Donald Trump is a truly desperate guy. Ok, so a billionaire Republican crony with control over a company that could do so stepped up to cover the $175M bond for his New York Civil Fraud case. You have to wonder what “quo” was promised as part of the quid pro quo but let’s set that aside. Trump is under criminal indictment in four jurisdictions and while the master of delay seems poised to escape being put on trial (before the election at least) in three of them he just can’t stop things from proceeding in Manhattan and come mid April he’ll be in court for jury selection and trial. However, this is Trump and there’s nothing he won’t try to keep that from happening. Two crazy moves are on the table, one of which he’s already tried to implement. One is being kicked around as a possibility.

Let’s start with what’s already in the works. As reported by CNBC Trump has filed a motion asking for a delay because of pretrial publicity! No, you didn’t inadvertently find yourself reading The Onion. Team Trump is actually trying to argue that there’s so much publicity it would be unfair to put him on trial:

Attorneys for Donald Trump have asked a judge for a “significant” delay of his fast-approaching criminal hush money trial, arguing the Republican presidential nominee cannot get a fair jury due to “prejudicial pretrial publicity.”

The trial on charges of falsifying business records must adjourn until that press coverage “abates,” Trump’s lawyers wrote last week in a filing in New York Supreme Court.

Poor irony has been dug up from the grave yet again for another round of abuse of its corpse. When one considers it’s Trump himself who has generated so much of that publicity it’s a stunning thing for him to try and do.  The old saw about some spoiled teenager murdering his parents for not indulging him and throwing himself on the mercy of the court “because he’s an orphan” comes to mind.  If it were anyone but Trump I’d say no way but since we’re talking Trump you never know for sure. Still, I don’t think judge Merchan will give in. If anything Trump’s antics cry out for getting this case underway as soon as possible. I’m betting Trump will be ordered to have his fat orange ass in Manhattan Supreme Court in a couple of weeks. Or else.

That brings me to the second gambit which is even more outrageous but again this is Trump so I’m warning you now to be watching for it. You are I’m sure familiar with the Miranda warning, including the part that says “You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed for you.” Well, Trump does have lawyers. Few of them are any good but he’s got them. In a perfect world defendants can choose who they want to represent them and have time to consult with them before their case is called up in court. For rich people that’s not a problem. Even fake rich people like Trump. Hell, most people with a halfway decent job can hire counsel to represent them from the start.  However, thousands of times every day around the country defendants meet their court appointed lawyers minutes before their case gets called up!

Trump at least has had a team preparing for this trial all along. But what if at the last minute he fires them?  Think I’m joking? Newsweek has an article stating his desperation is such that he might try to do just that. Anything to delay his trial. Some are taking this possibility seriously:

Joyce Vance, a former U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, said the Republican wants to delay the trial, which concerns payments allegedly made to a former adult film star. Writing on her Substack blog, she suggested Trump may either attempt to seek Judge Juan Merchan’s recusal from the case or fire his lawyers.

Vance went on to speak of what I’ve already mentioned – Trump’s increasing desperation. She also brought up other time honored strategies such as (emphasis added by me) “getting sick or finding a sick or dying family member.” The sick thing (well, Trump IS sick in the head) or dying relative wouldn’t buy much time. That’s what makes firing lawyers something he might actually try. Worse, it could delay thing although perhaps not nearly as long as Trump might think it would.  The judge would however have to be careful in how he handled such a stunt:

“What happens if Trump fires his lawyers? This can be a difficult one because defendants are entitled to counsel of their choosing, and lawyers are entitled to sufficient time to prepare. But Trump has a lot of lawyers on his team and the Judge has to be prepared for this one. Trump would have to argue a significant issue has developed with his lawyers before the Judge would agree to let them out of the case, and it’s going to be difficult to do that with all of them. The Judge could tell him to go ahead with the remaining lawyers, because if Trump does this at the eleventh hour, it’s going to look manufactured. But it’s still an issue the Judge has to be careful about to avoid problems on appeal, and so far, Judge Merchan has shown himself to be a careful, meticulous jurist.”

When you boil all that down Vance, someone who knows her stuff (a former U.S. Attorney and now professor of Law) is saying this is crazy but maybe crazy like a fox.  Everyone would know it to be a truly desperate stunt, but if the judge isn’t careful he could hand Trump an issue that could help him when, assuming he is convicted appeals.  I happen to think Vance is correct and that judge Merchan has already been prepping for this particular stunt. We’ll see, at least if Trump tries it.

However the fact it’s even come up at all leads me to believe the idea  has been quietly floated and spread widely enough for pundits with connections to get wind of it. What matters is it shows just how desperate Trump is to stop this trial in Manhattan from happening. That makes me wonder if there is a bombshell or two we don’t yet know about. Trump would have known already about Hope Hicks making an appearance. If she goes Cassidy Hutchinson on him (and if she rejected counsel HE paid for that would be worrisome as hell for Trump) she could do huge damage to him. And it won’t stop with this case.

Well, stay tuned because as crazy as it’s already gotten there are undiscovered chambers of crazy in the MAGA World crazy house.

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  1. So, the Hope for the contuation of democracy and the rule of law rest on Ms. Hick’s shoulders?

    If Cassidy could do it, can Hope?

    All we need now is a redhead.


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