It looks like it’s now a MAGA-thing to do anything and everything to destroy the government and its state’s secrets. Last week, a member of our own military was caught leaking highly classified secrets about the war in Ukraine.

The MAGAs are increasingly willing to blame the United States for the war and take Russia’s side as “innocent,” when Putin ordered Russian tanks and planes to invade.

If Tucker takes pride in appearing on Russian state television, then surely a good MAGA military man should “out” U.S. secrets. Once it happened, Marjorie Taylor Greene ran to the leaker’s defense.

That did not sit well with Lindsey Graham who, love him or hate him, at least knows that Russia is not our friend and that we do have a special duty in Ukraine to preserve democracy.

Marj’s response was exactly what you’d expect from a 14-year-old except nowadays, 14-year-olds are more tolerant of LGBTQ family. From Mediaite:

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) dredged up unseemly innuendos about Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) after he criticized her defense of the man suspected of leaking classified military documents.

On Sunday, Greene tweeted a picture of Graham holding a can of Bud Light with Dylan Mulvaney’s face on it. The trans influencer has been featured on Bud Light’s cans as part of an advertisement partnership, which has a recent source of right-wing culture war outrage.

Since Greene chose this manner of retaliating against Graham, it is possible she sought to dig up recurring insults about Graham that have to do with sexuality.


This is your modern-day Republican party. Cheering on anything that damages the United States while praising Russia and a party in which Marjorie Taylor-Greene is now a star. And you better believe that part of her “appeal” is the fearless willingness to be a child and taunt people that offend her. Nothing is too small not to let go. Ask Trump. Ask Marj.
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  1. A house divided cannot stand. That was Jesus’ reply,(for all you ‘evangelicals’), to the religious authorities when they accused him of being in charge of demons. I wonder if any belonging to the Guns Over People party have ever actually studied the new testament? Better get cracking before the Rapture is upon us!

  2. I have 2, 14 year old grandchildren that have a lot more class and are far more intelligent than the 3 toed hoor that runs the republiCLOWN crime ring.
    When can we start shoosting russian blowing republiCLOWNS?



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