Come, let us reason together, as LBJ used to say. It will take you a few moments to parse through this ridiculous social media post by the Louisiana congressman representing the third congressional district. This is so bonkers that I’m seriously wondering if Clay Higgins might have an issue with blackout drinking. This is something that people do when in that condition and sorely rue the following day.

I think that, in any event, a public apology is going to have to be forthcoming from Higgins, or this is surely something that could be censured by the House. This is straight from Nutville.

“OG” is original gangsta and that’s Trump. That’s who is going to hand the “hack” judge, meaning Justice Arthur Engoron, his ass. And the person on the left of the image is the assassin from The Godfather, Busetta, who got blown away by Cuban soldiers, you may recall, when he was in the process of suffocating the Roth character with a pillow.

So this is a cultural reference to some pretty intense political violence — and completely unbecoming a member of the House of Representatives. At least in the old days, prior to 2016. I guess in the era of Trump, this is the New Abnormal. As I’ve said many many times, and expect to say many more, Donald Trump represents the Republican id. That, and he’s got his finger on the pulse of White terror of The Other. That, in a nutshell, is why he is where he is.

And Higgins comes by this naturally. Make no mistake.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Bad cops running for Congress. People who have been arrested before, running for Congress. The worst of the worst, all running as Republicans, running for Congress. I think the handwriting is on the wall and blinking neon, friends.

Oh, yes. It’s still up there. It probably won’t be for long, though.

I concur. I honestly think that Higgins will wake up to this, if somebody else doesn’t handle it first, and there’s going to be a real shitstorm over this. This isn’t remotely normal. Unless you’re a MAGA Republican in 2024. This is what the end of democracy looks like. The end of the GOP for sure.

That’s how the battle is framed, the corrupt GOP, what’s left of it, and the constitutional democracy we have been living in. It’s like Thunderdome, two men enter, one man leaves. Let’s hope it’s our guy. This is not about Biden and Trump. This is much bigger.

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    • The tragedy here is that the sane Republicans are heading for the exits. It’s been my contention for some time now that the GOP is going for the same fate as befell the Whig party in the mid-1800’s. Maybe MAGA crazies will run for Mike Gallagher and Cathy Rodgers’ seats. I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure out how Liz Cheney got wiped out in the Wyoming primary when her father was a local god. And I know that first hand. I grew up in Colorado and had friends from Wyoming and they would tell me these things.

      The GOP is going down. Trump is taking it down. And they’re all helping him do it.

      • I was just thinking of Liz Cheney the other day in connection to the Supreme Court’s recent indications that they may rule against Colorado. If Wyoming’s “sore loser” law is allowed to exist, then Colorado has EVERY right to keep Trump off the ballot.
        After Cheney lost the GOP primary in 2022, she was prohibited from running (although I guess her supporters could’ve written in her name on their ballots) because of Wyoming’s ban on someone’s losing a party primary and then getting on the ballot as an independent or another party. Why is the “sore loser” law (and not just in Wyoming) allowed to stand if Colorado can’t invoke the 14th Amendment to keep the supporter of an insurrection from running in Colorado?

    • Clay was not thinking straight when he cobbled together that gem. I’m almost wondering if some staffer of his is out to get him. This is too far over the top.

  1. Not a very bright fellow is he? You all say he used to be a police officer? In what country? Seriously man he shouldn’t be this f*cking stupid.

  2. Trump fans always fall back on threats whenever try loses,an election or a legal case. Never heard of thus guy, but I think a 72 hour hold would end up.with his being locked a psychiatric hospital.


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