First is a slip of the tongue, twice is confusion, third time’s dementia. And Trump’s gaffes are too countless to notice, but he’s forming an interesting pattern here: he can’t keep all the political players straight. He’s gotten Hillary confused with Obama, Obama confused with Biden and then said Biden was going to start WWII. In a time machine? And all that was just last week. Today, he’s got Jeb Bush confused with Dubya. Maybe next he’ll confuse Dubya with H.W. or H.W. with Jeb and believe he beat H.W. No, Donald, Bill Clinton did that. Nobody knows where this is going, except all are in agreement that the direction is downhill.

True dat. Jeb Bush just kept winning and winning, until we all got tired of winning. After the Revolutionary War he won the War of 1812, then on to the Civil War, the Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War, both World Wars I and II, oh Jeb was one busy beaver. Let’s hear it for Jeb!

Everybody gets on Joe Biden’s case for his gaffes, but Trump has him beat all to hell. And Biden doesn’t double down and pretend that he really meant what he just said. He admits to bungling. Trump never has and never will, no matter how bad he looks, and how many times.

DeSantis will invade Taiwan, are you kidding? Or maybe nuke Iceland, who knows?

Not all the bats are in the belfry. I well remember the day when Michelle Bachmann handily walked away with the batshit award. No more. Now the GOP standard bearer gets it, hands down. He’s at least 50 points ahead in that competition, I will give him that.


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  1. 77 yr old SIL diagnosed with beginning dementia. 45 shows some of the same symptoms. She was up at night for long periods of time. He tweets at 2 and 4 a.m. a lot. Answers questions incorrectly. 45 beat Obama – Jeb Bush got us into Afghanistan. I do NOT want him to get off by his lawyers getting him diagnosed with dementia!!!

  2. He may be batsh*t, but a cult feeds off of batsh*t crazy. The problem isn’t him running his fascist mouth…it’s the SILENCE and INACTION of those in power. Maybe Hunter S Thompson is pointing the way: “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”
    Anyone who believes there won’t be more dead bodies, innocent people shot by his cult, between now and the next election, must be smoking PCP. This is a goddamn war. We lost 56,000 boys in Vietnam over many years. There’s already been 29,000 gun deaths in this country SO FAR THIS YEAR! WOKE??? I don’t buy it.

  3. There appears to be a picture and pattern forming that’s potentially portraying abnormal thinking, behaviour and feelings … … instances of confusion … and, let’s not forget his lack of mastery negotiating a ramp, the way he holds a water bottle to have a drink, and his alleged wearing of adult diapers; so, by extension, it’s logical to include body capacities, abilities and functions. One and all are living in interesting times.

  4. OR, and I know that this is a wild and long shot here at P.Z., he’s 77 and f*cks up people’s names. I’m not trying to defend him and he’s probably the demented loon everyone thinks he is but I myself screw up more people’s names than a skunk’s got funk. And I’m only in my 60’s. I can still do calculus physics and the rest, remember the story lines of great literature (even the authors which is weird), hell, I can still do the stuff that indicates my I.Q. is way the hell up there. Can’t remember many people’s names to save my soul tho’. It is amusing to watch the boob tube with me trying to guess an actor’s name let me tell you.

    If the dementia test included people’s names, I’d be screwed. I’d worry a lot more about my mental acuity if I spewed word salad whenever I spoke but I don’t worry too much about forgetting everyone’s names.


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