This is another one of those moments where if a novelist wrote it, you would say, “C’mon man. That’s too contrived. That’s not believable.” Alas, we live in a world where so many of the characters, at least in politics, and their actions fall into the category of You Can’t Make This Shit Up.

Casey DeSantis has taken a page from Donald Trump’s playbook.

RD24 is who R2D2 would be if he was a fascist robot.

Dear God. This is going to tie up the narrative for the next year.

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  1. Are they really going with RD-24? Really? If it’s an attempt to play off Star Wars’ popularity using the cool and adorable robot R2D2 it’s more than a bit ironic. Not to mention problematic if the Mouse wants to play “Copywrite Wars.” In case anyone forgot, George Lucas SOLD the Star Wars franchise. Good ole Disney now owns it! They might just settle for snarking the hell out of DeSantis copycatting a beloved Star Wars “character”, with ads and in FL billboards! The possibilities for mocking Ron, who like Pence seems more robot than human are endless.

    • Does the name “Pinocchio” ring any bells? The story of a wooden puppet that wanted nothing more than to become a real, live human boy and had to endure many trials and tribulations to become one. Of course, Pinocchio actually LEARNED his lessons and, through his own self-sacrifice, earned his reward.

  2. Well, there it is. A candidate’s wife running for the office of First Lady. It will interesting to see how team trump responds. Is this going to come down to Melania telling snickering crowds what a wonderful man her husband is, or will they dig into DeSantis’ marital life to find something unsavory? Given the difficulty of the first option, I’m going with Door No. 2.


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