I’m glad that this communique from CNN bears the blue check mark, which means it’s a verified Twitter account and not parody — because read the name of the attorney who signed this letter.

David C. Vigilante? D.C. Vigilante? You see that too, right? Because there are times since the election of Donald Trump, and this is one of them, that I begin to question whether I’m dreaming all of this. Maybe we all are, who knows? Maybe this is an experiment in mass hypnosis.

In all events, now the ball is back in Trump’s court and we’ll see where it goes from here. But if I had to hazard a guess, I would say that Trump not only hasn’t got a leg to stand on, all he’s doing is running up legal bills, along with pollster bills. But then Trump doesn’t pay his bills, so I guess it’s all moot.

One thing to consider though: Trump might sue each and every one of us for voting for Joe Biden. This is just the warm up. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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  1. This is way too absurd, Ursula, to be anything BUT real. Look at some of the more ridiculous nooks in history and you’ll see this is perfectly in line with one of those times. A longtime bodyguard to Mickey Cohen, one Johnny Stompanato by name, comes to mind.

    • Since you’re a fan of comic books, I’m sure you’ll agree with me, this is something out of that universe. Wasn’t Johnny Stompenato the one who was dating Lana Turner and then Turner’s daughter stabbed him to death? Seems to me I recall some Hollywood tabloid show talking about that years ago.

      • You remember it correctly, Ursula. The reason I know about Stompanato is the film version of L.A. Confidential (great historical-based police procedural I can’t recommend enough, BTW). The story also goes that Stompanato got jealous enough to follow Turner to the set of Another Time, Another Place to confront her costar. Said costar happened to be a Scots ex-boxer named Sean Connery, who threatened him with grievous bodily harm and, per one account, actually knocked out that ex-Marine with one punch.

        Oh, final bit of irony: if Turner’s daughter had shoved that knife backwards into Stompanato’s gut, he’d have been dead inside of ten years from liver failure per his autopsy.

  2. Its 100% real. David C. Vigilante is the Executive Vice President and General Counsel for CNN and Warner Media News and Sports.

    • I don’t know if people ever were scared. I think that dealing with Trump was so weird that nobody knew how to handle it at first. Now, we’ve all seen him go off the deep end again and again and it’s old hat. Now people are just telling him what they’ve always thought — and I predict, as this continues, we’re going to see Trump put down in hilarious ways. I can’t wait.

      • Can’t worry about that, P J. What he’s able to do will happen whether we’re worried or not. Energy is better used elsewhere.

  3. I still miss Jon Stewart’s version of The Daily Show. I recall one episode where he couldn’t resist sophomoric, downright juvenile mocking of a guy with an unfortunate name, which the guy himself apparently insisted on making worse. If memory serves the Town Hall that made this guy famous (sort of) was in New York but it might have been another state in the northeast. The TH was being conducted by a Democrat but unlike GOP types our folks don’t screen out non-Democrats and this particular self-identified (and checking proved he really was a lifelong member) Republican who had a pointed, although not mean-spirited “gotcha” question.

    The man’s name? Richard Sweat. I swear.

    However, the guy himself both then and afterwards used the shorthand version of Richard that’s so common. Yep. He identified himself as DICK SWEAT! I shit you not. If my last name was Richard and my parents were big enough idiots (or assholes) as to name me Richard I’d have legally changed my name the day I was 18! But this guy not only kept his given name, but wanted folks to call him not Richard, or even Rich but DICK. I wonder if the mockery got to be a bit much for him in the months that followed, but he was a successful businessman and appeared to be in his early to mid forties so I’m guessing at that point back where he was from there was no changing things at that point. He might have gotten a bit of perverse satisfaction from the notoriety back home but I suspect becoming a national joke for a while might have bugged him some.

    • Wow. The closest I can come to that is an Asian client we had once, Won Long Dong. That was the guy’s real name. And here’s another one, Kim Suk Kum. People in law offices used to share these unusual names.

    • The man who challenged the University of Texas Law School separate but equal policy in the late 1940’s was Heman Sweatt. According to the court case Sweatt vs. Painter ruling, The UT law school either needed to provide him an equal law school (within 6 months) or he would have to be admitted to the UT law school. Although he was eventually admitted to the UT law school, the stress of having to undergo all the court cases impacted his physical and mental health. He never finished his law degree. He did pave the way for African Americans to attend the UT law school.

    • Also as for unfortunate names, one of the greatest all time benefactors to the University of Texas was Ima Hogg. She did not have a sister named Ura. She also created a foundation which exists in her name today.

  4. I hope it isn’t just me that can’t locate the text of the letter to CNN. Every article just shows the response and says it had all kinds of errors in it, etc. Anyone have a link?


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