Let me make this clear right off of the bat. I used the word faux in the title for a good reason. I don’t believe for a minute that GOP Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a virulent racist. In fact, personally I don’t believe that Ron DeSantis stands for anything at all.

From where I’m sitting, DeSantis is a soulless, amoral, cowardly, sniveling politician who holds a wet finger up to see where the wind is blowing, and then runs up to show he’s leading the way. DeSantis doesn’t have any strong prejudices for the simple reason that all minorities are equal if whacking them over the head with a mallet advances his political agenda.

In 2020 the white population of Florida was 52.4%, down from 58% in 2010. The Hispanic population in 2021 was at 26.7%, up from 16.1% in 2010. And the African American population stands at 15.3%m just about stable. Which makes the African American community a prime target for DeSanctis’s moronic and largely useless racial grandstanding.

For instance, the shrimpy little wimp DeSantis stood behind a podium, surrounded by burly officers in blue, and proudly announced the Florida Voting Fraud Police Unit. They were aimed solely at black voters who had had their voting rights restored, but DeSantis claimed had not fulfilled their obligations. Pissantis proudly proclaiimed that there had already been 20 arrests made!, and that prison terms were expected. It was all bullshit, every case that has come up has fallen apart and been thrown out of court. But the media hype was made.

Next the sniveling shrimp went after advance credit African American Studies courses being offered in high schools. He vetoed them from the curriculum on the grounds that they were politicized, and had no educational value. The problem there is that these were purely elective courses! White students weren’t required to take the courses for graduation. Just as with the Voter Fraud Police, it was all bullshit media hype to play to the base.

And now DeSantis is going after state universities and colleges, including community and junior colleges, trying to restrict what African American history will be taught in higher education. Anything that offends the sensitive delicate snowflake fee-fees of inbred redneck will be verboten.

All of which is a potential slow building nuclear disaster for DeSanctis’s 2024 GOP presidential campaign. Because the United States isn’t Florida. Florida has a 15% black population. But now let’s look at Georgia. Let’s look at Pennsylvania. Let’s look at Michigan. Let’s look at Wisconsin. Let’s look at Minnesota. All of those have a larger African American population than Florida, and none of those constituents are going to look kindly on what DeSantis is wroughting in Florida and what it means for the nation as a whole.

But that’s grist for the national general election, and DeSantis may well never get that far. because right now there is a whole murderers row of potential GOP candidates out there, thinking about throwing their hats in the ring for 2024. Like Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, and John Bolton. And all of them would be overjoyed to stand there on a GOP debate stage and rip DeSantis to shreds over his racist antics in Florida, to try to enhance their own street creds in the African American community, which the GOP is desperate to make inroads into. And you can flat out bet on Traitor Tot being the first one to bellow that DeSantis is a neo Nazi racist!

And DeSantis’s pithy, cutting, insightful response? We’ve already seen it. We’ve already seen it. When DeSantis was running for reelection for Governor last year, his opponent, Democrat Charlie Crist asked a question in their debate that was right out of Politics 101. Right now, here tonight, can you assure the voters of Florida that if you’re reelected, you promise to serve out your entire four year term? Which was greeted by a DeSantis deer-in-the-headlights-look, and more than 30 seconds of stunned silence before DeSantis finally stammered out a lame bullshit response. This guy is so not ready for prime time.

Look, I don’t know who, if anybody DeSantis has running his national campaign strategy. But apparently, whomever it is has his head so far up his ass that he can see his lungs. In a sane presidential campaign, the minute DeSantis won the election, he would have been advised to immediately start pivoting to more centrist positions to attract national voters. And instead DeSantis is continuing to run a racist, divisive agenda, as though this is going to appeal to the rest of the country. And in doing so, he’s putting a target on his back for his primary opponents.

It’s not like DeSantis has a stellar list of accomplishments to run on here. After all, Florida is near the bottom of the nation in Covid infections and deaths. And last year he picked a useless fight with the state’s largest private employer, Disney, over gay rights. And while his potential GOP opponents may secretly agree with him, that won’t stop them from lambasting him for his extreme positions, while coaching their own extreme positions in kinder, softer, gentler language.

Every time Ron Pissantis opens his mouth, hade just makes it more and more clear that he doesn’t have the calm, strategic thinking to run a successful national presidential campaign. Don’t think for a ,inure that his challengers won’t use his ridiculous Top Gov! ad, with his wimpy ass strutting across a tarmac in a flight jacket and aviator sunglasses against him, to show how shallow and facetious he is. And while he may be great at beating down on minorities that can’t topple him, he’s already shown that he just doesn’t have the chops to get into the arena with the big boys.

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  1. Apparently, TFG is already demeaning him in his recent rallies. DeSatan hasn’t even announced yet and the knives are out. He may not even get in the race – he’s young enough he can wait until 2028. In any event, he is not the antidote to TFG. I do hope the rethugs have an actual primary w/ some decent candidates like possibly Larry Hogan (former R gov of Maryland) or Charlie Baker (former R gov of Mass.). The base probably wants another ignoramus like TFG, but even they are saying not TFG.

  2. This punk is shark bait for this particular pool. If there’s anyone I’d be worried about for 2024 or 2028, it’d be a Kemp or a Youngkin, predators who know how to hide their stripes. And even then, you gotta figure THEIR first priority is getting all the MAGA and its adjacent trash swept off the stage.

    • There’s one other who you might think is too old (I’m sure others do too) that scares the hell out of me. Former Gov. John Kasich from Ohio. He’s not afraid to stand up to Trump for starters. In fact, MAGAs would hate him for being willing to help Biden beat Trump, a matter of record. Some would stay home or vote for someone else out of “protest” the way too many on our side voted for Nader in 2000 or Stein in 2016, costing us critical states and both those elections. Still, Kasich would be guaranteed to win not just Ohio but he’d put every Rust Belt state back into play against Biden just when we were getting those shored back up after too many years of neglect. Sensible people in the GOP know that.

      It all depends on how badly the GOP establishment (including and especially big money donors) want to win. And just as importantly (to them) start the painful process of getting past Trump and Trumpism. Some might consider Kasich a “moderate” (a very relative term when it comes to GOPers) but a look at his record as Gov. of Ohio, particularly on reproductive and voting rights tells the real story. With Roe overturned but even the majority of conservatives that call themselves pro-life and want abortion banned his long-held position there should be exceptions for rape and the life & health of the mother is in line with their thinking and the political players in the RWNJ “Christiam” movement would go along enthusiastically. Why? For the same reason others in the GOP, ALL of the non hard core MAGA goobers would – he is both well known and given his demeanor and how he comes across both on TV and the campaign trail play quite well with Independents. And even many Democrats wouldn’t find him as scary as they damn well should! Add in his experience which includes (before he was Gov. of Ohio) service in the House where he served on the Armed Services Committee (which gives him foreign policy as well as military cred) and as Chair of the Budget Committee and he’s got the chops. He’d be the best qualified candidate the GOP has run since the elder Bush, and even more so than Bush 41. As I said, it depends on how badly the GOP wants to win again. He would be the perfect GOP candidate straight from central casting to run against Biden, and if Trump does actually wind up in criminal court even MAGA world might, if grudgingly go along. Especially given their other choices. Many consider DeSantis their Trump alternative but Ron D. isn’t up to the task. He keeps proving he’s afraid to take on Trump directly and cut him off at the knees. Kasich is not. Kasich would get right up in Trump’s ugly face and call out every sin and fuckup and note how much it has cost the GOP including now (after the last midterms) down ballot.

      Think about it folks

      • Wanting to win is NEVER enough, Denis, especially with this crowd. The latter also want vindication and/or revenge against anyone who made them feel small. So while I can see Kasich as a possible threat, we must also take into account the toxic stew of their emotions getting the better of them yet again.

  3. Well, I would like for a SINGLE prominent African-American Republican to call out DeSantis for his anti-African-American antics but, of course, they won’t because they actually believe in what DeSantis is doing.

    Remember the real motto of any GOPer who also counts as a non-white, non-heterosexual, non-cisgender minority: “I got mine, screw you!” (Bear in mind when Clarence Thomas was positing the SCOTUS decisions that he wouldn’t mind “revisiting,” the only one he did NOT list was the Loving decision which allows the legality of his own marriage. I’m sure if he were married to an African-American woman, Loving would’ve been included in the list of potential “revisits.”) To a degree, it’s like the Cuban community in South Florida being so ardently hostile to other Latino immigrants crossing illegally while ignoring their own reality which let them into the country ILLEGALLY because they were “political refugees” (during the 1980s, when refugees, claiming political status from “friendly” oppressive, right-wing Central American countries like Guatemala and El Salvador, were denied while the very small number fleeing Nicaragua’s leftist/Marxist Sandinista government were basically just waved on through).

  4. Hypocrisy…our TRUE national religion. Unfortunately, the human sin Jesus preached against over & over, especially religious hypocrisy.

  5. I just want to see some GOPers say the things about/to Trump that Lindsey & Ted did before Lindsey threw his ethics away and Ted refused to stand up for his wife & father.

    I’m trying to decide which one of the group would have the nerve to say to Trump (as he yammers on like someone else was president b/w 2016-2020. Like how things were out of control during Floyd riots, despite the fact HE was President) ‘Will you SHUT UP, man?’


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