This is not the picture of health and vitality. There is no question that of all the former presidents, Donald Trump is the worst picture of health — with the exception of Jimmy Carter. But Jimmy will be 99 if he makes it to October 1 and currently he’s in home hospice care.

Curiously, Trump suits up and shows up for the golf course but he has seemingly no interest in the upcoming election. Why is that? Maybe the legal issues are getting more complicated and he has to go play golf to keep from screaming?

Or, maybe Trump believes that the guy on the trading cards is really it and the guy in the mirror is what, now? A part of the plot against him? The Deep State has affected his mirrors?

Now is 77 the age he’ll turn in a couple of weeks or is that his waistline? Or his IQ? Or both?

At last word, Trump had no intention of debating Ron DeSantis unless DeSantis’s numbers in the polls rose substantially. Careful what you wish for, Donny. And keep a sharp eye on the calendar. All of these legal actions against you are still grinding on, inexorably.


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    • I appreciate your feeling but it’s really better to hope that he lives long and has to pay the legal penalty for all the laws he’s broken. That’s what I wish.

    • You do that too lol!! A stroke that leaves him able to hear what is being said, but not able to talk or move his fingers to tweet. I agree with Ursula, the Mango Maggot should live long enough to enjoy prison life. No Big Macs, golf, or cellphones.

      • You made me think of that scene near the end of The Princess Bride when Westly defines what he means by “the pain” to the dirtbag!

  1. The guy looks like death warmed over in that pic. And I actually have some expertise having seen so many bodies – BEFORE they were prepped for visitations/viewings. I keep wishing Biden would issue a challenge to Trump. Although not widely known prior to becoming VP Biden was acknowledged to be one of the top few political type golfers in DC. His handicap was around 6 or 7 I believe and unlike Trump’s was LEGITIMATE. Trump’s has always been “enhanced” because he cheats. In any case he has always played more than Biden ever did. Biden I think still gets in a round now and then but for years now not often so his golf game has no doubt declined. The skills are “perishable.” Still, I’ll be he can do ok.

    Because of that it would be FUN to have Biden issue a challenge. I match between him and Trump televised LIVE. On a tough course neither has played much if at all. Say the Robert Trent Jones course that runs along Lake Manassas west of DC. It’s televised some significant golf events like the President’s Cup. A championship venue that, if more amenable to large galleries would be on the list of places considered for major championships. And it’s a long course. The “catch” would be NO carts. Caddies? Sure. But both Biden and Trump would have to walk the entire 18 holes. Trump might, probably would take an early lead after three or four holes but well before the first nine was done he’d literally be sucking wind! Odds are that as SOON as Trump realized he couldn’t hold up physically, and double bogeyed a hole or worse did a “snowman” (a flurry of strokes on a single hole, like four or more over par for that hole) he’d complain of an “injury” before his lead was lost and he “had no choice” but to call it a day. And promise a rematch “soon” which of course would never come.

    What I’d REALLY love is for such a match to take place at the famed Augusta National. It doesn’t show up on TV but it has really stark elevation changes and going downhill on them isn’t as easy as you might think. Trump wouldn’t last four, perhaps even only three holes walking that storied course. I’m sure the members would welcome Biden, but most of them would turn up their noses at having Trump sully their venue.

  2. I don’t like the guy but be careful of praying for someone to die because you might get what you want and it might be you just saying

    • I would not pray for someone to die. I might possibly pray for certain conditions, something like, “Dear God, if Jimmy Carter must die, let it be the most peaceful and painless death since the world began. And unless he really, really wants to, let him have some time to rest before he starts renovatinng all the mansions.”

  3. The guy hasn’t looked healthy since he was decades younger. All that orange paint he sprays on his face doesn’t make him look skinnier and doesn’t make him walk in a sprightly manner. The guy has looked like a fat old man for quite a while-even before he descended down that schlocky escalator in 2015. The ape-like countenance on his face has been there for a very long time as well. This picture shows nothing that wasn’t there for years. The magats don’t care. He talks like your senile old uncle and they like that. That is all that matters to them.

    It is not news, political or otherwise, that trump looks like what he is-an old fat fuck who is out of his ever-loving mind.

    • Trump could croak, rot in the ground for 6 months, be dug back up, put into the vertical position, rolled in front of any TV camera, and they would STILL fall to their knobby knees and genuflect. After they sent him their weekly donations.

  4. Hitler spent a lot of time presenting himself and the Germans as the perfect men. He was a physical wreck himself and a drug addict. In later videos his hands shake badly. When people want to be ruled and find someone to blame for the troubles in this life, they’ll follow anyone and believe anything but their own eyes and ears. The tragedy of human government.

  5. Is this a recent picture of him because this is how he looked in that one widely distributed pic from several months ago. Since that time, we haven’t seen him looking this pasty and sweaty again. Was this from the same time frame as the other one and we’re just recycling old news? Or has he had another bout of covid? Fashion tip: would someone tell him not to wear bright white up close to his face as it just washes him out.

  6. The clincher is he is only a couple of years younger than Biden. I doubt he could climb stairs,let alone ride a bike. He is morbidly obese and on heart meds. His,diet is that of an obnoxious toddler who screams and demands Mickey D’s.

  7. Yeah Gillian…if his followers think he’s some type of warrior…just imagine the line of walkers, with nametags, that his ‘troops’ must use to get around.

  8. A teacher once told me that we cannot pray for bad things to happen to other people. She did say, though, that we can pray for a very quick ripening of their karma, and front row seats.

  9. I loved what Sonny Hostin said on the View one day, it was something her grandmother, I think told her. “Karma NEVER forgets an address”


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