It is mid-August. Donald Trump has until the 25th at high noon to voluntarily present himself to address the charges levied against him today. This is a major time in American history. And happening concurrently at this amazing time in history, Mike Lindell is doing his usual yearly pilgrimage to America’s heartland to discuss his version of election fraud.

This year Mike has it wired. But then again, Mike has had it wired all the other years, too, and it always ends up being a fiasco. But not this time. This time the earth will move. And Mike is broadcasting this event in 85 languages, do you love it?

Will Mike be there alone? Dunno. But here’s some of the people he could have with him and the roles they could play.

What’s that you say? Rudy and Donald have warrants out for their arrest so they have bigger fish to fry? Pshaw. That’s why Mike is doing the summit in the first place. Here, let me explain it to you: Mike Lindell will prove, finally, that either Dennis Montgomery (the Hammer and Scorecard guy, who bilked Lindell out of $1.5 million for a house in Florida, back at the time of the original Lindell Summit) or somebody else has proven that the Italian satellites and the dead Argentine guy, using Marge Greene’s Jewish space lasers, really did steal the 2020 election and then Rudy and Donald will walk free. You see how simple all this is?

Now I keep telling Durrati that he should mosey down to Springfield and attend this freak fest and he keeps telling me that he doesn’t see any publicity or information in the local press, so maybe this momentous event is going to be limited to Lindell, his cronies, and whomever they can get to tune in via cell phone for a few hours. Who knows?

Here we go, 180 proof, Absolute Proof, revisited. We’re not even going to bother with the usual crack about Einstein and doing things over and over. We’re just too totally burned out to even mention that.

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    • Look for the biggest wasteland in middle America. Lindell and his “summit” will be located in the EXACT center of it. I’m reminded of a gag of sorts from the air war during the first Gulf War thirty some years ago. Americans, whether Air Force or Navy/Marines became obsessed with learning the location of a place they regularly heard British pilots refer to as MMFD. It drove our guys freaking nuts. Every day and night, over and over again they’d hear the reference to MMFD, as in British pilots responding to queries about their location as being over MMFD. And our people, both pilots/aviators and staff would pore over maps trying to figure out the coordinates of this secret place. When they’d ask, the British would simply give a wry smile. So for months (literally) efforts were made to determine the location but in vain. Possible locations were considered and discarded. All our guys knew was the British pilots spent an awful lot of time over MMFD. Near the end, we were finally let in on the secret – MMFD stood for “Miles and Miles of F**king Desert!”

      That my friend might as well be where Lindell holds his “change the world” (“Really! THIS time it will PROVE it all!”) summit.

  1. Pillow has it wired alright and the wire starts in his azz and goes out his john thomas. Hopefully it is connected to some sort of electrical power source so that we can watch him spasm helplessly and have a good laugh at his expense. Well, another good laugh at his expense.

  2. If this were a Southpart episode, he would be gullible Butters. He’d be the star of the episode where Butters takes on the persona of Professor Chaos, dressed in aluminum foil, and his sidekick, General Disarray. He would laugh maniacally, claiming he was out to destroy the world. His plan? Turn on the garden hose and watch it make a puddle in his yard. Even that seems more likely than this a$$hat’s plans.


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