“I don’t think there will be a motion to dismiss that succeeds,” says Alan Dershowitz. He believes that Donald Trump will be indicted and frankly, I regard that as the final nail in the coffin. You know Dershowitz well enough to know that if there is a fragment of evidence that he can spin wildly to fit his narrative, he will use it. In this case, he doesn’t have one. Mediaite:

However, he said any indictment would likely get overturned on appeal. […]

While the payment itself is not necessarily illegal, Bragg is reportedly examining whether Trump falsified business records to conceal it. […]

“There are two systems of justice in the United States and our justice system is in deep trouble,” he said. “We’ve created a special system of justice for Donald Trump.”

If that were true, Trump would have been in Guantanamo long ago, and justifiably so. But Dershowitz is on Fox News, to preach to the cult, so preach he must.

“They have targeted Trump. The attorney general of New York ran on the campaign, Get Trump,” he said, referring to Attorney General Letitia James. “Bragg essentially did the same thing. They rummaged for years to try to find something. They gave immunity to witnesses. They couldn’t find a real statute, so they put statutes together.

This is New York justice. In New York, of course you can indict a ham sandwich. But in New York, you can also convict a ham sandwich because the jury pool will be very much against Trump and the judges will be very much against Trump.

So, if I were him, I would be worried today. He’ll probably ultimately win on appeal, but do judges today have the courage – if they run for election as prosecutors run for election – to do something favorable to Trump in a city which overwhelmingly despises Trump? That’s what’s wrong with this justice system.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is Dershowitz-speak for, “This time Donald is screwed. We tried to tell him but he wouldn’t listen. And now he’s screwed.”

All we need to do now is have patience waiting for that other shoe to drop.

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  1. Blah blah blah. how’s the island of you’re dear departed friend Epstein, been there lately? LOL, the only way that ugg mug could get a woman even if it was only for a few minutes. Unsightly gross pig.

  2. And why do the people in NY hate tRump so much? Because they KNOW HIM.
    They have watched and been close to his antics for years.
    tRump can’t get be indicted quickly enough.

      • I have watched trump since the 80’s , he’s always been a liar and a cheat . He always acted like an Idiot , he used to call the New York times and Washington Post and acted like he was someone else , he’d talk about “Trumps” business ‘s and how rich he was …… CRAZY Stuff . Everyone knew it was him ….LOL ( I think he called himself John )

  3. Shorter Dershowitz:
    “If I were him, I’d be worried. Because it’s New York, and New York sucks. Utterly unfair. But he’ll win on appeal. (Hint, hint — Not suggesting anything, but you know, I’m one of the greatest lawyers of our time.)

  4. I just looked at this very subject. Trump is a career criminal. He’s been playing the game for years. I’ve watched him over the years. Trump is a moron at business. If it wasn’t for his daddy and some dark money sources the idiot would have been in and out of prison like a yo-yo. The other thing about Trump is that he loves to brag. So everyone knows he was doing illegal stuff and laughing at people. The man makes me sick. I don’t know for sure but it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Bragg has more than he’s letting on. Remember Michael Cohen. It doesn’t take what a day and a half of testimony to set up a hush money scheme. There’s something going down that ain’t getting out.


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