“Dilbert” creator Scott Adams is really having a bad week, newspapers began dropping his comic strip last Friday after he posted a racist rant to YouTube and Twitter, and the unapologetic capitalist Adams began moaning about the cruelty the free market inflicted upon white men.

He can now add his comic’s distributor to his least of meanies:

LA Times at MSN

“Dilbert” comic strip creator Scott Adams experienced possibly the biggest repercussion of his recent comments about race when distributor Andrews McMeel Universal announced Sunday that it would no longer work with him.

Andrews McMeel Chairman Hugh Andrews and CEO and President Andy Sareyan said in a joint statement that the syndication company was “severing our relationship” with the cartoonist.

In Wednesday’s episode of his YouTube show, Adams described Black people as members of “a hate group” from which white people should “get away.” Various media publishers across the U.S. denounced the comments as racist, hateful and discriminatory while saying they would no longer provide a platform for his work.

Andrews and Sareyan said that, while Andrews McMeel supports free speech, Adams’ comments are not compatible with the company’s core values. Andrews McNeel is based in Kansas City, Mo.

“We are proud to promote and share many different voices and perspectives. But we will never support any commentary rooted in discrimination or hate,” Andrews and Sareyan said in the statement posted on the company website and Twitter.”

Here’s the rant in case you missed it.

As per usual our friend Ron Filipowski was there for this latest development.




Yeah, he sounds like someone else we know…



Poor Scott, turns out being a despicable racist is not a good business model…

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  1. I’d like for Adams to name a few of that “everyone” who agreed with him.

    He might want to consider that members of the KKK and the American Nazi Party and the Aryan Brotherhood are really NOT the kind of folk you want agreeing with you, especially when your comments can seem bigoted and racist to decent-minded folks.

  2. Adams’ statement about everyone agreeing with him stuck out for me. Since he seems to be channeling Trumpian level grievance, I’m surprised he didn’t include two words – people say. As in “people say everyone agrees with me.” What’s killing Adams is he’s learning (and you KNOW he’s following social media where he’s getting savaged) that he’s wrong. Not only does everyone NOT agree with him, a whole shitload of people don’t!

  3. This is why humans should have a light emitting diode installed on their foreheads that starts blinking when they’re about to do something that either very stupid/dangerous, or life imploding. But then, many would just ignore it. Oh well, see ya at the next Klan meeting Scotty! Unless, that is, you go for one of the more enlightened hate groups ole buddy! If this guy wanted to end his career he could have just quit. But like Neil sang, it’s better to burn out, than to fade away.

    • I like the tweet I saw that when you about to do something stupid (date the wrong person or eat dirt), a dialog box pops up that reads, “Are you sure?”

  4. Well, I don’t subscribe to newspapers, but did (until now) read Dilbert daily online.
    Guess I’ll just delete that browser shortcut.
    Sad, as an engineer, I related to Dilbert and the gang.
    Too bad the creator turned out to be a tool.


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