If there is one thing funnier than watching MTG exiting a NYC courthouse following the long awaited arraignment of the former *Resident, being shouted at and Mosh-Pitted to her waiting car, it is seeing her interviewed in the back of that car with her main squeeze Brian Glenn of RSBN, a Drumpf reach around Network founded to capitalize on the on the benighted 35% of this country who willing pay good money to watch the Orangeutan show his ass.

Greene was prepared to remark on the historic nature of the arraignment of a common thug, thinking, or whatever that three pound mass inside her Neanderthal skull gets up to, that is was a good idea to compare the indicted one not to one of the thousands of truly despicable scoundrels in history brought low by the power of the court, with whom drumpf would find himself in convivial company, but rather to two who would most certainly remand his behavior – Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ.

You couldn’t make this stuff up folks.

But I’ll let the horse’s ass speak for itself:

The Recount’s followers express, perhaps better than I can, my incredulity and anger at her bringing into company two truly remarkable men with one very unremarkable one.

And then sat in the box looking like they could axe murder someone…

Or, at least, Christians don’t.

Every chance she got.


💯 💯 💯

Works for me.

We’re gonna need bigger trucks.


Must have missed that one.

Sounds about right. 😡

Truly, but they would have to read the book to get that.


Good list.

That would be both delicious and unlikely, doubt I would enjoy his prose stylings, if he had any, anymore than his other attempts at communication – which I have suffered more than enough.

Pleas shut the hell up Marj and RSBN, we’ve heard enough from you two also…

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  1. Margerine Tailhole Gangrene conveniently skips over her views on immigration – because her Jeebus’ parents were immigrant and Jeebus was an “anchor baby!” Oopsie. Oh, and after his death Jeebus’ parents continued their “heinous” criminal ways by “illegally immigrating to Egypt if I remember my bible studies from so long ago are correct. But given her values I am quite sure MTG is no more of a Christian than I am. (I became agnostic decades ago) However, unlike her I try (but have at times failed but I generally really try) to live the values Jesus preached: Helping the less fortunate, being welcoming to strangers, showing love for others not just through words but through deeds. And I really do try to be respectful to and of others unless they show they aren’t worthy of it. MTG isn’t worthy of an ounce of respect. And she sure as fuck doesn’t extend any respect, or even concern to anyone who doesn’t like her slavishly devote themselves to uncondtional love and worship to Trump. Who isn’t willing to go hungry, even let their loved ones including children go hungry to donate to Trump. To risk jail to “fight” for Trump. To offer themselves up body (eeewww!) and soul to Trump. If Trump were to want to install her as his new lover at Mar a Lago her current boyfriend would get knocked over by the wind she’d create rushing past him and into Trump’s arms. I don’t think he has to worry though. Even with a boob job she’s not tall enough to remind Trump of his daughter Ivanka. And she’s too old too. But hey, if Talibangelicals want to replace their Jeebus (and God too) with Trump as the power overseeing our universe it’s no skin off my ass.

    • I forget to point out something else. Taka a look at boyfriend in that pic. He’s got the “OMFG! She thinks Trump is as great as Jesus. And Mandela and who knows who else? How the hell can a loser like me compete?”

  2. Given the number of rim jobs she has given El Cheeto, a white supremacist, and an admirer of mass nurdering war criminals, she’s really a member of the group that put Mandela on Robbins Island, and a religious hypocrite, a group partly responsible for Jesus’s death. There you go. One of the basic platforms of the Guns Over People party, blatant hypocrisy and the lies required to fuel it. Horseshoe crabs have more insight.

  3. jesus was not “murdered”. The Romans charged him with capital crimes and administered capital punishment. We can argue until the cows come home whether his crimes justified capital punishment although that’d be pretty stupid: standards for such things were very different 2,000 years ago. This dumb cunt wants to start up some pogrom bullshit. Should she succeed I can guarantee she will be at the receiving end of a violent end herself.

  4. “Greene was prepared to remark on the historic nature of the arraignment of a common thug, thinking, or whatever that three pound mass inside her Neanderthal skull gets up to”

    That is very unfair to Neanderthals, (though she does look like one), they had a culture, they painted pictures, and buried their dead.

    MTG has no culture.


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