“Don’t poke the sleeping bear.” “Don’t wake the mighty lion.” All of my life I have heard similar metaphors referring to the silent majority of Americans, that when pushed too far, will rise like a mighty Kraken and sweep away the injustices perpetrated on the working class by men who are motivated by greed and lust. Just push us one too many times and see what happens! Well, they have. And how did we respond? With some peaceful demonstrations and a whole lot of bitching and name calling on social media.

Turns out however, there was a sleeping giant, but it wasn’t us. It wasn’t the freedom loving, democracy embracing, social justice for all, play by the rules, middle class working American.

It was the bigots and the racists and the fascists and the nationalists and the ignorant God fearing Christians who have risen from their slumber. No, they had never really left, they have been there all along rumbling, stirring, growling like a sleeping rabid dog; and we poked that sleeping beast first with The Civil Rights act, then with Roe vs Wade, then over and over again with women’s rights, gay rights, marriage equality, and the final poke that sent them over the top….we elected a black president.

They had been quietly waiting in the background, not waiting for an excuse, but waiting for permission. They needed permission to speak, permission to come out of the shadows, permission to act upon their hatred and fear of all things not them. And that permission was granted in the election of 2016.

The fascist oligarchy of international bankers and corporate elite watched and waited for generations as they funded right wing think tanks in order to figure out how to best manipulate the will of the reactive. They used fear; fear of socialism, fear of terrorist’s, fear of gay people, fear of people of color, fear of new ideas, and finally, fear of freedom and democracy. They waited for the perfect storm and that storm culminated with the election of Donald Trump. The sleeping beast that had been poked for the last 75 years now had cold water thrown in its face.

Now it’s our move. They are louder but the noise they make is nothing more than that. It’s just noise. Shallow. No substance. No truth. Just noise. Their anger is not even real. It comes from a place of fear and an unwillingness to adapt. They believe their time has come. They don’t understand that the very foundation upon which they base their principals has been dictated to them by their controllers. They are so lost that they no longer recognize hypocrisy. They have lost their humanity. They have lost their ability for rational thought and critical thinking. They are exactly where the oligarch’s want them to be. And it’s our move. We can fix this because our anger is real. We have an advantage over them. That advantage is truth. We know what’s going on. We know what their handlers have done and how they managed it. Knowledge, awareness, and truth will always win out in the end. But it has to be fought for. It has to be won. I believe we are able and ready to win this war.

They were awakened by the uncomfortable movement of progress. And then they woke up the rest of us.


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  1. SO true and on target … we have a friend that grew up in Germany, she was a young woman when she met her American husband there, who passed away recently, but the most disturbing things she has told us over the years 1) She was one of hundreds of young girls, that had to be hidden out as the Russian Army trudged through their neighborhoods, to prevent rape and many died from the abuse as well, the Russians were brutal, holding ALL Germans as complicit in the war … which brings up the next, and recently repeated statement:

    2) Trump’s performances and rants all through his pressers and even his tweets, is EXACTLY the same shit that Hitler did and used, with the majority of the population sucked into the rabid promotion by Goebbels, that dominated the news systems and put on huge public rants, there was not 1 uncensored newspaper system, Hitler/Goebbels were everywhere … the weaker, less educated people were duped first, and supplied a, “base”, unit that could spark chants and applause as Goebbels promoted Hitler’s hate … the threats to anyone that spoke openly against Hitler was immediate execution, usually, as an example, were hung in public using short drops, because the scene was so much more effective as the bodies would struggle so much before death …

    Trump’s actions scare our friend more every day, Trump would kill millions of people to sooth his angry narcissism … he MUST be stopped NOW, before it gets any worse than he has already done to us …

    The best thing for our country now, is the immediate ignoring of anything Trump, no Rants on TV, no comments on Tweets, no exclamations of Trump’s huge crowds, any of his BS — gone …. except for the POS FOX, who should be made a target of total loss of advertising from anyone stupid enough to buy time there and support Trump …

    Trump should get nothing but rumbling and catcalls from the people in OUR HOUSE ….. every time he speaks about how great he has been publicly, some need to stand up and call him a liar to his face, mention how his trips to play golf and what it costs us, and the time off from the WH responsibility he abuses every day … his lies to the people cannot be tolerated or promoted freely by the GOP …


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