A southern gal saying “Bless your heart” in a certain tone is quite the insult. Those in the know understand it’s not kindness but rather a genteel way of telling someone they’re a complete fool/idiot/moron. Or coming from the right gal “a f**king dumbass.” I can assure you that that’s how MTG is feeling after her intended slam of Ukraine and those who supported and worse, voted for the aid package has boomeranged on her. Oh, the hats DID start being sold. But the seller who created is donating 100% of the profits to Ukraine aid!

I laughed when I read this earlier. I’m still smiling. But as we can see in this Newsweek article it’s for real. The only joke is on Marjorie Taylor Greene!  Newsweek leads off stating that MTG’s plan has “backfired.” She is really angry about Ukraine. And ever since Speaker Johnson first indicated he might allow a vote on aid has been threatening to file a motion to remove him as Speaker. She even filed a motion to Vacate the Chair but notably didn’t make it a privileged motion that would automatically force a vote in two business days. Oh, she’s threatened to do so and ramped up the threats once the aid passed.

MTG still held off, saying that when the members went home for the weekend and got an earful from constituents they’d come back full of MAGA fire and Johnson would fall in disgrace. Well, it didn’t happen quite the way Marjie thought it would. Reporting suggests that most Republicans heard not complaints, but approval, or a resigned forget it and let’s move on. What they did NOT get was demands from everyone they met to toss out Johnson. In fact, a startling number came back and openly objected to the idea. Worse, more than a few criticized MTG who fancies herself as the most powerful person in the House!  Even Trump, TRUMP publicly adopted a It’s done. No big deal. Move on attitude about Ukraine.

MTG in other words had to know that she was holding a LOSING hand when not even Trump was backing her play. But in true MAGA fashion she just can’t bring herself to back down. So she’s kept up her vow to force a vote on removing Johnson and called a bigly press conference to say it’s coming “next week.” Marjie talked tough:

“The uniparty is Make Ukraine Great Again,” Greene said while holding up the hat, before placing it on a poster of Johnson and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. “The uniparty is all about funding every single foreign war. They think this is the business model that needs to be done … That’s not how you build jobs in America.”

Marjie poo-for-brains made quite the show of the hat she’s created to “get” Ukraine and all those backing aid to them. A blue and yellow (the colors of Ukraine’s flag) hat. Blue, with yellow block letters spelling M U G A. In her mocking way she spoke of Making Ukraine Great Again. Waved the hat around, then walked over and put it on the head of a cutout figure of Johnson.

The whole thing was clearly meant to be a There Johnson! Now your ass is in REAL trouble! event.  Bless her stone cold heart, what’s happened is not quite what she intended. As the linked article indicates Meidas Touch Network wasn’t just watching, they decided to turn the tables on MTG:

Greene’s “MUGA” moment seemingly inspired the liberal anti-Trump group MeidasTouch. The group began selling $45 limited-edition replicas of the hats the very next day, with all proceeds going to benefit pro-Ukraine charities United Help Ukraine and World Central Kitchen.

Note that Meidas Touch helpfully includes a link directly to a page on their site where you can buy a MUGA hat and help provide humanitarian aid to a place that is in desperate need. Yes, civilians in Gaza have been suffering for six months. Civilians in Ukraine have been suffering for over two years.

So Marjie came up with an idea. One that didn’t just turn out to be really bad but is actually being used to do the very thing she does NOT want to happen! This is one face plant that I think is going to haunt her dreams. Oh, in case you’re wondering Newsweek did reach out to her office for comment. Of course, they didn’t respond.

I have a new fantasy. That someday Ukraine resoundingly defeats Russia and we once again see President Zelenskyy addressing Congress to thank them and the United States for providing the help they needed.  And, then he whips out and dons a MUGA hat, and holds up a big picture of Ukrainians at a WFK spot getting fed with signatures under the words THANK YOU MTG FOR FEEDING US from those getting help Meidas Touch’s sale of those hats made possible.


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  1. “They think this is the business model that needs to be done … That’s not how you build jobs in America.”

    Guess she didn’t (couldn’t?) read the memo where President Biden says the money from this aid will ALL go to jobs in the U.S.A. and will be used to replace the material we already sent them.

    Boy, is she completely brain-dead stupid.

    • Your last comment implies she has a brain to start with. A horde of zombies on the loose, looking for even the smallest of human brains, would shamble right past her (not even pausing to examine her like on that Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” segment where the horde pauses to examine Homer’s skull before moving on).


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