Looks like New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez has really stepped in it this time.

The Justice Department indicted him yesterday on multiple counts of fraud, bribery and extortion, alleging that he received cash filled envelopes, help with his mortgage and even gold bars for giving “sensitive” information to and advancing the interests of the State of Egypt. It certain looks as if Menendez is in serious trouble – but it looked that way back in 2015 when he was indicted on similar but unrelated charges and managed to beat them then. And he is insisting that he will will not step down.

So, we’ll see how it goes.

But no matter the outcome of his case, huge-headed young conservative bloviator Charlie Kirk has figured out why Justice has indicted Menendez, other than the fact that they have evidence of criminality… no, Kirk is convinced that Justice is bringing the case against Menendez to “to create the appearance of impartiality so that they can continue their jihad against Donald Trump”.

Seriously, that’s what he said:

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): “But let’s talk about what’s really going on here before we take victory lap after victory lap after victory lap. It’s important to understand. The way that the fourth branch of government operates is with intentionality. There are no mistakes. There are no indictments without the right hand knowing what the left hand is doing.

So the first most obvious takeaway is important. They’re doing this to create the appearance of impartiality so that they can continue their jihad against Donald Trump.

So that under oath, they could say, well, as you can see, we have active indictments against Menendez and Hunter Biden, which gives us a mandate to go after Bannon and Donald Trump and Douglas Mackie, etcetera, etcetera.

So it is the appearance of impartiality, and they do this low-hanging fruit indictment, which by the way, you better believe that Bob Menendez deserves this. This is not some sort of concoction. This is not a reach. Now when you read the indictment, it also demoralizes me a little bit because when the FBI, when the Department of Justice wants to do their job, they actually do a pretty good job. You read the indictment, and by pretty good job, I mean, it’s thorough. Bob Menendez does not stand a chance against the evidence they have here.“

Here’s the video:

That’s not how any of this works, Charlie, the Justice Department does not commit resources and build cases to use as props to justify their other actions, they bring indictments against those that they believe have committed crimes.

It is pretty simple, really.

Here’s what some others think:






Exactly. But Charlie does.

Ah, I think that’s a big swing and a miss on this topic, Charlie, but you keep on thinking with that big, empty head… you are bound to be right one day about something.

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  1. Projection – thy name is Republican. Once again, the right wing is claiming the Democrats are doing what they would do. We see this over and over again from the right wing.


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