“Can your heart stand the shocking fact about graverobbers from outer space?” — Criswell the Psychic

Things are getting very strange in Trump world. August was indeed the Month From Hell for Donald Trump and not because of the heat. No, he went up to Bedminster to escape the grueling Florida humidity, but the real H.E.A.T., in the form of the FBI, executed their search warrant on August 8 and the temperature has only dialed up since then.

Today’s bombshell du jour was that 48 empty file folders, once containing classified documents, were found and logged in by the FBI. That came out in an inventory which Judge Aileen Cannon ordered to be disclosed.

But even before that, people all too familiar with the skullduggery and depravity of Donald Trump and his misadministration chimed in about where else documents could be found.

That was Wednesday.

Here’s John Bolton’s two cents worth.

Yes, we’re going there. Even before August 8, when all this started, you saw the photos of the pallbearers struggling with the casket. Why? The woman was cremated, right? Why was there even a casket to begin with and granting for the sake of argument that that part of the funeral was legitimate (she wanted her ashes buried in a coffin) why oh why in God’s name did the casket end up on her ex-husband’s Bedminster golf course? Was that in her will, did her kids do it, what? We asked these questions after she died, never got answers.

Let’s just go with what is known, shall we?

  1. There are ten men in that photo;
  2. They appear to be struggling;
  3. Ivana weighed 130 pounds;
  4. How much can the coffin plus Ivana weight? 250 pounds? 300? And ten guys are struggling to shoulder 300 pounds collectively?

Here’s how easy it is moving one of those things if they’re empty.

All I know is that getting a court order to dig up a casket on private property would be some undertaking. Or is Bedminster still considered private property, now that it’s got some kind of a classification as a funeral home? Anybody know this area of law? I haven’t a clue.

I’m not trying to foment conspiracy theory, merely reporting on what’s out there. Frankly, when it come to Donald Trump, I rule out nothing.

And I’m just going to throw this thought out here, take it for what it’s worth: neither of Ivana’s sons nor her son-in-law were pallbearers. That’s highly unusual. Could it be that maybe they got wind of something unusual going on that they absolutely wanted nothing to do with? Who knows how these funeral arrangements were made?

Remember, it was said at the time that either Ivana’s kids or her executor of her estate would have had to agree to the Bedminster burial site. If it was the kids, and if the kids knew why Daddy wanted her coffin on his private property and what was in it, along with the urn containing Mom’s ashes, you can’t blame them for wanting to distance themselves. And again, the fact that Donald jumped right into the center of funeral arrangements to begin with means that anything, literally anything, is possible.

Just another trip into a crazy cul de sac of Trump world.

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  1. I agree that we cannot put anything past TFG. I also agree that whole Ivana burial was and is very suspect. The fact that he could have items squirreled away in numerous locations would not surprise at all.

  2. Ok, let me say upfront the whole business of how Ivana’s funeral/burial went was fucked up. And that I don’t for a second believe that’s how she wanted things, especially getting planted near the first tee of one of Trumpty Dumpty’s golf courses. Having said that…

    It’s been a long, long time but I have actual knowledge and experience with this stuff. Quite a bit in fact, acquired over upwards of ten years split between funeral home work in my hometown before I went into the Marines, and later on the cemetery side where I wound up after a time managing a municipal cemetery, not only overseeing but literally helping out sometimes with grounds person stuff wearing jeans and steel toed boots.

    Let’s start with the casket and that video of the guy dragging one. You might not be able to see it but someone like me can easily spot the difference between taht one and the one those pallbearers are trying to maneuver down the steps of that church. Different brands and very different materials and weights. The dude dragging the gold colored casket in the street is dragging a cheap ass casket made of a thin gauge, probably 12 at most but maybe only 14. Empty it probably wouldn’t weigh even a couple hundred pounds. More likely 175 give or take so it could easily be dragged in that manner by a strong guy.

    Contrast that to the casket Ivana’s cremated remains were (supposedly) in. I know it’s hard to believe since we’re talking about Trump but it’s a top of the line full-couch BRONZE casket. (Ok, he probably had someone figure out a way to get the money from one of Ivana’s accounts – or promised someone at her company he’d pay them back and they were stupid enough to fall for that bullshit) I don’t recall for sure but if memory serves empty one of those weight well upwards of three hundred pounds. Closer to 350 than 300 in fact. Add in a nice probably bronze urn (another 25-40 pounds) and it’s not a really heavy load but even for eight guys it’s not quite an easy lift either. (The guy in front is at most simply guiding, and the guy in back is too far away to be carrying that end. Oh, and the end handles are more for show – counting on them to bear any real weight is a good way to snap one off which is not something any family would be happy about. My guess is the dude in front is a funeral director trying to guide/coach those guys down the steps)

    Now we have to consider exactly where they were. Those doors they’d just cleared were fairly narrow and it was a tight squeeze for some of them, with the steps right there before they could get a chance to get their shit together to navigate them. Also, those were fairly steep steps. And they all knew all manner of cameras would be on them. Fucking up and tripping on a step would be bad in any funeral but this? They’d need witness protection from Trump and MAGA nation. Oh, and one last point. They should have only used six guys (albeit young and strong ones) instead of eight given the narrowness of the doorway and the proximity and steepness of the steps. Much easier for six strangers who don’t do that kind of thing very often (if they ever had at all) than eight. Those military teams you see at state funerals like for Presidents and other top officials? They practice the hell out of what they do. For a President Gawler’s (kind of THE DC funeral home for VIPS and diplomats or people some embassy wants to ship back home if they die anywhere in the U.S.) provides the exact same model that will contain the deceased President, and they will fill it with sandbags at the exact weight of that person. And practice with THAT!. Including those steps at the Capitol and for the actual committal/burial the closest approximation they can find in the DC area to any steps they might have to navigate. These are very fit, very strong people that train like hell and trust me when I say they make it look a LOT easier than in actually is.

    Again, I’ve got years of experience that included more instances of helping carry caskets and in different settings than I care to remember. And I could tell some stories. But my point is that yes it appears those guys are struggling some but a casket, even a really cheap/light one with a small person is both bulky and weighs enough (for each pallbearer’s part of the load) So, I have to be honest and admit I don’t put much stock in the whole boxes of classified docs in the casket theory.

    Then there’s the actual burial site. I’d imagine that if only to keep the ground from caving in one day that casket went into a sealed burial vault. Again, knowing there would be people taking pics even if Trump tried to keep it from happening he wouldn’t just chunk that thing into the ground. Hell, if all that’s in there is her urn I don’t for a second put it past the cheap bastard to recycle it for his own funeral someday – a final “fuck you” to trophy wife #1. Now, many cemeteries require what’s called an “outer burial container” to keep graves from collapsing when the lid of a casket gives out under the weight of the dirt which happens even to copper and bronze caskets eventually. It can be a plain old cheap ass gray concrete box. Pretty ugly looking and again not even Trump would have gone for that.

    That means a sealed burial vault. Now I CAN see Trump refusing say a bronze lined Wilbert, a very good brand that comes in a variety of models including one with a bronze lining. Or copper, also really expensive. Hell, I can’t even see him giving the okay for a stainless steel (polished stainless) one like my dad has. Probably the model like my mom is in, with the top and liner made of a very hard plastic (like what telephones used to be made of) that is colored like marble. Sort of. But solid as hell.

    The thing is, you don’t just pop one of these things open again. That seal takes hold as soon as the weight of the lid presses down and before the dirt is packed on top that sucker is SEALED. The only way you’re getting back in after that is to bust the whole damned thing apart on one of the sides – itself no easy task. IOW there’s no sneaking in during the middle of the night, peeling the lid back and retrieving stuff or sticking more in there. It takes a heavy duty backhoe or other equipment (a backhoe is usually used because it can both dig and lift) to lift the entire vault out of the ground. Where it will get set on a truck and taken to a shed or other place to be broken open and not leave a big mess around the grave.

    I recall way the hell back when a judge signed off on an exhumation but balked at the cost of the county paying for a new vault. He refused to believe it couldn’t be opened without destroying the vault. So he demanded they suspend it five or six inches off the concrete in the warehouse to “let gravity do the work.” After a few days of that not working, and some pics the Wilbert manager had taken with a ruler showing the gap between the lid and the sides before the vault was lifted/suspended and just before going back to the judge (not a millimeter’s difference) the judge then insisted on them taking blowtorches to the seam where the lid met the sides. That didn’t work either, and of course in the end they had to do what they said all along they’d have to do – break through the concrete sides (tempered concrete I might add) and cut through the stainless steel liner to get the casket out. And Wilbert DID bill that county for not just the new vault once the autopsy was done but for all the fucking time they had to waste because of that judge. At that point he knew better than to argue and signed the chit for the coroner without comment.

    But again my point is that while it’s perhaps natural to assume shenanigans with proverbial super secret stuff hidden in Ivana’s casket I really don’t think there’s any “there” there. Just an urn. (Oh, I forgot. Putting documents in a casket, even a “sealer” wouldn’t protect them for long, nor would a basic concrete box. A sealed burial vault would be required to keep out moisture and preserve documents and other stuff.

    Hope this helps everyone move on to actual practical things that might really be true/happening.

    • Denis, I tend to agree, although I wouldn’t be surprised by anything humpty does. Money is his God. Given the value of secrets to our enemies, he would just stash them in one of his properties or maybe at Don Jr’s pad. That way he could get them. Maybe he’s already sold them and he’s buried money on the 19th hole. Who the fuck knows?

    • True that. It is more likely the docs from the folders and others are elsewhere and his kids are a good bet. One caveat: Eric and Jr. are probably the only ones dumb enough to possess them. I cannot see Jarvanka wanting to mess with this stuff (not Jarjar so much as Ivanka), Barron is too young and I’m sure Mellie knows better than to allow that, and let’s face it, former guy wouldn’t give anything to Tiff.

      Now, one more thought: the empty folders and docs we might still not know are missing might have already been sold/given to the highest bidder and the bidding might have been for a place to say when he hoofs it out of the U.S. to avoid prosecution. Not only a place to stay but a way out of here. Private jets are used this way (you might be surprised how the wealthy flout our laws and others). He doesn’t have is passports last I heard so he’d need a way out.

  3. This Trump lunatic is a curse upon this country, government & people. I don’t think even we intense skeptics realized the magnitude of his insanity & his inability to see beyond his own lust for more power & money. His greed guides him. Trump has committed treason not once but numerous times. He should have been indicted, charged & imprisoned decades ago. Even before Russia installed him in the White House – his life was a hot mess of failures, he was a career criminal & who lied, cheated & stole his way through his miserable life. Trump is a permanent & indelible black mark on our country’s history. As the president of the U.S., he was a domestic terrorist, a traitor who took the side of our adversaries against American soldiers, helped cover for a Saudi prince’s brutal murder & installed his children in high-security positions against the advice of government officials, appointed criminal accomplices to his crime family & let them run rampant while committing even more treason & domestic terrorism. There’s too much more to even try to cover it all. This man must be removed from the public square & taken to task for the horrors he has imposed upon our country & the damage that will resound through generations.


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