If Marjorie Taylor Greene can be trusted, and there is a real question as to whether she is telling the actual truth, then on January 17, 2023, in an area called “No Man’s Land,” the Border Patrol found what appeared to be a bomb left by one of the Mexican cartels, one either meant for the Border Patrol or for the people crossing (hard to tell) and the entire event was captured on video by a U.S. drone. We know this because Marjorie Taylor Greene asked about it in an open hearing with Border Patrol Chief Rafael Martinez. MTG is on the Intelligence Committee and you know why:

Now MTG has a problem. Chief Ortiz mentioned that he had seen the material in a SCIF, a top-secret facility where classified top-secret material is kept. So, no matter what, MTG has committed a felony by releasing confidential material that she herself determined “shouldn’t be classified” because the American people need to know. Marjorie Taylor Greene went right around President Biden and declassified material on her own because she’s just that reckless. And yet she has another problem.

Later, Chief Ortiz said that it was not a bomb at all but filled with dirt.

Okay, let’s go with the fake bomb, filled with dirt theory. It makes MTG a liar, for one. Second, it doesn’t matter. It was still classified, which is why Chief Ortiz wouldn’t address it in the hearing. So it’s possible that MTG was being reckless in scaring the American people because that’s what MAGAs do, scare the fck out of their audience. We all know MTG is close to Trump, and Trump is infamous for releasing top-secret material (as president and possibly post-presidency). Trump is also infamous for never being charged (so far), so why would MTG worry about repercussions? Is McCarthy going to kick her off the committee? No. Because he’d be kicked out of the speakership. Is MTG going to be charged with a felony? Should be!! But pffft, “WEAPONIZATION OF GOVERNMENT!!” No matter how obvious the crime.

OR – and this is nothing but speculation into what is possible. I reported the news above as released by the United States government have no doubt, it IS the position of the United States. But, having just had top secret material released in a hearing, the Border Patrol is could be back peddling, surely in conjunction with Homeland Security, so as not to interrupt an ongoing operation and not scare the American people needlessly. There are many reasons the government would keep the matter secret. Perhaps they are tracing the path back used by the cartel, seeing if this will be a matter that they can find a line up the ladder to get some of the top leaders. Maybe the cartels were experimenting as to whether it would be possible to set up a bomb. It is a secret for a reason!

But we’re going to go with what is reported by Chief Ortiz. It doesn’t matter that Marjorie Taylor Greene lied (or didn’t know) because it was still top secret for some reason – perhaps an ongoing investigation. And it still means that MGT decided she had the authority, out of anger, to let the information loose.

She is dangerous, and this one instance should get her kicked off the committee. If she’s willing to release top-secret material in a committee meeting, what will she do in secret? Remember, she is a Trump plant, similar to Tucker. Think about it. Get mad.


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  1. So, whomever has the authority, investigate and charge this loose canon and get her under indictment, then preferably convicted and thrown UNDER the prison for as long as humanly possible. Revoke her security clearances as long as possible and send her packing back to abusing co workers at her cheesy “gym”.

  2. “Remember, she is a Trump plant, similar to Tucker.”

    Should/could read, “Remember, she is a Putin plant, similar to Trump.”

  3. White, rich, and a member of congress. Merrick will politely look away. Why not just broadcast the secrets on cable…faux entertainment will get all the stuff it needs from mr.?ms? Mrs? Ed. Might as well get ahead of the curve.

  4. You left out an important, Scott (as tends to be your wont when mere facts are insufficient for your rants). She’s a member of the MAJORITY PARTY in the House. Unless other members of the MAJORITY PARTY do something, Garland cannot do anything UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. Go read up on it.

    Article I, Section 6, Clause 1: “The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.”

    And, thanks to Senator Mike Gravel’s reading part of the “Pentagon Papers” into the Congressional Record, and the subsequent lawsuit, Greene may fall under that “privilege from arrest” (and, again, without other members of the MAJORITY PARTY taking the lead, it’s not really up to “Merrick” to do anything).

  5. Exposing secrets you aren’t allowed to reveal threatens national security. Treason works for me. Now cue up more superiority from the great and powerful Oz.

    • Joseph and Scott,
      I am loving the back and forth between you both. I am learning so much because you get right down to the meat of the situation. The name-calling, though ruins it for me. Personal attacks can have a muting effect which could discourage the free and easy exchange of ideas.

      Why not leave those out?

  6. Love the way this Karen brings up the Trump/Putin BS even after it was proven HILLARY was behind the whole damn thing from the very start! You want someb

  7. It’s nice to hear some of you outraged by greens comments, and Trumps supposed transgretions. It’s strange you are silent on Schiff’s sams acts and While Trump had the authority to declassify material while president andwhen material was taken to his residence Biden didn’t. Also Trump’s mat was in one location with round the clock security, while bidens was spread around the country with no security untold people had access with some known addicts and criminals included in the group. So before you accuse anyone make sure you treat everyone equally.

    • Delusional much? Drank the Kool-aid? Can’t think for yourself? Follow the rants and raves of an orange painted, lying, woman molesting, grifting traitor who only cares about himself and will turn this country into a kleptocratic oligarchy? Don’t know what those last two words mean? Get a clue. You need one.

    • Nothing you are saying is correct, Biden left a box in a LOCKED office storage closet . when he moved out after his election. Yes trump had the right to declassify , but there is a process in doing it . He can’t say , Oh yea I just declassified these after leaving office , Biden’s papers were NOT Highly Top Secret as trumps were . And farther more Biden’s papers were sent directly to the place they were supposed to go to . The boxes trump took were not in a secure place, they were sitting in a empty room right behind trump’s home office where people come and go all day .


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