Update: Kilmeade apology…

Last night, while substituting for Tucker Carlson, who has been MIA since the news broke that his buddy Alex Jones’ phone is in the hands of the J6 Committee, Brian Kilmeade, substituting for him, broadcast a clearly marked photoshop job of the judge who approved the FBI search warrant on Mar-A-Lardo as if it were authentic…

The meme, which originally was meant, of course as a joke, and whose creator doubtless never thought would be presented on a major Fake News outlet as authentic, was created using a photo of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein…

Side by side:

Now, I’m not going to get all high and mighty here and attack the meme’s creator, whose political opinions obviously differ from mine, because our taste for tacky, badly created photoshopped hits on those who have real power over our lives clearly align.

But to present said photoshop on a program that many millions of idiots go to for real news, and to present it hastily and matter of factly as if it were authentic and not just for laughs, should result in a certain network having its broadcast rights pulled by the FEC.

What Aaron’s followers think:

Here’s one that is ready for the NBC evening news…

After a slight improvement by me…

Past time really:

Nice job, Brian.



They really don’t care at this point.


But they won’t.

I don’t know if it’s worse, but it’s here.



But that was their judges.

The goal here is obviously to browbeat, or even to cause real physical injury to public servants who don’t share Fox News’ agenda.

If they want to do a satire/comedy during Tucker’s hour it will be badly done and I will have the prerogative not to watch.

But they should not be allowed to present this crap as News.

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  1. Should anything adverse happen to this Judge because of what this moron plastered on t.v., the moron needs to be considered at least an accessory to murder or whatever crime is committed against him.

  2. Its a damn shame that garbage like this photo shopped picture is what entertains the mass’s! I would like to think “adults” would not tolerate false info like this! Anything that degrades someone else should be shunned the stupid ones of stupid things that are genuinely funny are acceptable but this kind of garbage has ZERO VALUE……….


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