Pennsylvania’s Republican candidate for Governor Doug Mastriano is many things – and none of them good.

He is a proud Christian Nationalist who calls separation of church and state a myth, a former U.S. Army officer who likes to cosplay as a confederate soldier, an Obama Birther, and the only candidate for Pennsylvania Governor who has sworn to intervene in drumpf’s favor should the Lollapaloser flop in the 2024 Election as he did in his half-full hate rally in Wilkes-Barre last night.

OTOH, when Josh Shapiro hands him his ass in November, as FiveThirtyEight shows is most likely, giving Shapiro a 7.5% lead in the race, he can always fall back on his second choice for a dream career – a huckster for Trump Gold Coins, as above – though hopefully by that time his 9-11 hero will be languishing in the big house and only in need of commissary money for Halloween cosmetics and Red Starbursts.

Mastriano is indeed so full of it that no one should be surprised that he stood beside the Orangeutan last night and proclaimed that drumpf was a “champion on 9-11” – as the idiot nodded smugly in agreement, though someone who WAS actually there, aiding in the recovery, definitely took offense:

“Disgusting non-human” sums the Orangeutan up nicely, Jeff, but what did your followers have to say?

A nightmare we apparently cannot wake from, Jana…

But tell us how you really feel, Jo.



Tenacious “T”gives us a cartoon that strikes to the heart of the matter:


Trump’s philosophy is “Leave no loot unstolen.” Novelette…

Well, he was somewhere, Nasty Woman, just nowhere that mattered.

Yeah, Steve, that gets on my last nerve too.


C’mon, PA. You can do better than inveterate liars and posers like Dr. Oz and Mastriano!

Vote Fetterman/Shapiro!

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  1. Really now what the hell did we expect of former guy: he lies like a rug. For that idiot in PA to use him as a prop for his election shows just how desperate he is, how bad his campaign is actually doing. The smart….smarter? ‘pube candidates are distancing themselves now they’re past the primaries-they’re failing miserably but they are distancing themselves. lol. For any ‘pube candidate to still be hanging on to former guy’s coattails is sad because it proves they not only are not getting the independent voters, they’re not even getting the republican one. Dougy is trying to get a hold of magats and this late in the game he should be going for higher fruit.

    You folks in PA are pretty damned lucky you have a pol like Mr. Fetterman. I wish we had him here in MT: we need him desperately. We only have garbage for pols.

  2. I had friends who worked in the Twin Towers on 9/11 or worked nearby. It was weeks before,I could be sure they were okay. Trump.and Rudy lied about 9/22. Rudy pretends he never wore A mask. HD only took one off when cameras were rolling,just like Don the Con. Two.peas in the same rancid pod.


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