claimed.  I assume the last tour had been through long enough whoever saw it thought “Hmmmmm. Better check this out.” (Which of course is what they should have done)  It might have belonged to someone who’d been on one of those private tours.  Or some WH staffer that had to spend a couple of hours stuck on duty in their cubicle or just ran in for a minute before joining all the fun out on the lawn.  Whatever.  The important part was to check out what was in the pouch.  For two reasons.  To make sure there was nothing dangerous in it (even a key fob size piece of plastic explosive with a blasting cap can do some serious damage) and also to see if there was anything in that sucker that might indicated who’d left it there.  So it could be turned into the lost & found, or maybe returned to someone if they were on the grounds.

I have seen any reports on what else (if anything) was in that small zippered pouch but we know for sure the was a small little plastic bag with white powder.  LE all know what small “hits” look like and how they’re packaged.  So a quick field test was done and yep, it was drugs.  Cocaine.  So the whole machine got cranked up.  Send the baggie to a lab for a full-blown chemical analysis.  Check for fingerprints.  Both on the baggie and depending on what it was made of the zippered pouch the tiny baggie had been in.  And any other contents of the pouch.  Say car keys.  Or a pack of gum, or breath mints.  Come up with your own ideas.  Swabs for DNA too although real life isn’t like CSI and “touch DNA” isn’t “always” something that’s there or usable to provide results.

The baggie of cocaine itself.  What you see in the title pic is probably close to what was found.  It’s not only plausible but likely that something so small, handled by at least two people might not yield usable fingerprints.  But perhaps something larger in that zippered pouch might have.  It would surprise me it that turned out to be the case.  Or that the owner, having dug around in it who knows how many times would have left enough DNA to get a usable sample.  The problem of course is having something to match it to.  If there wasn’t one on file, that would mean a judge signing off on a search warrant(s) for every person who was in the proximity of that small room where the cubby with its bins was.

Still, given this is the WH we’re talking about I can actually see that happening.

So what we have is many hundreds of people over the weekend on cameras covering the hallway, and identifying each and every one was well with the Secret Service’s capability.  They could also narrow down the time frame because if that zippered pouch was distincitive enough to get noticed on Sunday evening, numerous people who’d done sweeps before then would have remembered it.  Hell, maybe the person who decided to check it out noticed it earlier, and the fact he/she had only seen it the last sweep and it was still there was what attracted closer scrutiny.  My point is that they could narrow down the time frame the pouch was there (long, long LONG after the Biden family had gone to Camp David) and that would reduce (by a lot) the number of people to check out.  Which in turn would make a judge more likely to authorize a warrant to obtain fingerprint and DNA evidence.

Add it, with the suspect pool narrowed down sitting each person in a room, showing them the zippered pouch and asking if they’d ever seen it before would I’m sure have gotten results.

So yes.  I’m convinced the Secret Service knows damn well who left drugs at the WH.  I also believe there are reasons they wouldn’t want to say anything more than they have.  Frankly, Dan Bongino isn’t exactly brimming with credibility despite the former Secret Service credentials he flogs like Rudy G. does with 911.  He’s a GOPer.  And of course he wants to tie this all back to… Hunter Biden!  The “how” part is a work in progress but what the hell, that’s what QAnon, Gym Jordan and James Comer are there for!

Here’s the thing though.  What if among those who gave tours because of the relaxed circumstances of the holiday weekend happened to from from a GOP Congress Critter’s office?  You know, take some of the folks through when they knew all those “awful Biden people” weren’t around.  You think maybe the opportunity to create a scandal might have been too much to resist?  Or just some tour guest who some Democratic staffer thought was okay was a closet MAGA?

I for one would love to know if that zippered pouch was brand new, had nothing else in it and that even if it did everything had been carefully wiped clean of fingerprints.  If that was the case and I was part of the team of agents assigned my first reaction would be “Set up!”  Yes, I’m sliding down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole but when I look at how desperate GOPers are to get Hunter Biden I wouldn’t put anything past them.  It’s not like they haven’t manufactured “scandals” multiple times already.

The thing is, if the zippered pouch, the baggie of cocaine and anything else in the pouch had been wiped down announcing that would be a lose lose proposition for the Biden administration.  GOPers would scream cover-up. (maybe with George Santos claiming he’s invented a Star Trek Transporter?)  That somehow Hunter Biden made it back over the weekend and left the drugs there by accident.  (After taking the trouble to wipe fingerprints? Silly me!  Logic doesn’t factor when we are talking about GOPers)  Or one of his pals left it there for him.  (For a day and a half?  Again, the logic thing)

And imagine the reaction if any Democrat on the Hill, much less from the administration were to suggest that someone from, or on behalf of the GOP planted the drugs to make Hunter Biden look bad.  Hell, maybe that’s exactly what GOPers were hoping for.  For the administration, it’s like the line from the song Mrs. Robinson – “Anyway you look at it you lose.”

Looked at that way, and given the GOP assault on law enforcement in general I don’t think it’s a stretch to them to play the game of throwing up their hands and saying “sorry, we just can’t nail down whodunnit.”  Without anyone in the administration saying a word to them or even hinting that would be best.

Well, for me at least it’s been something interesting to speculate on.  Mostly because I don’t believe there’s a snowball’s chance in hell the GOP will let this go.  So stay tuned.  This mess is quite likely to get worse before it gets better – by which I mean becomes old news and (mostly) forgotten.

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    • Did I strike a nerve? FYI, I don’t consider myself some genius. Never have but I’ve done ok when it comes to learning. Better than average in fact. I was 92nd percentile on my college boards back in the day. (That means upper eight percent of those who took them which was everyone wanting to get into college. Not too shabby if I say so myself)

      But hey, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. If they think mine sucks they’re free to say so. I’ve been ripped on from an early age, starting with coaches playing organized sports at age five, some strict taskmaster teachers (to whom I’ll always be grateful for pushing all of us so hard) and of course when I was 26 and had those incredible Drill Instructors that turned me from a civilian into a Marine. (not to mention other superiors both enlisted and officer while on active duty that demanded the highest level of us and weren’t gentle about letting us know if we feel sort of those demands.. So you’re going to have to do a whole lot better than your feeble little insult if you want to “own” this liberal.

      • Who cares what they say. I don’t see them writing an article or having expertise in anything. Just opinion And everyone has one. And no one asked them

    • Well, at least a “9th grader” would’ve known how to use capitalization (as the author of the piece actually did–and, quite unlike “Mr Garrett” here).

      If you’ve got valid arguments or complaints, it’s usually a good idea to present them, rather than just engage in specious attacks.

      • Hey, eyeballs are eyeballs and opening up our site and articles means it gets noted in analytics which in turn generates a tiny bit of revenue. So it they want to come here and show their a$$ I’m cool with it as long as they don’t make overt threats or spread dangerous lies/disinformation. Stupid stuff? What the hell do we care. Ignoring them hurts their fee fees. And slapping them down and showing they haven’t intimidated or “owned” us damned near always causes them to slink away with a major case of butt-hurt!

    • Guess you believe GOP crap, silly troll. The facts,about timing are just that. We know as a matter of public record when the Biden’s left for Camp.David and when they returned. We also know that the Secret Service make multiple sweeps through the White House, especially the West Wing, throughout the day, checking for anything potentially dangerous. We know security tapes can make it easier to nail down the time frame which limits the suspect list.
      Those are facts, not opinion.
      The only people wandering around the West Wing on Sunday on a long weekend are staffers and tourists. Q.E.D. it had to be left there by a,starter or a tourist,most likely one on a V.I.P. tour.
      You don’t have to like those conclusions. But it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to narrow down the list of suspects.

      • My comment was intended for Stephen Garrett who is obviously a not very subtle Trump Troll. I want him to lose so the trolls will.retreat to their bridges and under passes

  1. I’m pretty sure Hunter’s under enough heat that the last thing he’d do is take a baggie of coke to the WH. The whole banging on Hunter to smear his dad is ridiculous anyway. Marge the Barge showing the nudes of Hunter on the floor of Congress just proves how over the bend these so called servants of the people have gone. They’re working for themselves, not their constituents.

  2. It was obviously a dirty trick. Straight out of Roger Stone’s (one of the original dirty tricksters) playbook.
    Or Bannon.
    Or some other Republican, because that’s how they think.

  3. As Hunter is a member of the first family with, I would presume, access to almost all of the White House (residential and public areas) – why on Earth would he even go on a guided tour never mind leaving a bag of cocaine behind in a security pouch?

  4. Isn’t there another (ex) presidential son that allegedly has a problem with the white powder? Just maybe HE was visiting his dad’s previous residence.

    • not really likely. and he would have made a public stir by doing so. Same deal with most of the MAGA congresscritters. This would have been done by some anonymous staffer or follower.

    • My thoughts were along that track … OBVIOUSLY, Don Junior, has a great supplier and probably has a few spare, “little baggies”, on hand … He must use one a day as his eyes are always red and seemingly glued shut …

      He would NOT survive a fist fight with ANYONE …

      He loves to go hunting with his scary brother, and carry large caliber, long range rifles, all the better to shoot endangered species …

      My hope is, with all the noise about Mr. Smith and whom he may also be after as well as the orange potato head, he, along with the various states, PO’d AG’s, are going to send dear OLD DAD to maximum security lock down … Because DAD has been SERVED multiple times and continues to step on land mines with his public rants and total lack of any signs of intelligence … OR working with the courts, instead of saying numerous lies about the judges and AG’s, avoiding court appearances any way he can …

  5. Was it really cocaine? Did they stick a knife in the baggie ,pull it out and licked the tip of the blade and say “ oooh,this is stuff is pure “ like they do in the movies ,because that’s the real way to test for drugs dontcha know …..

  6. Excellent article Denis. As usual 🙂 I always enjoy them and when the trolls come a knocking it gets really funny! They haven’t a clue!

    • Another person who commented suggested this has the hallmarks of the kind of crap Roger Stone and his crew pulled on Nixon’s behalf fifty-plus years ago. I’m thinking more and more there might be something to that. Kinda depressing to think that Stone might have inspired a new generation of such creatures.

  7. I agree with Daithi, Hunter Biden would never have any need to use cubby meant for visitors. I would check out the Trumplodytes in the Secret Service.


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