Culture war is everything. Culture war is all consuming. That’s life in America in 2023. Alan Dershowitz made an appearance on Alex Jones’ show where he announced that he’s suing Michael Cohen for defamation.

The defamatory comment in question is Cohen purportedly saying that Dershowitz was pals with Jeffrey Epstein and had sex with underage girls. That old chestnut is coming out of the fire.

Fine. And here’s a new spin on it. Dershowitz is going to do what Trump’s last witness before the grand jury in Manhattan couldn’t do, and that’s destroy Cohen’s credibility. Fine.

Dershowitz is busy throwing all of his dignity away at this point. I guess being a social pariah at Martha’s Vineyard has been too much for him to take.

Let’s see if Dershowitz actually does this. I don’t think he will because the facts that might come out in discovery are probably ones that Dershowitz would rather have buried.

But, if this is where things are going, Trump’s lawyers disemboweling one another, that’s good and well, too. Michael Cohen has a hell of a lot more credibility than Alan Dershowitz. That’s a very low bar to reach.


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    • Dershowitz has been in the right-wing press a lot. I get the impression that as this madness with Trump goes forward, that Dershowitz will get a lot of airtime talking about how Trump can govern from prison. That seems to be the newest MAGA fantasy, is that Trump will campaign (maybe even from prison) get elected (same) and then spring himself from the cell and go off to the White House to stay there forever.

    • Dersh giving testimony: “But I kept my underwear on!”

      As has already been noted, i don’t think he’s going to want ANY part of the discovery that will happen if he actually sues. More importantly, there’s an awful lot of people far more rich and powerful than Dersh who want the Epstein can of worms to stay sealed and buried in a giant chunk of concrete inside an even bigger lump of steel. At the bottom of the Pacific’s Marianas Trench! That list of people likely includes some of Pooties oligarch pals living here and in other western countries, so Dersh really ought to STFU and go away somewhere hard to find.

      • Oh Ursula isn’t it soooooo beautiful here in Magaland? Pretty flowers everywhere, you can do whatever you want. There’s the king on his White Thrown To

  1. How does Dersh suing Cohen for defamation help TFG? Bragg already has enough corroborating evidence, documents and witnesses, that he’s not solely relying on Cohen. Dersh must be feeling lonely and left out now that no one will socialize with him. Also, what self-respecting person, let alone a formerly lauded law professor, appears on admitted liar Alex Jones’ supplement selling scam of a show.

    • I think Dersh’s issue is that he will ruin Cohen’s credibility. But you’re right, that horse already left the bar and Bragg has whatever information he has.


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