Joe Biden tripped on the steps ascending Air Force One and Junior created the following insensitive and vicious video and posted it.

Mike Pence tripped on the stairs of Air Force Two last June and it was basically ignored. It most definitely was not rebroadcast or subsequently mocked like Gerald Ford’s disastrous pratfall back in the day.

Junior has shown that he is not only devoid of taste and sensitivity but of all reasonable judgement as well. He’s a stupid child who never grew up because he never had to. He did everything in his life on Daddy’s dime.



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  1. OK — Hee Hee Ho Ho, such an infantile mind set in the Trump camp … how can they even remember to breath?
    The difference between Pops and the offspring poop heads has finally been erased, there is NO place in our civilized country for ANY of these miss-begotten do-wrongs …
    DJT has bought his way out of the White House and into civil court charges that, amazingly, may actually cost some of his golfing time for repaying his dues as the worst so-called president, along with thousands of freaking cheats and lies as a totally unqualified business person … those DA’s in all the places he has screwed up are making sure to get him in an orange outfit that will match his complexion, Donald Trump, Jr., is, along with brother Eric, are going to learn how the big boys have to pay their own dues as well …

    A line-up of this horrible waste of oxygen will, as they answer the question, how do you plead?, will generate a sound of guffaws in the audience when they say, “not guilty, your honor”, ….

    • I need to add, that making such attacks on a sitting president as a, “joke”, is at best NOT funny and the suggestion that it is OK in the Trump camp, SHOULD lead to some charges being brought against the sniveling vermin … DJT has a weak minded following that might find this as being a trigger they need … pretty poor crap coming from one of the lowest creatures alive on this planet …

  2. Jr. Shouldn’t you be going over your budget for legal fees? U know u could save some paper if u cut back on the coke. Some people say.

  3. This is a hate filled leftist scumbag rag. You can all go fornicate yourselves with a chainsaw. I wish Biden had rolled to the ground in a broken weak pile. F Joe and f u.

  4. Hey, how’s about Twitter and Facebook banning Jr. That’s pathetic. How many presidents have done that? Happens every day.

  5. I think the peckerhead should go back to the basement and his wife should be ashamed of herself and I’m praying that this whole stolen election gets our president back in the one that has some sense on how to run the country biden is being their puppet and if they have their way harris will be president and hillary vice now wouldn’t that be hunky dory god help us all gates is trying to play god and destroy us by the vacine and trying to make it mandatory or he will bring another virus out that will kill us please don’t take the vacine I saw him do a demotration how these shots could cut your d and a in half please take the masks off they are killing your immune system please people wake up before it is too late take the mask off and build your immune system up with vitamins d e and c and pray people pray

  6. “He’s a stupid child who never grew up because he never had to. He did everything in his life on Daddy’s dime.” – Like father like hell-spawn…


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