The good folks of East Palestine, Ohio had better think twice before swilling down the “Trump Ice” that the Dotard dropped off to them during his campaign/propaganda visit today… maybe they can use it instead to dilute the toxic sludge he thoughtfully gifted them a few years back when he rolled back Obama Era regulations aimed at preventing such catastrophe…

“Donald Trump’s visit to the site of a toxic train derailment in Ohio is offering a political opening to battered Biden administration officials — by calling new attention to the former president’s record of rolling back regulations on both rail safety and hazardous chemicals.

Trump’s administration withdrew an Obama-era proposal to require faster brakes on trains carrying highly flammable materials, ended regular rail safety audits of railroads, and mothballed a pending rule requiring freight trains to have at least two crew members. He also placed a veteran of the chemical industry in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency’s chemical safety office, where she made industry-friendly changes to how the agency studied health risks.”

Leave it to the grifter to gift bottles of water he probably couldn’t unload anywhere else.

Sylvester Stallone is not a big fan of Trump Water, in fact, in a blind taste test conducted on camera in 2007 with the same Billy Bush of the “grab ‘em by the pu$$y” tape Stallone offered he “wouldn’t wash his socks” in drumpf’s inferior h2o…


And here’s the clip on YouTube for the Twitter challenged:

Now, to be fair to Stallone was comparing the Trump water to his own brand of “glacial” water which he was hawking at the time, so he was not pre-disposed to give it a good review.

And had he known it was Trump’s brand, Rocky probably would have pulled his punches, Trump lover that he is…

Still it’s funny in light of today’s news.

Twitter thought so anyway:







And now Trump flies off into the sunset with a plane load full of McDonald’s, having destroyed a community and given them nasty water to drink and getting cheered for it.

Only in Red America.

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  1. Maybe while the EPA is testing water around there someone will slip them a bottle of Trump Water for testing. The results might be interesting…



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