Republican serial liar George Santos is surely in a bad spot, what with discrepancies abounding about his national origin, religion, ethnicity, education, profession, fundraising, the year of his mother’s death and so on and on, but Former Georgia GOP Rep. Doug Collins is less concerned about Santos’ well being than that of his political brothers who currently hold seats in the House of Representatives and will be forced to vote yea or nay on seating him… if House Democrats insist, and I don’t see why they would not given Santos is currently under investigation by both the federal government and New York State authorities for likely violation of campaign spending laws.

Collins should probably take some concern too for his NewsMax host who landed his political talking head gig despite not knowing that a Governor cannot appoint a House member’s replacement.

What an idiot…

Well yeah, D. They’ll scream “election deniers!” but still I want everyone on the record on this issue.

Yeah, it’s a real shame 🤣🤣🤣

Lot of those lately.


You would think.


I’m sure MTG and Boebert would give him the nickel tour.

Simple yet elegant solution.

Santos may be about to go through some things, but I think this is equally true of the GOP in general.

One of Santos’ biggest detractors is also a newly minted Republican representative from Long Island who is currently calling for an investigation into him.

And if he is to become Speaker Kevin McCarthy will have to sell his soul to the MAGA extremists and cat paws for drumpf who will insist he impeach Biden – which moderates know will cost them their seats in ‘24.

Don’t touch that dial folks, the next few months should be interesting.

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  1. This just keeps getting better and better. Or, for Republicans worse and worse! It looks like McCarthy’s quest for the Speaker’s Gavel isn’t going to be the only “Charlie Fox” when the new Congress convenes.

  2. The next few months should be interesting? More like a shit show and haven’t we seen enough of those since 2016? I am sick to fucking death of these lying P.O.S. ‘pubes, these ignorant P.O.S. ‘pubes, these fucking evil P.O.S. ‘pubes. More importantly, I’m sick to death of the D’s not taking enough advantage of these little shit show gems. They will let the game escape mark my words.


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