Don Jr., aka Fredo, aka Beavis or Butthead (you decide which when adding Erik into the choice), aka Uday or Qusay (again, you decide) has been setting himself up to be the heir (Hair?) apparent Trump to one day squat in the Oval Office.   He’s made the rounds in GOP circles, and even Fox whose opinion “journalists” have made noises about him in 2024 taking over.    If you watched his performance at the RNC it was clear he was auditioning to daddy, a sort of prime time “Please love me daddy!   I am your bigliest advocate and defender! Speech to the nation.    I’m sure by the time that ghastly (or more accurately gas lighting) four days was over Don Jr. figured he’d finally proven to be a worthy heir.   A worthy holder of the name Donald Trump.   That echoes of his dad’s statement of fear (the infamous “What if he turns out to be a loser? objection from his daddy when his mom insisted that should be his name) would finally be consigned to oblivion.

Don Jr. surely left the WH Thursday night eager to get out there and raise hell on behalf of his dad, and his own future in the WH, secure in the belief that he’d made his ascension to head of the family and even the Presidency assured.    I can’t help but wonder how much enjoyment Trump Sr. has taken in watching his oldest child, his namesake so carefully suspend himself over a very long, very dull and very rust knife, just waiting to order a certain someone else cut the rope as Don Jr. fell and impaled himself so his daddy could erupt in peals of laughter as he twisted that sucker again and again.

Why do I say all this?   Because anyone with the least bit of common sense knows who has been Donald J. Trump’s favorite since forever and it sure as hell isn’t Don Jr.   We all know who the apple of his “eye” actually is, and though he hasn’t mentioned it lately he made it crystal clear in his mini-rally in New Hampshire on Friday, not even 24 hours after the Trump Reality President Four Night TeeVee Extravaganza was over.   As reported by among others The Week, via Yahoo News, Trump was in his typical off-the-cuff rally mode where we get the unfiltered, real Trump and when he got to the subject of Kamala Harris and the possibility of her being President he of course didn’t like that prospect.   You know who he did like for the job?   Wannabe Princess Ivanka!  From the linked article:

Likely alluding to reports that the Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, may only be eyeing one term in the Oval Office, Trump said that while he would like to see the first woman president, he doesn’t want it to be the “not competent” Harris. “I don’t want to see a woman get into that position the way she’d do it,” he said.
It turns out he’d rather see the feat achieved through familial connections. Citing some nebulous sources, Trump, to the reported enjoyment of the crowd, said “they’re all saying ‘we want Ivanka,'” referring to his daughter, Ivanka Trump. “I don’t blame them.”

Again, it’s not like we’ve never heard Trump suggest Ivanka would be a “great President” because he’s done so multiple times.    You know who I can never, not once heard him say either in private or to the media or at a rally would be a great President?   His son Don Jr., the one he feared from the beginning might turn out to be “a loser.”

Think about little Donnie Junior since Friday afternoon.   Here he’d gotten himself all puffed up over the week having spent months setting the stage for his “My dad is the greatest and when he decides it’s time to leave I’m ready to fill his shoes” moment.    And having it.   Right there in front of the whole Trump Crime family and their minions and carried live on TV.    And then, even after little sis Ivanka introduced daddy and Trump gave his insanely long address not mentioning who would one day come next, leading him to believe that daddy not singling out his sister meant that finally, he Don Jr. would be the proverbial chosen one.

Only to have his dad cruelly burst his bubble.   Again.   Only this time, this time after all that setup!

I know.   It’s wrong to take amusement from another person’s pain.  But it’s hard not to feel a sense of satisfaction when karma comes a calling to settle up accounts and from where I sit Don Jr. has spent the last couple of days nursing the wound of karma smacking him upside the head with a fake gold crowbar.

Anyone but the village idiot has known for decades who Trump’s favorite child is.   Favorite for sick, disgusting reasons to be sure, and Ivanka has played her daddy like a fiddle and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s lorded over big brother on a regular basis.   But the point here is that Don Jr. IS the village idiot on this one.   He will never, ever be anything but a disappointment in his daddy’s eyes.  And Ivanka will always be the favorite.   Everyone has known this, even Don Jr. most of the time.

Sometimes however he forgets.   Or thinks he can take over the seat the right hand of “Trump The Father Almighty.”   I wonder how many times Trump Sr. has played a real life version of Lucy & Charlie Brown with the football?   Well, we’ve just seen it again folks.

And Don Jr. knows the whole country, but more importantly the Trump National Party has seen it.

He’s nursing one helluva “owie” this weekend.   This one’s going to take a long time to get over.  In fact, he probably never will.   But if like me you enjoy karma settling accounts there’s more to come, because there’s a campaign ahead.   Ever since he decided ole dad raping mom one night wasn’t such a big deal because dad offered him an easy job for more money that he could ever dream of making in the real world (as in anywhere but the Trump Org.) he’s been a lackey at his dad’s beck and call.   If he wants to stay on the gravy train he does what his dad says, and you can bet that Don Jr. can whine all he wants but when dad orders him to get out there and sell (Trump for re-election) and damn well do so with gusto or else guess what?   Don Jr. will have to swallow his pain.

Karma is going to be smacking him around again and again this fall.   I for one won’t lose a second’s sleep over it.

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  1. I wonder if daddy seeing junior coked to the brim reminded him of brother Freddie and he began channeling his daddy and play a game of kick the dog for sport?

  2. Whatever. The Republican Party isn’t nominating a woman in the life time of most people now living, and Ivanka is singularly vapid, uninspiring and inauthentic. There’s no red meat there for the base. Her affected voice, pretty designer clothes, perfect hair and makeup, and pretend compassion don’t say “president” to the average dumpster; she’s an ornament to them just as she is to her father.

  3. Oh yeah. I have a sister that was daddy’s favorite and yes she rubbed it in every chance she got. Even though he’s dead she’s still working it. It’s a long, sordid tale. Couldn’t happen to a better guy. He will just shoot some endangered species and get over it tough.


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