This is almost like a remake of the Mel Brooks classic Young Frankenstein. Friedrich and Igor, played by McConnell and McDaniel create a monster. Then FrankenTrump gets loose, and they can’t get him back on the table again. So now they want the villagers, played by Willis, Bragg, James, and Smith to lock him up so they can go back to the castle and say, Damn! That was a close one!

The closer that the field gets to coming into focus on the GOP side, the more you’re hearing political analysts, especially conservative ones with better contacts, the more you’re hearing that the panicked GOP leadership is secretly praying for somebody, anybody with a badge to whisk Traitor Tot away to the crossbar Hilton, and save the 2024 cycle for them. There’s just one small problem. It, Can’t. Work.

We’ll start at the top. Trump already made it clear in a press gaggle after his DPAC speech that he will continue to run whether he’s indicted or not. What choice does he have? Presidential Immunity is his only salvation.

And if El Pendejo Presidente keeps running, there is certainly nobody in the RNC with the balls to pull his name from the ballot, even if he’s indicted and awaiting trial. They can’t. That would lead to a full out MAGA revolt, which could threaten the safety of Freedom caucus seats if their holders are deemed by the rabble to be insufficiently loyal to Trump. And if Trump’s name appears on the gallot, his baboon army will vote for him, even if he’s in lockup.

And that dovetails into the next reason. If The Trumpster Fire is indicted, he is going to be feral, and immediately circle the wagons. Every MAGA candidate and incumbent will be required to show sufficient loyalty to His Lowness, or else. You’ve already seen moderate GOP incumbents retire their seats, rther than put themselves and their families through another reelection campaign filled with abuse and death threats. How man y do you think will head for the hills when Trump’s Winter Palace mob gets turned against the GOP itself instead of the Democrats for a change?

The one who will get it first will be Trump’s strongest opponent, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Wherever the indictments come down, you can bet your ass that Hair Twitler will be bunkered down in Mar-A-Lago. And when the legally signed extradition order gets to Florida with two detectives, the first thing Trump will demand is that DeSantis refuse to authorize the order on his end. You can bet that MAGA nation will surround the Governor’s mansion to make their feelings known.

Either way, DeSantis’ campaign is effectively over. If he follows Trump, then Trump likely wins the nomination, and Pissantis gets embroiled in a constitutional crisis, ensuring no moderate or independent would vote for him even if he wins the primaries. And if he boots Trump, then he’s toast. No self respecting MAGAt would vote for him even if he won the primaries. Welcome to Trumpmenistan, Ronnie.

The funny thing is, you would think this was the dream scenario for the GOP leadership. This gives a wide, clear lane to the moderates like Pence, Pimpeo and Haley to make their pitch. No way for, two reasons. First, the MAGAt’s will revolt and sit out if anybody but Trump wins the nomination. And second, moderate GOP voters and independents have already proven in 2018 and 2022 that they’ll just sit the cycle out if it becomes too big of a shit show. And I can’t imagine a much bigger shit show than we’re about to see.

The GOP has nobody to blame but itself. They could have stopped Trump in the 2016 primaries when he was still just a freak show attraction. But they didn’t, and this is what happens when you let your constituents pledge their allegiance to a man, instead of the party and Democracy. It is going to be brutal to watch this play out on the GOP side, but it gives the Democrats a hole they can drive a Mack truck through. Gentlemen, start your engines. 

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  1. Yeah, even the God of the nazis, Hitler, came close on several occasions to being blown to bits, by high ranking officers once they realized he was leading Germany off the cliff. Although gop members laughed, sneered, and clapped behind closed doors when Mr. Pelosi was attacked in his home by a radicalized magat, I bet they’re not laughing now. Sheer math and the law of averages says there’s more out there armed with visions of martyrdom for the orange savior. What happens when he points them to disloyal traitors? These bureaucrats are arm chair warriors not real soliders trained for, not only combat, but the stress of potential violence coming their way. I grew up with a violent drunk, armed and dangerous. My baptist mom, who wouldnt willingly hurt anyone, put two 38 slugs in him in self defense after I was grown. I was trained all my life to face violence. They have no idea what could be coming. No one does. I used to tell people it wasn’t the threats, beatings, etc. that was the hardest part. When you’re in an actual battle there’s a simplicity to it. You focus on survival. Nope. It’s the unknown. The idea it’s coming but you don’t know when, where, or how. Anyone who thinks a desperate fascist like Trump won’t cross that line must have missed January 6th. Maybe he won’t set off an armed cult member. A cornered animal is a dangerous animal. Trump is getting more trapped as the days progress. He’s not only dangerous to democracy, he’s just plain dangerous, as all fascists are. Like you’ve pointed out, they’ve created a monster and given him power. My advice to them would be watch your ass. When the monster is loose in the town, best to keep your eyes open, your doors locked, and expect the worst-case scenario. Wearing a rifle pin won’t save anyone’s ass.

    • Scott, I am sorry you went through that as a child. And I’m also sorry your mom had to make that terrible but accurate choice to stop her husband’s violence against her, you, and God knows who else. I’m praying she didn’t do any jail time.

      On January 6, 2021, we all saw what happened when tRump lost the election. A mob of people who might have been far less violent without the “Crowd Mentality” did tremendous damage, physical and emotional, to many people—not just the ones who were at the Capitol that day. And the Paul Pelosi attack, the failed attempt to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer, and many other attacks show the damage that can be done by single individuals and much smaller “mobs.”

      I worked with domestic violence survivors and mourned each one we lost in my years as a county social worker and counselor. Unless and until we turn our nation around and re-establish more acceptable behavior towards women and children, people of color, and immigrants and refugees, these tin pot dictator wannabees will clog up the works and quite possibly destroy our democracy.

      Left unchecked, these clowns will continue to run for office for the highest government positions in our nation. And the thugs who support them will be drunk with power and attempt to show their might in barbaric ways.

      Thank God you and your mom survived. And thank God you are telling your story. That story could be the spark that another person or persons use to light their own path away from those who bully, coerce, and strong arm their way to perceived power. The system is better now, more compassionate in its response to the age-old problem of maltreatment of others. But there is more work to be done. If one person stood on your shoulders and made his or her way more clear, then that person could help another and another and another. “Each one, reach one.” Thank you, Scott!! From one who understands what you’ve been through, Meg Corrigan

  2. 2016? He was impeached AND demonstrably guilty of the charges both times but Senate Republicans refused to provide enough votes to convict. Even when the horror they experienced on Jan.6 was still fresh in their minds and the damage to the Capitol was still visible. Had those Republicans who privately wanted nothing more than to put Trump behind them had the guts they COULD have ensured he could never again hold public office. Fuck them. They are in a hell of their own goddamned making.

    • If they had bojoed his sorry ass in the primaries, we never would have gone through this slow rolling national nightmare…


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