CPAC made it very clear this year what it has become. It’s the far right-wing faction of the GOP which is committed to racism. There’s no other way to slice it, when you have a demagogue with a GED blowing the anti-woke whistle, which translates as, “we think the adoption of a limited, militant mindset which puts white people first and tramples everybody else is American.”

I don’t know what this fear of POCs is or how they propose to avoid POCs. It seems ironic to even have this dogma coming from this crowd, when both of the declared candidates for president besides Donald Trump are POCs, Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy.

Be that as it may, Boebert had to share this. It’s mercifully short.

Inclusion is a horrible thing. Let’s exclude everybody at once, that will improve life. Geesuss, she is a flipping moron.

Here’s the total irony. The Democrats are supposedly the “elites” the snobs. Who sent this moron to congress, but the voters in some of the wealthiest and most upscale towns in the state, hell, in the country? That said, I do find it encouraging that she squeaked by with only 500 votes over her opponent. I have not given up hope.

Who knows what Florida universities or universities in any state will be teaching if book banning and subject matter suppression become the norm.

This is Fascism 101, folks. Right out there in the open.

The good news is that CPAC was practically a ghost town this year. No audience, no act.

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  1. There are no words. But dayum we better come up with some, and right quick-like. Because hers and those of her ilk will destroy this country. What a total waste of skin.

      • Trust me, as we come nearer to the election, this site will be doing everything humanly possible to get Frisch elected. I’ve even put together a plan where I will contact his office and tell them that I am a native Coloradan who is utterly appalled and disgusted by Boebert and please send me press releases, let me know how I can assist. And then of course I’ll do whatever I can to channel contributions his way — which we did last time. All articles on Frisch had a hot link to this website.

        No, anything we can do around here, we will do.

      • It’s a blessing in many ways that we can’t see the future. Had I known in college say, that somebody like Boebert would be in Congress, while so many other far more qualified people would be doing lesser things, it just would have depressed me too badly to even get out of bed in the morning.

  2. She doesn’t understand her own words, does she? If we completely get rid of “equality,” then that means she’s out of a job. I mean, if that’s what it takes to get rid of her (and that horsefaced Greene), then I’m all for it.

    I do so wish GOPers would learn to consider what they’re saying before they open their mouths. It would so lessen the amount of stupidity floating around out there.

    • Our cultural narrative is toxic. That is the legacy of Donald Trump. That’s his only legacy. He accomplished nothing but rubber stamp some judges and pollute the political groundwaters.
      C’est tout.

  3. They NEVER believe ending anything that enabled THEM to participate with eliminate THEM. Think of the few POC in the pube party wanting to eliminate their own inclusion thinking THEY will remain any time after their votes are required. What really pisses me off is now she’s at least a two term office holder so now the turd has tenured benefits. All those lovely bennies on OUR dime. Damnit.

    • 500 more votes and that wouldn’t be the case. And the kingdom was lost, for the want of a nail.

      So does she get a pension, or just health insurance?

    • At least Marge is a college grad. Boebert has the world knowledge of the average 12-year-old, maybe, and she’s in the House.

  4. White fear is very real. They know they are moving to the minority column a place people of color have been for years and they are going absolutely ballistic…. literally.


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