Whether you are an Evangelical Christian in a Southern Megachurch or a hippie Druid setting starter tomatoes in his geodesic dome hothouse, the meaning of Easter is surprisingly consistent across all traditions – a celebration of the tenacity of life, be it human, cuddly or sometimes terrifying rabbits, or flora and other species of fauna rebounding after another struggle through months of darkness and cold.

That is unless you are the Dotard and his ghostwriter, who seems to have a stuck caps lock key and an aversion to ending sentences.

Is that you, Stephen?

Terrifyingly oblivious to both the solemnity and hope this season brings, whoever wrote the above diatribe seems to have set out to desecrate and, let’s speak plainly, take a big shit on our Easter Sunday, however we observe it…

One of my favorites, Ron Filipkowski has a sampling of reactions from sane people:

And Trump would never say “we” if he were writing he would say “I”.

Watering the flowers with Trump tears. Perfect.

Both of them, hopefully.


👍 👍 👍



That’s something I guess.

💯 💯 💯



As always.



But this guy really expresses my sentiments about Cornholeone’s post:

Happy Easter to you too, asshole.

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  1. Let’s see….
    Was it 4th grade when we were taught about run on sentences?
    Apparently, half of America thinks it’s good to have 3rd graders in charge…

  2. Let’s be honest, this is the same shit we’ve been hearing/reading/etc. from the evang x-tians for quite a while now. I’ve no more fucks to give about him, the x-tians, the cons, the ‘pubes…the only good thing is, well, I’m not sure there has been any good since these damn fools have been allowed to say the quiet things out loud.

    Same shit from the same people: must be a day ending in “y”. I do find it appropriate this came out today. Of course we Jews see this shit and say “well, what the hell do you expect from these cretins?”

  3. You know, Trump really shouldn’t be BAD mouthing his RW patriots like this! Trump might need some more money to try & get out of all his Criminal problems! RW projection, means, you never have to say your sorry!

  4. I think Fat Donnie believes Easter is about HIS resurrection from try to.candidate *again.* Too.bad he doesn’t do the part that comes,*before* the resurrection. Except Melaniawould be too.happy to have her cut as the prenuptial promises to.carry oils and spices to.his resting place and no way is,an angel.waiting to greet Melanoma,Magdalene.

  5. I’m glad he’s thinking of me on Easter Sunday. Now pardon me while I drop my trousers and bend over so he can kiss my white hairy ass. That’s what I think of his bullcrap. While normal people are thinking of Jesus and family this clown is clearly thinking about his own criminal self. That’s what you get with losers.


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