The Fulton County District Attorney isn’t one to pull punches, and she’s certainly not doing it this time. This time around she’s saying that if former President Donald Trump is expecting a “special break” regarding his sentencing should he be convicted of trying to subvert the 2020 presidential election, he’d better guess again. Because that’s not how she runs things, and in her eyes, all people, rich or poor deserve the same treatment.

Trump is staring down 13 felony charges in Fulton County, where he’s accused of illegally trying to overturn his Georgia loss to President Joe Biden. The tough-as-nails prosecutor has proposed the trial date be scheduled for August 5, 2024, for Trump and 14 of his co-defendants, Newsweek reports. Trump, who always claims to be pure as the driven snow has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

in an interview with CNN on Thursday that the ex-president will receive an “appropriate” sentence regardless of his “status” if a jury finds him guilty. At the time she was attending a “Shaq-a-Thon” charity event in Atlanta, when she made her remarks as she distributed toys to children alongside Shaquille O’Neal.

“I think that everyone in society is the same, and I don’t know why that’s such a difficult concept for people,” Willis said after being asked if Trump may wind up doing prison time. “you can look at the charges, and based on those charges, we’ll be recommending appropriate sentences. no one gets a special break because of their status.”

She also said that the case against the former president and his co-defendants will likely take “a while” to conclude. “The judicial process is a long process,” she added, despite the public’s desire for “instant gratification.”

This isn’t the first time that Willis has hinted that Trump could be doing time. She allegedly told defense attorneys in an email that they should expect “a long road ahead” with legal careers that extend “long after these folks are in jail,” The Guardian reported.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. It’s not a pretty situation for Trump if he is convicted. He faces more than 70 years behind bars if he’s convicted of all the charges in Georgia. And we can’t forget that he’s looking at an additional 78 felony charges in three other criminal cases. All of which carry a combined maximum prison sentence of several hundred years.

The possibility of Trump doing prison time has worried some experts, who have told Newsweek they fear his being behind bars will be an enormous security challenge for prison officials.

Robert Rogers, an associate professor of criminal justice at Middle Tennessee State University who is also a former Federal Bureau of Prisons officer, expressed concerns that fellow inmates may try to kill Trump “just to make a name for themselves.”

If the trial does occur in August 2024, Trump will be nearing the end of his campaign. It will be interesting to see how the trial impacts his presidential chances. If there is anything to be learned from this, it’s that Trump has poor impulse control. He just had to try to overturn Georgia’s election results. He couldn’t accept that he’d lost the election and now he’s facing the consequences of his own actions.

Fani Willis is correct in noting that Trump deserves to be treated the same way as everyone else. He’s not special. Even so, he’ll likely wind up in a special prison that inmates in other prisons could only wish for. He’ll continue to play the victim and never truly experience what is to be at the very bottom along with the great unwashed. To be so desperate that you wind up in a place where, for thousands of people, redemption is rare.

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  1. Rhetorically: Why should the prick get a “… special break …”? Hell, how many of the pricks ‘targets’ were deprived of their rightful legal remedies, when the prick in question, inwardly and outwardly stiffed, screwed and gloated about what he inflicted on his victims. Go Fani, go hard. Please don’t stop until you neuter the prick and all others that sit in his board room of mind, culture and action.

  2. If he gets special treatment in the manner of imprisonment, it will not because he is entitled to it either legally or morally, but because of practical necessity, considering his great notoriety and the large numbers of people (including prisoners) who either hate him or adulate him. This is not unusual. Persons of high status and public recognition convicted of crimes (whether justly or unjustly) are often put under house arrest or isolated in remote locations like Napoleon on the island of Elba, or perhaps a military outpost.

    • Solitary confinement with no interaction with the general population…ever. Alone in the cell, the shower, the exercise area and alone at meal times.

      If they wanted to be nice, he could share all the with Giuliani and the other defendants in the case. ALL the ones that went through a trial to get their convictions. One single cell for the whole bunch.

  3. I suggest that he be exiled to Clipperton Island. With no food, water, clothing, or personal items. No boats, ships, subs, or aircraft allowed within 15 miles. Traitor Tot will no doubt fit right in with the orange crabs!

  4. It would seem that incarceration on a military base would be safer than a regular prison. No cellphone, internet, etc. It would essentially be solitary confinement, but no doubt he’d have all kinds of people making the pilgrimage to his new home. Home confinement is too soft, and it would be too easy to get around the rules. He belongs in a cell, not on a fainting couch at Mar-a-lago.

    • Last I knew my Marine Corps has that supply and logistics base down in Albany, GA. I recall serving (this was back in the 1980s) with a guy from NYC who had been all excited when completed MP training to learn he’d been assigned to “Albany.” He assumed we had a post in Albany, New York! Let’s just say his bitching and moaning about the south meant he was less than thrilled to spend a couple of years in Albany down in Georgia! The point though is that while there would be some cost for construction it would be a secure enough place as well as out of the way enough to house CONVICT Trump.

  5. he belongs in a cage on the border. build a tall tower where he can be
    left to survey the miles of border fence and good will he never built.

  6. Ironic that a member of the most disenfranchised group in our history is championing EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW. Hell…since the Supreme Court has become a fascist organization promoting lies and corruption, she’s a breath of fresh air.

  7. I guess I am just not seeing the “security challenge”. The way I see it, he gets popped into the pokey, bubba “dances” with him for a bit, he gets shivved for being the giant dick hole he is, and America becomes immediately safer in the aftermath. Without his whinging, lying, and the rest of his garbage being spewed over all the media outlets there will be a great deal less of b.s. to whip up magat frenzies. I cannot see that as anything but a check mark in the plus column.

  8. That fear that inmates will try to.murder Donnie Darkness is BS. He will.go to a Club Fed, which has no violent inmates. I would suspect the prison on Eglin AFB would be the best choice. It was E barracks. I had male friends stationed there and also taught college English there. There are 2bedroom suites with a,shared LR and bathroom. Put him in a suite at the end if a hallway. Station Secret Service guards outside the door and another pair at stairwell. Two more in the LR and second bedroom. He’ll be fine.

    If the suites are good enough for AF servicemen, they’re too.good for him.

    This only applies to federal crimes.

    GA us different. There is some good info on how prisoners ate assigned to.facilities. I like the I.Q. test and screenings plus interviews. Sadly for Trumo, being a notorious malignant narcissist won’t help.him in the assignment of jail. He will perhaps make it to.minimum security, but doubt at his age he will be assigned work release or transition assistance. The Emperor is gonna learn that his new groove requires him to.actually get his hands dirty, maybe in food service orlaundry. πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

  9. Keep in mind that Fani Willis is prosecuting him on STATE charges. If he does time in the cross-bar hotel, it will be in a Georgia prison, not a Federal one. And I understand that Georgia prisons are not as pleasant as Federal ones.


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