I keep saying it, but they keep doing it. God I love it when they eat their young! In his world class weekend dick move in basically kidnapping 48 Venezuelan asylum seekers, and human trafficking them to Martha’s Vineyard, Pissantis flopped belly first down on a silver serving platter, and stuffed a shiny red apple in his mouth. The main course is served.

Right off of the bat, I don’t get Pissantis’s logic. Not the dick move, that’s exactly his style, pick on the weak and vulnerable. But apparently he doesn’t even now his own constituency very well. The south Florida community of Doral has the largest enclave of Venezuelan emigres in the country, almost 500,000. And the Trombie manchild just rounded up 48 of their countrymen in Texas, flew them to Florida for a stunt, and then shuffled them off to Martha’s Vineyard. On scene interviews are showing largely a population of very ruffled plumage.

This was stupid, mainly because it allows Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist to fill the void. He can go into Doral and assure the population that under his administration Florida will be welcoming of immigrants and asylum seekers. And he can go into other communities, such as the Cuban or Salvadoran enclaves, and warn them that when Pissantis runs out of Venezuelans, they’re next.

But Pissantis, who seems to revel in being the new American Fascist, is about to do a Hitler, and find out how much it is to fight a war on two fronts. Because he’s got one enemy at his front, and another one at his rear, and they’re both ready to come out swinging.

On his front side, new reporting shows that among the few remaining Trump loyalists and aides still on board, Traitor Tot is absolutely furious with Pissantis. Here’s Trump holding a 3 hour marathon rally in Ohio, and Pissantis steals all of the media oxygen with a couple of chartered planes and a handful of Venezuelan refugees. Trump is literally screaming that Pissantis is Stealing his national news cycles!

Make no mistake, this is an existential threat for Trump’s domination of the GOP. Trump is no dummy, he’s heard the rumblings of GOP voters for a 2024 Trump candidate without the Trump baggage. And Trump knows that his current national approval rating is 34%, 20 points underwater. While Trump personally is as dumb as a box of rocks, he is one of the most viciously vindictive men alive. I can’t wait to hear what comes out over his schlock social media site, and at his next nut licking rally.

And now for the threats Pissantis has at his rear. It was reported today that the state of Texas had opened a criminal investigation into the mechanics by which Pissantis fraudulently enticed 48 of their Venezuelan refugees onto 2 planes so that he could make a show deportation of them from Florida’s shores, and strand them in Massachusetts. Go ahead, call me a moron, but somehow I find it hard to believe that Pissantis sent 2 chartered jets to the El Paso airport to load up 48 Texas Venezuelan asylum seekers, drop them at an airport in Florida for show, and then shunt them off to Martha’s Vineyard without any coordination with Texas officials. That doesn’t make much sense. For instance how a would Pissantis’s stooge know who the right asylum seekers were, and where they would be, so she could bribe them? It doesn’t make sense.

But all is fair in Love and politics, and Abbott is pissed. After all, this whole relocating of south of the border refugees to northern sanctuary cities was Abbott’s baby to start with! Abbott is proud to boast that since April, he has relocated more than 11,000 refugees from Texas to northern sanctuary cities. And with all of that, he never commandeered one national news cycle with these stunts. And in one fell swoop, Pissantis becomes the mastermind of refugee resettlement. Intolerable!

Besides, this is a critical issue for Abbott as well. Abbott was just fine with his relocation program flying under the radar everywhere but Texas, simply because it’s highly likely that it’s illegal. At the moment, Abbott is in a much tighter reelection race than Pissantis is. But thanks to that stunt, the national outcry, and the demands for a federal investigation as to the legality, his program is about to come under the same scrutiny as Pissantis’s.

Here’s my guess. Because of the DOJ’s 60 day rule in announcing indictments of investigations during a general election cycle, Abbott will keep shipping out immigrants until November 8th. It ends on November 9th, and Abbott circles the wagons. But you can bet your sweet ass that Abbott will whip the Texas investigation at breakneck speed, and immediately release to the media any information that throws shit all over Pissantis before the election. Pissantis is now stranded on an island, with two warships offshore, ready to start the shelling. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. “Sanchez”, as my mother and I have gotten to calling DeathSantis, is once proving an axiom of Oscar Wilde correct: “Genius has its limitations but stupidity is boundless.”

  2. Just a correction. The Venezuelans were picked up in San Antonio Texas, not El Paso. San Antonio has an immigrant center where new arrivals can stay three days and then have to find other support services. It has been a pain as they often end up sleeping on the streets. I met one just the other day. These asylum seekers were told all sorts of lies by an anonymous figure named Perla who put them up in hotels until the flights were arranged. The people were then threatened with being sent to the border if they did not sign waivers to get on planes. DeSantis is on the hook, people are searching for this Perla figure who lured people onto the planes. More will be coming out. These desantis people can’t even scam right.

  3. You’re an upfront guy. I admire that. Desantis is probably the most prepared Governor in America right now. I’ll bet it (they’ll find something) gets thrown out. I employed Venezuelan and Columbians in a textile shop. They’re very trusting/gullible. You promise them better conditions at Martha’s Vineyards which was true they’ll take it. Oh, also they’re not stupid. Instead, the kind people of Martha’s Vineyards sent them to the nearest military base.



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