As every day goes by, the actual legacy of disgraced Traitor Tot Donald Trump becomes more and more clear. And it couldn’t be worse for the survival of the GOP as a viable party. Because their own blind allegiance tarred them with his brush.

 Ross Wilburn is a former Iowa Mayor, and he is the newly installed, first ever black Chair of the Democratic party in Iowa. And what a welcome. As Wilburn pushed a cart of groceries out of a local grocery store, a white woman cut him off and said Out of my way, nigger!! Since his appointment as the Democratic Chair in Iowa, both the Democratic office answering machine, as well as his personal cell phone voice mail, have been filled with messages where the N-word was about every third word, along with specific  threats of a lynching.

Since the invasion of the coronavirus to our shores, thanks to snide references by Trump to the China virus, and the Kung flu, the Asian American community has suffered a severe increase of racially motivated attacks. Mostly from young, white, chickenshit thugs who run up behind elderly Asian Americans and pound them to the ground.

Muslim Americans continue to be targeted with religiously biased hatred and assault, GOP and FOX News news sources have whipped up anti Islamic invective against incoming Afghan refugees who served alongside US military members in Afghanistan. And Hispanics aren’t exactly having a day at the beach either, especially in GOP dominated southern states.

This is the true legacy of the Trump administration. Male America Hate Again! And the GOP owns it. There were three separate geneses for Trump’s dominance of the Republican party. The first was his incredibly racist campaign announcement at Trump Tower in 2015, cheered on by throngs of paid supporters. He vilified undocumented southern border immigrants as rapists, murderers, and drug smugglers, with a few good ones thrown in for variety. At that point, the RBC had the opportunity to refuse to certify him as a legitimate candidate for President. And they booted. That was the fatal flaw.

Late in the campaign, Trump took to the podium to propose a total ban on Muslims entering the country, until the United States could figure out what the hell was going on. This was totally gratuitous, since no increase of domestic Muslim violence was apparent, but once again the GOP declined to sanction Trump.

The last inflection point tool place after Trump was in office. In 2017, a well publicized white supremacy rally in Charlottesville Virginia led to a strong anti white supremacist response. In the ensuing violence, a young protester, Heather Heier was killed when she was rammed by a white supremacist in his car. In a press conference, Trump asserted that there were many fine people, on both sides, giving the white supremacists legitimacy.

Since day one, Trump has been a virulent racist. And every step along the way, the GOP has embraced both him as well as his virulent racist policies. They don’t suddenly get to walk away from that legacy, and somehow or other paint themselves as something different going into the 2022 elections. In every state, and in every district, the Democrats need to tie GOP candidates to Trump’s racist policies and leanings with barbed wire. The country has moved beyond their aging, scared white, racist policies, and it’s time that the Democrats put it to bed once and for all.

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  1. I’m a 68 year old white man from NC. I adopted a biracial child as an infant, now grown. I’m the surrogate father for a 5yr old black girl, who’s father was killed years ago. As she & I go about our business in a very liberal area known as Chapelboro,(chapel hill/carrboro), I’ve had someone call the police to report us playing in a playground together. Two patrol cars pulled up & they wanted to know the nature of our relationship. My 5y/o quickly dispelled any doubts & they left. Doubt any white folks have had to answer any police interrogations. It does leave an impression on children. I just pray no one uses the n word around me. Hell will follow. Oh, & since I’m a jock that has stayed in great shape, don’t count on a pain free experience. I may go John Wick on your ass. People say we’re headed for civil war. Dumbasses. We never ended the civil war. Only comfortable ‘educated’ white folks think so. The black folks & those of us in black families know better.

    • I’m sorry you and your little daughter had to go through that police interrogation! It sound like she carried the day, so I pray she is on her way to an informed, fair, and richly blessed life. She’s already blessed to have you as her daddy.

      • Thanks. I’m not legally her daddy, but don’t try to tell her that. I have a 29 y/o from the donor program at unc (long story). I have a 26 y/o from adoption. Now I have the privilege to help raise this angel. I’m a blessed man & lucky enough to know it. Thanks again for ur kind words.

    • Like you I live in the Triangle (although closer to NC State than UNC or Duke) and the Trumpkins in my building (it’s an over 55 apartment building) have learned not to spout Trump shit when I’m nearby. I’ve never raised my voice, but citing facts at them and challenging them to look up sources for themselves has at least affected them enough to smile and even say a polite word to two to me when we cross paths. And NONE of them makes snide comments about me still wearing a mask. I was once a jock too, and a jarhead as well but sadly with health issues that developed over time no longer fit. Still, if these assholes come for me I’ll be going to hell in a crowd. I’m going to take a LOT more killing than they will imagine!

      • I bet spouting facts got one of two responses; they got angry or they ran away. No one who knows anything messes with a former marine, at full force or not.ha.

  2. I saw a headline the other day, that said something along the lines that Republicans are terrified Trump will be the death of their party in the near future. I have news for them, he’s already well on his way to killing their party. They had so many chances to ditch his butt, but they didn’t. Even now, if they are so terrified, cut him loose.

    • They have another chance in the house on the Bannon contempt vote. Other than the two on the committee, I bet not one other republican will vote for contempt. Lemmings go over the cliff as a herd.

  3. The GQP is a hot mess and that’s a fact. That said, we still need to focus on the mid-terms since money still talks and a lot of them have a lot of it. We need to not take anything for granted and make sure we GOTV. In the meantime, the more damage their misplaced allegiance does, the better. And hi to my two homeboys up there, from Greensboro.


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