I personally am enjoying watching this whole Faustian drama play out for Trump in the courts, simply because there are so many varied options are at play here. But the more I look at it, the more I start to realize that Traitor Tot’s salad days of fruitless litigation are coming to a close.

From Trump’s earliest real estate days, his response to legal trouble has been pretty much straight line. Obfuscate, delay, threaten, and if necessary, countersue. This works fine when you’re dealing with city and state agencies that are more interested in settling a case instead of prosecuting it. It also tends to work against vendors and contractors who don’t have the deep pockets to get tied up in court for a decade.

But that won’t work anymore. First of all, Trump isn’t filing nuisance suits and appeals now, he’s in the major leagues. Second, Trump is a one trick pony, and after almost 50 years, he is now a known entity in court circles. There are three areas of threat for Trump, we’ll take them one at a time.

The New York Attorney General’s Civil Suit – This case is by far and away the greatest existential threat Trump has ever faced, either personally or professionally. In his past cases, His Lowness used the clunkiness of the NY judicial system in his favor, filing endless motions creating long delays. But the New York court system is fully capable of creating a rocket docket for a high profile case like this one. Most legal analysts expect this case to take 1-2 years to wind through the court system, but a savvy judiciary can keep it there by cutting Trump’s endless delaying tactics off at the knees. And in all of my research and reading, I have never found a single case where Trump prevailed in either the New York appellate courts, or the New York Supreme court. And there is no SCOTUS for Trump to go running to here.

The Fulton County District Attorney’s Criminal Prove – As if the looming prospect of the sack and pillage of his company at the hands of Letitia James isn’t bad enough, Fulton County DA Fani Willis is even worse. She has already made it clear that his reputation and presidential status cuts no truck with her. He’s just another potential lowlife loser, and if she has sufficient evidence that he broke the law, she’ll indict and prosecute him.

There are several problems for The Cheeto Prophet here. For starters, he’s not on his home turf. In New York, he has New York legal beagles, and he can shrug, wink, and say Hey. New York real estate and politics, and people know what he means and wink back. The fact that the Georgia Governor and Secretary of State stoutly resisted Trump’s attempts to convert 11,780 votes, the people of Georgia don’t like outsiders interfering in their elections.

One more potential trouble sign for Trump. The Trumpster Fire has never been criminally charged before, nor for the record has he been yet, But Trump is not on his home turf, and state criminal charges are completely different from civil charges, especially in the way they’re adjudicated. And considering Trump’s nationally renowned history of not paying his legal bills, I find it hard to believe that he’s having much luck in finding qualified, savvy, experienced criminal attorneys proficient in Georgia criminal law that can guide him through these rocks and shoals. Add to that the potential humiliation of being perp walked into a Georgia courtroom, and you have a perfect storm.

The DOJ’s J6 Investigation And The Stolen Mar-A-Lago Documents    As bad as the Fulton County case may be, this has the opportunity to be even worse. Because now The Orange Shitgibbon is dealing with the federal government, with unlimited resources, and he isn’t going to wear them down. But more importantly there are already signs that the DOJ and the courts are sick of Trump’s shit.

Pretty much every White House lawyer who is barred advised Trumpleforeskin that he’s have to be a brain dead troll to take any official administration documents back to Mar-A-Lago with him. Trump not only took the documents with him, he also took highly classified secret documents back with him, and stored them in the basement. And then he had a coronary kitten when Merrick Garland actually had the stones to send the FBI with a search warrant to retrieve them.

But here’s where the train goes off of the tracks for Trump. In blind fury over the FBI search-and-seizure, Trump sued. He filed Donald Trump v The United States, in which he claimed that the documents purloined by the FBI were his personal and proprietary property, and demanded their immediate return. Nowhere in the lawsuit did Trump actually claim any documents that were covered by either personal documents, attorney-client privilege documents, or Trump declassified documents. He simply claimed that they were his, and asked for a Special Master to go through them and return them to him.

Trump went into the hearing expecting one of two things. Either the young, craven, naive judge he had appointed would give Trump what he wanted, and the DOJ would appeal, which would take months to worm its way through the system. Or the judge with rule with the DOJ, in which Trump would appeal, which would take months to worm its way through the process.

Trump got 1 from column A. The kiddie judge gave him everything he wanted, including barring the DOJ and FBI from accessing the documents while the Special Master was working. And as expected, the DOJ promptly appealed the judge’s decision to the conservative 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. So far, so good for Trump.

But the DOJ copped a sneaker. Rather than appealing the entire ruling, they let Trump have his Special Master for the 100,000 non classified documents. Instead they only appealed the restriction on the DOJ and FBI to access the classified documents. Most legal analysts projected that it would take 3-4 months for the appellate proves to play through.

Instead, it took only a week for the 11th Circuit to hear the case, and 3 days for the m to overturn judge Cannon’s ruling on the FBI’s access to the classified documents. An expected logjam delay of 3-5 months was dissolved in less than 2 weeks, and Trump’s lawyers didn’t even bother to appeal the decision to SCOTUS. So much for Trump’s attempt to run out the clock.

Worse yet, Trump’s handpicked Special Master, Judge Dearie has not been what Trump expected. In 2 quick rulings, judge Dearie came out and gave the Trump defense team a short time leash in which to put up or shut up on Trump’s statements of either planted FBI documents, as well as documents that he had previously declassified. And Dearie wants the receipts on both.

The Trump defense team has until close-of-business on Monday to provide the court with a digitized version of all 11,000 documents, along with notations of all documents Trump claims are either personal documents, FBI planted documents, attorney-client privilege documents, and declassified documents. With proof. The one thing that the Trump legal team can’t provide.

This is why I’m enjoying myself so much. NY AG Letitia James is ready to roast Trump’s chestnuts over an open fire, and he has no friends in the judiciary. The Fulton County Da has Trump fitted for an orange jumpsuit, and his defense team is substandard at best. And the DOJ notwithstanding, the federal judiciary has already shown that they’re not giving Traitor Tot any style points for his previous occupation. Strap up Diaper Donnie, rough road ahead.


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  1. This made me remember a scene from The Return of the Jedi, the one where Jabba takes everyone through MMFD (a British Air Force Joke during the first Gulf War – Miles and Miles of Fucking Desert) to a pit with steep sides and a monster that swallowed those tossed in. The sides were so steep once you landed on them there was no way to avoid sliding down into that nasty looking monster’s mouth. That seems like a fitting thing to have happen to Trump!

  2. Thanks MURPH .. few typos but I corrected when I posted… Absolutely delicious presentation of current Trump drama..
    May he stroke out .. or better yet keep spouting demented gibberish of Progressive #Picks Disease.


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